Bang (2010)
    by Marc Jacobs

    Bang Fragrance Notes

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    United States United States

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    The opening is quite peppery, but only for about 5 minutes. I see the references to TDH, but this is fleeting, almost subliminal, only similar in that there is an "earthy" quality here, like in Encre Noire also, only much more muted in Bang. I end up imagining salty homemade play dough with some wet dirt thrown in for good measure. I echo the sentiment that this is a try-before-you-buy scent.

    26 March, 2014

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    United States United States

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    Great Fragrance

    I am a big fan of Terre D'Hermes, and while Bang has some similarities it's not nearly as earthy as TDH and perhaps a bit more linear. However, I definitely consider Bang to be a great fragrance in its own right. While I definitely get the peppery top notes, this frag to me is actually slightly woodsy and definitely spicy on the dry down and very pleasant! It remains clean, is not sweet or cloying and has pretty good longevity on my skin.

    I know over the last few years my nose has become more sensitive to some of the sweeter silage monster type of scents. I used to wear YSL L'Homme, Allure Sport, Himalya and have found that the first two became to sweet for my liking, while Himalya became too powdery on the drydown. I'm a huge fan of GIT, Armania Mania, and the aforementioned TDH. I do like scents to transform a bit on my skin and not be too linear, but I like when they can remain fresh and not become something too sweet or powdery. Just my .02 Never buy blind!!

    Pros: Spicy, woodsy, but not sweet
    Cons: None that I can see"

    10th October, 2013

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    Italy Italy

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    a total disappointment

    One year after buying a bottle, this scent after a full wearing let me completely down since it has no duration and sillage whatsoever!

    So save your money for something better!

    Pros: nice opening
    Cons: not even a skin scent"</p>

    04 September, 2013 (Last Edited: 08 January, 2014)

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    Hartman Design
    United States United States

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    Somewhat reminiscent of Terre d'Hermès, without the finesse or longevity.

    29 April, 2013

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    The pepper in Bang doesn't smell like black pepper. It has a peppery aspect to it, but I think a lot of reviews on this are deceiving. What does it smell like to me? A medicinal note combined with cedar and turpentine combined with a black licorice and benzoin. Not a big fan of the opening, but the dry down was rather nice. During the dry down stage it becomes more mellow and pleasant. Longevity and projection are a bit below average and this becomes a skin scent. Can't give it a thumbs up because the opening is pretty nasty and it's doesn't last as long as it should.

    16 March, 2013

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    Pepper, pepper, moss, and pepper. Very linear but doesn't smell bad. Maybe as a layering fragrance

    26 January, 2013

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