The Infidels (2009)
    by Agonist

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    The Infidels is a unisex fragrance by Agonist. The scent was launched in 2009 and the bottle was designed by Åsa Jungnelius

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    50ml EdP

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    Pepper, Lemon, Clove, Elemi.
    May Rose, Turkish Rose, Iris, Magnolia, Ylang-Ylang, Myrrh, Opoponax.
    Patchouli, Amber, Labdanum, Sandalwood, Vetiver, Vanilla.

    Super niche can be an enjoyable discovery or nothing more than a pain in the ass. The Infidels by Agonist seems to embody both characteristics for me. I'm inclined to believe ( after sampling their recent releases ) that this particular house is geared for those who give no regard whatsoever to cost.

    There's no crime in that and most of us only wish we had that problem. However, people who research fragrances, by perusing sites like this, do have some semblance of financial protocol. Being careful and prudent with your money is also not a crime, so sampling and researching before pulling the trigger seems the most sensible approach.

    I've read numerous opinions on The Infidels after I had a few sample wearings under my belt. I am not enamored like quite a few others, but do concede that The Infidels possesses a supple tenaciousness in its presence and longevity. The drawback for me, aside from price point, is the linearity from initial application to drydown.

    What I may be chastised for the most, in this review, is the fact that I liken The Infidels to Balenciaga pour Femme. I challenge those who own vintage Balenciaga pour Homme to do a side by side and tell me that The Infidels doesn't wear like a softer, feminine version. It took me a few wearings ( and scrinching my eyebrows alot ) for me to realize that The Infidels is a doppleganger of a different gender.

    This is dense and tenacious, sans the macho quality inherent in Balenciaga. It opens out of the bottle already transitioned and this is yet another trait in common. What transpires in the first minute is what you will experience the entire ride. Naturally, the passage of time will soften the presence, but the fullness remains for an extraordinary amount of time. Spicy Rose, Balsam, Smoke, Woods and Earth tones followed by a tranquil, oriental finish.

    Price point aside, I'll give The Infidels a thumbs up because of how it wears and smells. The cost per ml. however is something entirely different. Sillage is very good with longevity hanging around until the next morning. A sample wear is highly recommended.

    04th March, 2015

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    Rich, thick, interesting texture, still quite delicate and pleasant. It suddendly reminded me (like a "madeleine") of Divine for women, the first fragrance Divine made I think in the early '90s or late '80s. Basically it is an opulent and dense scent in a really classic manner, a fruity graceful chypre rich in flower notes with a heart of dark rose, amber and aromatic woods, really coloured and dynamic, very deep and elegant. A sort of brighter, less somptuous, less decadent but still quite complex version of some Amouage's. However it is not worth the price tag which I've heard is crazy – the Divine I mentioned should be fairly similar but with a far more affordable price.


    17th April, 2014

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    I like Åsa Jungnelius, though I don't think the perfume bottles are among the better things she's done. As for the perfume, it's wonderful. It's been a long time since I smelt something so... old-fashioned. I mean that in the best possible way of course! The Infidels smells like some classic from Guerlain or Caron or possibly like something newer by Mona di Orio. So rich and warm and deep, it smells like its made of the best natural extracts with not a care for budget or regulations. So what does it smell like? Well, a very tart and natural-smelling blackcurrant note adds originality. Then there's a more spicy than racy cumin note and it's all resting on a woody-ambery oriental base. But notes or types can't begin to describe it - try it!

    29th December, 2010

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    I'll give it to The Infidels - it's not something I've smelled before. I find the accord a fairly linear thing, a big, urinous powder-puff the like of which owes something to Kouros in its animalic qualities, but here its something greener; namely, it's blackcurrant bud, nestled on a soft, powdery base. If, like me, you have a high tolerance for "weird" in your fragrance, you just may find this skanky-sour/pretty-powdery combination entertaining. I do, I'm left wishing there was more to it after the first hour or so.

    Is it worth the price? Not for me. Besides, the "glass art" it comes on looks like a red delicious that's happy to see me - not something I want as the prize piece in my fragrance collection.

    02nd October, 2010

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    The Infidels by Agonist is one of the BEST scents I've ever tried. You should sample it before you buy's very expensive for the first purchase, which comes with sculpted glass. But after're supposed to be able to get a refill at a very reasonable price. It's sure worth a sample and, for me, I'll keep using it for as long as I can acquire it!!! It's a killer, new fragrance.

    25th September, 2010

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