English Pear & Freesia (2010)
    by Jo Malone

    English Pear & Freesia Fragrance Notes

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    Another pure and gentle fragrance without surprises: very nice pear with freesias added, all pretty much even, giving the fruit a discretely floral note without making this fragrance overly sweet. Patchouli stays inthe background, giving is some additional depth. The projection is all right but the silage poor, but unite decent longevity of nearly three hours. Not exciting but good quality and of some endurance.

    28 September, 2012

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    Tortina Mia
    United States United States

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    After trying this one a few times I am wondering, is it more difficult to balance a fragrance when it is composed of so few notes? My initial impression was lovely pear (I love!) accompanied by a little freesia. Perfection... then the pear completely disappears (fairly quickly, I might add) and I'm left with freesia.(Where's the patchouli???) It remained very close to the skin as a slightly cloying freesia for too, too long. An unfulfilled promise.

    04 March, 2011

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    Canada Canada

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    There's nothing dreadful about this scent, but I'm slightly disappointed.
    If a scent is going to claim to have pear in it, then I expect a prominent pear note.
    Here, that note is very subdued, the vaguest wisp of gritty pear skin rather than ripe fruit.
    Indeed, the entire scent is very subtle -- slightly sweet florals, hints of green.
    Refreshing, but I'm not sure it is a stand-alone scent.
    It doesn't have a lot going on, at least on my skin.

    25 February, 2011

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