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Bleu de Chanel (2010)
by Chanel


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Year of Launch2010
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

PerfumerJacques Polge
Parent CompanyWertheimer

About Bleu de Chanel

Bleu de Chanel is a masculine fragrance by Chanel. The scent was launched in 2010 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Jacques Polge

Reviews of Bleu de Chanel

A random array of synthetic smelling 'fresh notes' desired to create an aftershave effect, but in reality ends up smelling like zombie juice. There is an initial burst of nondescript freshness before a luminous and chemical patchouli-incense takes over that's nearly nauseous. In fact, this is one of the very few perfumes I had to scrub off.

Sillage and duration are fair, but that rather adds to the misery. I imagine a more natural version of this (perhaps a little more diluted and airy to yield a crisp EdC effect) could be worthwhile. Just an astonishing abomination in its current self.

The bottle is cool.

23rd April, 2017
This one hits all of the main points for being a modern masculine scent sold in malls today, but then also adds excellent performance.

Sweet, spicy and fresh. Easily identifiable and gets noticed as well, so don't be surprised if someone asks you if you're wearing Bleu.

I actually enjoy the drydown more than the opening, which is also good. The wafts going into your nose throughout the day are refreshing and pleasing. Lasts all day.

Bleu is very versatile, good for casual or formal.
01st March, 2017
My new signature scent! Very masculine and fresh, a true original and it's scent will carry out strong through the years like aqua di gio!
26th February, 2017
Something happened with my bottle. Haven't used this fragnance for weeks until these week. It is now a beast scent on me.

The scent itself also changed. The dry down is a powdery citrus/woody smell which smells amazing.

The dry down begins at like 6 hours after the apply. I asked my co-worker if he could smell the perfume on my (I couldn't smell it, fatigue?) and he said yeah it's really strong and projects like an arm length, this was after 7 hours. I noticed one thing though, when I walked in a hall way and turned back I could smell the perfume, had a huge scent trail and then I realised how good the smell really is. It was not a boring citrus smell anymore.
After 12 hours my GF could still smell this perfume on me, projecting for like 1-2 inches.

IDK what happened. I have a batch that is from dec 2016, its EDT and has no EDT writing on the bottom.

Final rating:





Old review:

Very rich and classy citrus scent but not mindblowing, can get boring at some point. Some people say it's synthetic, but that's not true to my nose.


The first 3-4 hours are amazing. People are still able to smell it after 3 hours from 2-3 ft away. After the 4 hour mark, it will become a skin scent.


I was kinda dissapointed when it comes to longevity. After the 4h mark it's a skin scent and after an hour or 6 it's almost completely gone on my skin. Unacceptable for a pricey Chanel product


All seasons, all occassions, except clubbing. I would wear something else. Suits well for spring, summer and fall?


Total score: 76/100
11th February, 2017 (last edited: 05th April, 2017)
What to do, what to do....should you have gotten the ODP over the ODT? The ODT is different, but BOTH of these don't last as long as you'd expect from a Chanel product. Maybe that's a good thing. You will be able to wear this year round and it's great for formal or casual.

Projection is good, nothing abnormal or over the top. I found that many women are rather fond of this scent!

What about it's evil twin Sauvage by Dior? Similar, but not different enough that I would suggest adding both to my collection. Think the difference between a BMW 7 Series vs Mercedes Benz S-Class. That said...this is the S-Class.
17th October, 2016
To me, it's like a typical barbershop fragrance, the cedar and peppermint really stood out. I'm not a big fan of cedar and the peppermint just accentuated the dominant cedar, ( to me anyway).
Not really my thing, a fragrance with a citrusy cedar to me smells cheap and thankfully has little longevity on me.
Will be great for a cedar fan though.
06th October, 2016

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