Turquoise (2009)
    by Olivier Durbano

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    Turquoise Fragrance Notes

    Turquoise information

    Turquoise is a unisex fragrance by Olivier Durbano. The scent was launched in 2009

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    United States United States

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    Minerals, a step above aquatics...

    I sort of realized that Turquoise is a strange one when I smelled the turpentine. Silly me, I had never thought of turpentine as a fragrance note. The opening turpentine is not as potent as I expected, so I don’t dislike it, but I do wonder why it’s there... It isn’t anything that I want to smell… or smell like – especially at these prices. The turpentine lasts for eight – ten minutes and the movement travels to a nebulous aquatic accord that is tinged (or maybe confused) by some incense, coniferous woods, and a green-salty something (probably seaweed). These notes are not strong; rather they come across as almost weightless, cold… they are abstract-aquatics with an aromatic provenance and a rather aggressive mineral attitude. It smells strongly mineral and less-so metallic when I sniff it close to the skin, but the soft sillage that emanates off the skin presents a different story: I find the light mineral waftings-as-sillage especially nice, and the fragrance continues on this aquatic-mineral-incense, lightly-coniferous path for most of its run, which is quite long. I don’t ever smell any sweet in the mix, but I don’t miss it.

    I can’t quite grasp this fragrance… What I see it as, is an highly refined version of the old Romeo Gigli’s fragrance – Sud Est – that dynamo of aromatics. But Turquoise is no herbal dynamo; to its seaweed, juniper, and coriander it mixes aquatics and minerals to make an interesting… yes, even attractive …fragrance. I don't think it is something that I would especially like to wear myself, but I'll try to keep my options open about that. I do enjoy its sillage very much.

    Pros: Intriguing fragrance – earthy, creative, daring.
    Cons: Difficult to understand"

    14 August, 2013

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    Iran Iran

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    The opening is dominated by fresh aquatic notes which are very nice. After it settles, you get more resinous qualities and it projects a scent which has aquatic notes on a warm resinous woody base.

    The scent matches well with what it is supposed to be: smell of Turquoise stone! That said, there are a lot of sharp fresh aquatic scents on the market which may serve the same purpose. Honestly, I need to warn you that Turquoise can be easily mistaken by one of those generic sharp fresh mass marketed scents. Hence, if you think you are paying price of niche product and will stand out of the crowd...think twice!

    Good longevity and subtle projection. Overall: 5 out of 10.

    17 July, 2012

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    The first two hours of Turquoise are so damn good that it's a surprise when things finally do go south. It starts off conjuring images of a rocky beach and misty waves. And I really need to reiterate the ROCKY element of the beach. This beach vacation wouldn't be complete without a glass of iced tea, and Turquoise has it. I'm actually very impressed with this in the early stage and my reaction was almost emotional. I was ready to make a purchase within the first hour.

    Now, somewhere around the beginning of hour two I noticed a change. Suddenly I was wearing a harsh cleaning product with a lemony edge. Was this the same fragrance? Unfortunately it wasn't, and I had to thank my level head for the fact that every fragrance must pass a full days wearing before I will even considering buying it.

    It doesn't serve my purpose.

    25 January, 2012

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