Tonka Impériale (2010)
    by Guerlain

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    Tonka Impériale Fragrance notes

    Bergamot, Bitter almond, Rosemary, Jasmine, Tonka, Tobacco, Incense, Cedar, Pine

    Tonka Impériale information

    Tonka Impériale is a unisex fragrance by Guerlain. The scent was launched in 2010

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    Great sweet almond, baked goods fragrance but it also in a refine way and it's pretty much like that through the life of this fragrance. It's not a boomer off of your skin. Like SDV, it's weird that it seems to disappear then comes by with a wiff. If you are a guy who doens't like femme frags, stay away from this one.

    27 June, 2014

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    This Guerlain is more complex than it seems. When you initially spray it on, you get an impression of just another gourmand. Maybe olfactory, but this one seems to disappear in a hour or so. I still like this one though. The almond note in TI seperates this one from an average gourmand. This one seems to have a bit more class. The only flaws are the projection and longevity. 8.5/10

    04 December, 2013

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    May be the most alluringly yummy scents I've ever come across

    Some reviewers all too often inappropriately use words like sexy, dreamy and masterpiece when describing a scent. I can honestly say each of those words are appropriate when describing Gurlain's Tonka Imperiale. In my opinion, this is one of those scents we all talk about finding, right?

    When am I finally going to find that scent where I just say OMG I have to have this!

    For me, this was one of those scents. I won't bore you with the note breakdown...all the prior positive reviewers did a wonderful job. Not a daytime work scent in my opinion. But rather a sultry, seductive, yummy date-night scent.

    Nothing better than hearing, "mmm, what are you wearing? whispered softly into your ear.

    I would recommend for both men or women.

    Pros: Beautiful packaging, good longevity, quality ingredients
    Cons: I can't afford to bathe in the stuff!"

    14 September, 2013

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    Okay , my first thoughts were not poetic. They were " B****dy h*ll !! " and not because I dislike this so much or that I was shocked but because I had forgotten that when Guerlain do something well and * right* ,their competition goes to dust.

    Tonka Imperiale is a delight to the senses. This is an almond vanilla scent of the most superb , grown up and sophisticated kind with an edge of light incense and tobacco ! Round ,sweet, decadent.

    Straight away , you can tell it's Guerlain because the glorious Guerlinade accord is in there - hazy ,lazy ,unique and rich .Overlaid is a purr of tonka bean ,almond , vanilla, sweet hay , a touch of honey ( nothing raw and animalic , no sir ! ) .It is balsamic. The rosemary is there but I could hardly describe it as such - it just gives it that little lift , a touch of freshness or everything would fall down into a pot of sweetness and haze. The dry down leads to a focus on the tobacco - vanilla - incense ,on my skin .It doesn't shout but sits there in the base and gives much depth.
    I must add the incense touch is really fabulous .

    Is there powder ? No wouldn't say so even though there is a texture of powder to the whole thing ,velvety might be a better word.

    The newer Guerlain releases if I could describe them in one word - it would be 'plush' .

    Everything is balanced ,nothing is out of place and it is a sensual perfume of the most hedonistic kind . Romantic as well. I can imagine lying around on silk sheets , lots of pilows being fed grapes from a cornucopia of fruit and drinking wine .... okay I am getting carried away now !
    The pedigree is there with this scent and there is seamlessness. I love Tonka Imperiale. Very well done.

    I am concerned about how restrictions on heliotrope will affect this scent and others too !

    28 June, 2012 (Last Edited: 29 June, 2012)

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    This opens up with a marzipan glazed honey accord and is quite sweet. After this opening I am picking up a big dose of rosemary and its starting to smell strongly of almonds.

    The fragrance is very sugary and reminds me of white chocolate or the icing on a fancy cake.

    This fragrance is beautiful but just to feminine for me to pull off. Would smell great on a lady though.

    17 March, 2012

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    Tonka Imperiale by Guerlain - One is initially treated to a dulcet, marzipan-like accord, fashioned from the bittersweet bergamot, the nutty almond, and sweetish honey. Mint-like rosemary, with its faint terpenic aspect, wonderfully tempers the sweet accord. Transitioning to the middle, a billowing tonka bean imparts its spicy vanillic facet to the opening brew. A plume of fruitiness and dimmed smokiness from tabacco as well as a shadow of tutti-frutti jasmine swirl about. A drizzle of delectable heliotrope, with its delicate, caramel sweetness, presents. Segueing to the perfecting base, the tonka bean takes on an amber-like creaminess, and commingles with the balsamic menthol of pine. A fresh and somewhat sweet woodiness from cedar permeates the blend, while resiny, smoky, and slightly sweet incense sparkles here and there. A drydown of epicurean delight ensues. Possessing average projection and longevity, this entrancing gourmand composition is well-crafted and unisex.

    21st February, 2012

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