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Burning Barbershop (2008)
by D.S. & Durga


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Year of Launch2008
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

HouseD.S. & Durga
PerfumerDavid Moltz

About Burning Barbershop

Burning Barbershop is a masculine fragrance by D.S. & Durga. The scent was launched in 2008 and the fragrance was created by perfumer David Moltz

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United Kingdom
The fiery opening blast caused a reflex reaction to grab my phone to dial the emergency number for the fire brigade: A very realistic note of burnt rubber mixed with the impression of barbecue smokiness. The first thirty minutes are very intensely smoky, but in the drydown this burnt component mellows gradually into a more restrained smokiness, mixed with glimpses of minty moments shining through the smoky haze.

Once mellowed, darker floral impressions with an earthy lavender are combined with a dark vanilla that is skillfully and respectfully interwoven with the other notes and never in the foreground nor intrusive or heavy. This unusually discrete use of vanilla has struck me as a special skill of this house on previous occasions when sampling their creations.

I get moderate sillage, excellent longevity and nine hours of longevity on my skin.

This smoke blast will wake you up on a winter morning, but when you arrive at work the metamorphosis into a wearable scent is complete. Well done, albeit a bit linear in the drydown and base. 3.25/5
01st June, 2016
Burning Barbershop is a good follow up to Bowmakers, as the woody and leathery aspects are still there, but the spicy/herby notes are more dominant. Also pervasive is a smokiness that I can't really attribute to any particular note. Very acerbic opening with a more mellow, agreeable dry down. The vanilla is very subtle, even in the dry down, as the fragrance as a whole remains pretty bold throughout its lifespan.

It has strong projection and longevity, and is more of a cold weather option, for sure, but seems like it dresses up well at night as in the day. Much like Bowmakers, this is an option I might reach for again based on curiosity alone.

7 out of 10
01st July, 2015
It is what it says on the label! This one has the smell of maple burning in a fireplace, layered onto a soapy traditional barbershop fragrance. Nice coniferous notes and vanilla too. It is complex, interesting and enjoyable. I like it very much!
19th June, 2015
Aptly named fragrance from D.S.& Durga. Opening is pure burnt candy and wood, IMO. It's pretty heavy on the burnt notes and I almost washed it off before giving it a chance to calm down. The smoke scent carries on, but it's thankfully more subtle and even has a sweet under note to it with hints of mint, lavender and vanilla carried in the background. It's stays wearable for about 2 hours and then fades rapidly to nothing in the final hour.

The smoke is something you have to like and I didn't find it that compelling. Frankly, too unusual for me. I like D.S. & Durga, but Burning Barbershop isn't to my tastes.
06th May, 2015
The opening of Burning Barbershop is indeed quite challenging. Itís not exactly smoky like a wood smoke, it has a very sharp burnt chemicals/plastic kind of smell, I think itís the combination of mint and pine that gives it this sharpness. This stage certainly isnít pleasant. But after an hour or so this sharpness completely takes a back seat. Itís still smoky, but more lavender and vanilla are present making the scent somewhat wearable. Unfortunately, the scent becomes too subtle at this point and continues to diminish after the first few hours. By the 3rd hour itís a skin scent, but what lingers actually smells very pleasant Ė a lot more barbershop and less smoke. I like the uniqueness of this fragrance, but wish it had the projection and longevity of Boston Ivy. But I can understand why they had to tone this one down a little as I just canít see this project like a beast, it would just suffocate everyone and wouldnít do well in public. Itís one of the most challenging scents Iíve come across in a while. I really have to be in the mood to wear this.
01st December, 2014 (last edited: 02nd December, 2014)
After the initial 30 minutes, Burning Barbershop is a pleasure to wear. And if you like things on the more bizarre, challenging side, I suppose the first 30 minutes could be a pleasure as well.

I was a little worried when I first put this on. The opening is intense--smoky, mesquite-like wood that resembles barbecue meat, accompanied by the same mint I encountered in Breath of God, which reminds me of a tin of Wintergreen Skoal chewing tobacco. I find this combination nauseating. Luckily, everything mellows out after 20 minutes or so. The mint takes a back seat to a slightly powdery and very comforting vanilla-lavender accord, and the mesquite-like, barbecued quality of the smoke gives way to something much more palatable, along the lines of smoldering firewood or smoke from a chimney. The fragrance softens up as a whole and becomes enjoyable and easy on the nose. From here on in, it's great--an original twist on a classic accord that avoids the realm of novelty by toning things down to the right levels and in turn making it completely wearable. The smoke casts an assured haze but doesn't intrude. The vanilla and lavender sit below the smoke, never becoming too obvious or dominant in their roles. And every once in a while a little mint pops up, this time much more in tune with the barbershop than the chewing tobacco of the initial 20 minutes.

A bit of an oddball, but the combination actually feels quite natural and I don't own anything else like it. If Bois d'Ascese and Caron Pour Un Homme had a lovechild, he might be called "Burning Barbershop." Projection is good and so is the longevity. This one's not for everybody, but fans of more experimental outfits and and anyone that likes the idea of a little lavender with their smoke should certainly check it out.

Thumbs up and 3.5 stars out of 5 for this offering from D.S. and Durga.
23rd October, 2014

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