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Hervé Léger Homme (2010)
by Hervé Léger


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Year of Launch2010
AvailabilityIn Production
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HouseHervé Léger
Parent CompanyAvon

About Hervé Léger Homme

Hervé Léger Homme is a masculine fragrance by Hervé Léger. The scent was launched in 2010

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Reviews of Hervé Léger Homme

Hervé Léger was one of a second wave of outside designers to partner with Avon during a product line renaissance the company undertook in the 2000's when their first (and so far only) female CEO Andrea Jung was at the helm. She helped push them out of the muck they dragged themselves into in the 80's and 90's with generic smell-alike scents lackluster makeup, and schmaltzy themes but sadly the boon period was short lived as it ultimately cost the company more money that it earned them, even if their international footprint grew at the cost of their atrophied home market (the US). When Mr. Léger first had his name slapped on a pair of perfumes, they were sold primarily through Proctor and Gamble, but Avon is arguably just a bit more upmarket than that drugstore giant of a brand, so I can see the upgrade potential they proposed. Hervé Léger also made a "his and hers" line this time around, which would be the first and so far only masculine scent designed with the fashion brand on the bottle. I don't know how well this did but it seems to get glowing reviews most places (which is a rarity for Avon regardless of who the perfumer nose is behind the scent), so I guess it was a success.

Hervé Léger's debut masculine is sweet, smoky, woodsy, with an interesting ginger note in the opening like the kind used by Avon's own "Signature" from a few years before. Unlike that fragrance, Hervé Léger Homme is much darker and avoids the gourmand tag by being heavier on woods, which smell like a melange of pine and cedar. This scent isn't quite "Oud Dark", and that's mostly thanks to the aforementioned ginger, the yuzu that's blended too far down to notice on it's own here, and the old Avon standby amber base which keeps this in the sweet zone. I swear, it doesn't matter who makes what for Avon, all of their best scents seem to have heaps of amber in the base, as if Avon only lets amber be a prominent part of something they know will turn out well, or just insists that it's in everything not a fresh fougère. Hervé Léger probably knew the source of Avon's power lies in their use of amber, especially with masculines, and hence it's here in full force. What you end up with is a modern aromatic that really pays close homage to the mid-century bay rum-inspired "spicy" drugstore scents, and does so wonderfully. I love these bridges between past and present; they don't happen often, but when they do, great things abound.

I wouldn't say this is romantic and seductive as the box describes, unless one is easily seduced by classic masculine scent tropes or images of mature men in conservative apparel driving their well-maintained classic town cars to the steakhouse on the weekends. The kind of scent this is for me, would make it well-suited to fall and early winter commutes to work, coffee and warm pastry, and reading the latest and greatest dire world events with a newpaper on the side. This is a modern scent for the man that values tradition, dapper looks, structured keeping, and doesn't like showing emotion in public. This most likely fell into the hands of mature guys when it was sold in the Avon catalogs, and nothing has really been heard since scent-wise from Hervé Léger, because unlike past designer collaborators like Feraud or Ungaro, Léger wasn't beforehand nor still isn't an established name in fragrance when they jumped into bed with Avon. Enjoy this for what it is, and if you like quality woods but with a modern sweet touch, this comes recommended, but fair warning: it's not very heavy and will require reapplications throughout the day. I'd say this is best enjoyed as personal ambiance than as something to get others around you to notice, since folks won't really smell it unless they're up close and in your personal space.
06th November, 2017 (last edited: 15th January, 2018)
This is like one of the inexpensive drugstore scents of yesteryear. Not super exciting or long lasting.
For the price, it is a very good wood/spicy cologne.
Nice, and perfect for a person like who has lost faith in Terre d'Hermes for the Cedary Woods
07th February, 2016 (last edited: 17th March, 2017)
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United States
Under the Radar Bargain

Herve Leger Homme is a quality Avon offering that is well worth the low purchase price. The overarching notes are sandalwood and fir, from what I can tell. The amber adds some depth and complexity to a straighforward woody fragrance.

Herve Leger would be a good starter fragrance for the man looking to graduate from the Macy's counter but who doesn't have spare income to jump right to the niche lines at Barney's. The projection is not overbearing so this could be a successful work fragrance and the longevity is substantial. Nice work and nice bottle, too.

Pros: Price; bottle; longevity
Cons: Relatively hard to find
21st October, 2013 (last edited: 10th June, 2014)
Tested on my skin, I could not detect the yuzu nor the ginger: the woody notes and the amber were very obvious notes in it. Does it mean lack of complexity? To an extent. The initial notes are bold, so to speak, but what follows is an olafctory mystery beacuse I could not trace any kind of smell, to such an extent I asked myself if this was the kind of scent aimed at wearers who are turned - off at the idea of sillage. Minutes after this proved wrong for the projection was very noticeable, at least for my nose. What followed was a very contemporary blend of spicy / woody notes which I enjoyed a lot. The question would be which woods? Well, I am sorry to say that my untrained nose could not identify the woody notes with a particular kind of wood, so I would say "generic woods", plus amber and spices.

In summary, the way it morphed reminded me Lacroix's Absynthe, spicy, woody, noticeable for the wearer as well as enjoyable. IMHO; a good thing, you can smell the scent in yourself, but as far as it seems, the wearer won't be pointed out as "The Cologne Guy".

11th February, 2011
People are saying it smells like Terre D'Hermes, I don't care if it is an exact copy, it smells great and I got if for cheap.......$10!!

I have a local Avon rep to thank for that, I have never owned an Hermes scent and have only taken a whiff of TdH at the Hermes shop at the local mall. I remember thinking what a great cologne! I just can't recall the exact notes to compare it to HL by/in association with Avon.

The only bad: No projectivity at all! You really got to spray it on!

19th December, 2010

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