Epic Woman (2009)
    by Amouage

    Epic Woman Fragrance Notes

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    United States United States

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    Hard to describe

    Ok, bear with me...It opens up with pine and dill pickles. I know...neither is listed. Perhaps the caraway seeds and the orris root combine. It isn't bad at all, sharp, fresh, green. It dries down to to more incense and is better behaved after 15min or so.

    19 July, 2013

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    United Kingdom United Kingdom

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    I tend to enjoy the men's offerings from Amouage more than the fragrances for women and own and adore Amouage Gold for men and Jubilation XXV. Epic is the exception to that rule, possibly because it is less overwhelmingly floral than some of the other female fragrances.

    Epic is really all about the guaiac wood, incense, oud and vanilla. The initial slightly sour oud blast settles into a perfectly balanced creamy, edible blend that is exquisitely poised between sweet and savoury/sour.

    Lasts a good four to five hours on my skin.

    16 January, 2013

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    Netherlands Netherlands

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    Heavy orientals are, for me, the perfume equivalent of wearing too much make-up, or eating too much cake... or wearing too much cake.
    The amber and musk of the base wore too close, there seemed to be a teeming crowd of rich ingredients thoroughly blended in. Then there was the cumin up front on this one and I thought, Betsy, this is just tooo much. But persistence has its rewards, and while they may not be orgasmic, they do offer a fine, high quality, wearable fragrance for cool weather.
    So while the start has the usual spicy density of rich orientals of a certain pedigree, I found the experience about two hours in, when the fragrance thinned a bit, to be the most compelling. A shy soft rose began to poke its head above the blend, and the spice subsided somewhat into the warm woods and vanilla. This epic creature had shed some of her more opulent garments and had become more of a flesh and blood person one could hold close and squeeze.
    (For others who cant abide cumin; the note does fade quite quickly here, about half an hour in.)
    On subsequent wearings, the fragrance sang to me right from the start sometimes. I imagine the mind remembers the beauty that comes later on and projects it forward into the experience of the perfume.

    22 August, 2012

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    Germany Germany

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    Just another reason why you should always sample a scent before you buy. Epic gets raving reviews here, and I just want to add mine as a word of caution. I like Amouage scents. I adore both Dia and Gold and like Jubilation XXV too. I haven't tried the others yet. Today I am sampling Epic and it simply doesn't work on me. I can't tell any of the actual notes, as I am no expert, but it smells loud, really headache inducing and old ladyish in the worst sense of the word. I don't mind strong fragrances. En Avion by Caron is my all time favourite and that is strong stuff, but Epic just doesn't agree with me at all. So, if you are tempted, please sample before you shell out the 160.

    24 May, 2012

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    United States United States

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    Just sampled overnight. Epic Woman's opening is positively cinematic; our heroine makes her grand entrance into a ballroom swirling with glamour and intrigue, these are far from everyday citruses, a whiff of rose accompanying. A quarter of an hour later, Epic Woman settles into luxe gourmand; it is positively toothsome. In addition yeast and marzipan, I detect some mint, medicinal enough to recall menthol, as if a digestif were being proffered after sumptous eating, and from there we retire to brandy and cigars.

    Alas, when I awoke I was left with the McCormick vanilla extract I buy at my grocery, nothing more, nothing less. Cinderella has left the room, and she took the ק glass slipper with her.

    sampled some months later and am struck by Epic's resemblance to a much more affordable fragrance, Queen by Queen Latifah. They share the vanilla/cinnamon/sandalwood/patchouli gourmandic oriental foundation, a fragrance category that is just not my type, which might explain Epic's subtleties being lost on me.

    08 April, 2012 (Last Edited: 31st August, 2012)

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    Italy Italy

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    An humongous spicy oriental that shares quite a few similarities with both Chanel's Egoiste and Bois Des Iles. Cinnamon and some sweet (almost candied) citrus on top joined by floral patterns and laying on an extremely solid ambery/vannilla base. Oud pairs off with rose but they are masterfully blended with the rest to never become overwhelming or even particularly detectable. Frankincense lurks in the back together with a subtle iris note remarking their presence and adding detailed refinements to this wonderful smelling nebula.

    Overall, Epic Woman, is rich and opulent, bold and intense but at the same time very wearable. It strikes you like an embracing concoction where all the elements are perfectly blended together to create a smell that could be described as a velvet sphere. An unique solid body that's absolutely perfect in its smooth roundness.

    It does great also on a man.

    07 September, 2011

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