Hervé Léger Homme (2010)
    by Hervé Léger

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    Under the Radar Bargain

    Herve Leger Homme is a quality Avon offering that is well worth the low purchase price. The overarching notes are sandalwood and fir, from what I can tell. The amber adds some depth and complexity to a straighforward woody fragrance.

    Herve Leger would be a good starter fragrance for the man looking to graduate from the Macy's counter but who doesn't have spare income to jump right to the niche lines at Barney's. The projection is not overbearing so this could be a successful work fragrance and the longevity is substantial. Nice work and nice bottle, too.

    Pros: Price; bottle; longevity
    Cons: Relatively hard to find"

    21st October, 2013

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    Argentina Argentina

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    Tested on my skin, I could not detect the yuzu nor the ginger: the woody notes and the amber were very obvious notes in it. Does it mean lack of complexity? To an extent. The initial notes are bold, so to speak, but what follows is an olafctory mystery beacuse I could not trace any kind of smell, to such an extent I asked myself if this was the kind of scent aimed at wearers who are turned - off at the idea of sillage. Minutes after this proved wrong for the projection was very noticeable, at least for my nose. What followed was a very contemporary blend of spicy / woody notes which I enjoyed a lot. The question would be which woods? Well, I am sorry to say that my untrained nose could not identify the woody notes with a particular kind of wood, so I would say "generic woods", plus amber and spices.

    In summary, the way it morphed reminded me Lacroix's Absynthe, spicy, woody, noticeable for the wearer as well as enjoyable. IMHO; a good thing, you can smell the scent in yourself, but as far as it seems, the wearer won't be pointed out as "The Cologne Guy".

    11th February, 2011

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    People are saying it smells like Terre D'Hermes, I don't care if it is an exact copy, it smells great and I got if for cheap.......$10!!

    I have a local Avon rep to thank for that, I have never owned an Hermes scent and have only taken a whiff of TdH at the Hermes shop at the local mall. I remember thinking what a great cologne! I just can't recall the exact notes to compare it to HL by/in association with Avon.

    The only bad: No projectivity at all! You really got to spray it on!

    19 December, 2010

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