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Bleu de Chanel (2010)
by Chanel


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Year of Launch2010
AvailabilityIn Production
Average Rating
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People and companies

PerfumerJacques Polge
Parent CompanyWertheimer

About Bleu de Chanel

Bleu de Chanel is a masculine fragrance by Chanel. The scent was launched in 2010 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Jacques Polge

Reviews of Bleu de Chanel

A shockingly amazing, beautiful, and versatile fragrance. I will skip over the notes since they have already been covered (accurately) by others. Bleu works for all seasons but winter. Sillage and projection are perfect. Everyone takes notice of Bleu - in a good way. Longevity is below average on my skin, but I'm using the EDT. When I run out, I plan to grab the EDP. If you are in a situation and you don't know what fragrance to use: Do the Bleu.

Rating: 10/10.
15th January, 2016
Modern Classic...

So, I am one of the people who didn't like this one from the time it was released. That isn't because I thought that <i>Chanel</i> was being too "mainstream" or whatever. It's because when I first encountered it (mid 2012), it was being worn by an obnoxious person I met who just ruined the whole fragrance for me, saying he wore it to "get women" etc. and I remember him totally over-spraying himself with this from a bottle he carried around in his pocket whilst he was at the club etc.

So, suffice it to say that I avoided this fragrance for a few years... until now, that is.

First I tried the <i>Eau de Parfum</i> because, as far as I know he wasn't wearing that one, and because I like EdP concentrations in general. But lately, I've been wearing the <i>Eau de Toilette</i> as well. Whilst I find the <i>Eau de Parfum</i> different in character, I also like this one as I find it more versatile.

It opens with a very nice grapefruit note which I feel adds such a vitality and brightness to the composition. This is coupled with ginger, followed by vetiver, resins and amber. The other main player here is incense. If I could sum up this then it would be Grapefruit, Ginger, Incense & Amber. I think this is a very flexible scent. One which is laid back and casual (ie a jeans & t-shirt scent) and one which would also work well with a tie and suit. Frankly, I think that <i>Jaques Polge</i> has basically succeeded in hitting all the spots here with <i>Bleu de Chanel</i>. It's not the most amazing or complex or earth-shattering creation out there, but it feels good to wear, and it acts as a man-for-all-seasons kind of scent. If you are new to <i>Chanel</i>, I think this is worth a try.
27th November, 2015
I received this from a trade here on the forums, and I consider it an excellent bargain.

I had no experience with the scent, and truly had no idea what to expect. I had not bothered to look up the notes, but as the bottle I traded it for wasn't working for me, I figured I'd take a chance and see if this would work for my beloved, and it does, thankfully.

The initial 15-20 minutes would have caused me to write this one off. I think my husband would have as well. The discussion we had provided opportunity for me to reinforce the concept of the dry-down, the phases of the top, middle and basenotes, and to get him to experience it for himself. Two hours or more later, my husband said "I don't know if you can still smell it, but what do you think?" - I had to laugh, because I could definitely still smell it, and it was really nice!

I told him I liked it and that I considered it "quite safe". He looked a bit confused, so I explained that this was the scent you wear when you are trying to not offend anyone, or if you are just wanting something that is easily a "people pleaser". He looked a little less confused.

I enjoyed the mint. It was unexpected and up-lifting. There is nothing magical or particularly amazing about this scent, but when I look at his ever-growing wardrobe (designed by me), I'm glad he has this new addition, as some of his others can be somewhat challenging, like his Slumberhouse (which I adore).

Chanel rarely does anything poorly, so it was with this - well done and glad to add it to the collection.
18th October, 2015
Opens up with grapefruit and dries down to a more sophisticated version of Alluure Homme Sport. Very good all around. The EDP is fantastic.
16th October, 2015
Opens up a little meh for me, after 30 minutes is when this really shines with ginger, incense & spicy combo.

After an hour the ginger & grape fruit slip back making way for woods dominated with a hint of freshness from top notes.

This is my favorite Chanel followed by Platinum Ego.
Do not like Allure line.

BDC is Masculine, Modern & classic at the same time.

19th September, 2015
a very clean, crisp and elegant fragrance, but with a very "generic" vibe.

on my skin it lasts a second, and has poor proyection.

i whas really excited about this one, but at the end i was a little disappointed.

it is a good smell, but it won't blow your mind!!

13th September, 2015

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