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Epic Woman (2009)
by Amouage


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Year of Launch2009
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

PerfumerCecile Zarokian
PerfumerDaniel Maurel
PerfumerAngeline Leporini

About Epic Woman

Epic Woman is a feminine perfume by Amouage. The scent was launched in 2009 and the fragrance was created by perfumers Angeline Leporini, Daniel Maurel and Cecile Zarokian

Epic Woman fragrance notes

Reviews of Epic Woman

This could be worn both by men and women. It opens with a bitter line and then sweetens (without getting sweet) to an "oh so special" amber. Very good! Best amouage I smelled so far.

Edit: I smell rose after amber. What a surprise! Totally different fragrance after a couple of hours.
22nd August, 2017 (last edited: 23rd August, 2017)
Anybody here remember Opal Fruits? The tagline was: “Made to make your mouth water” – and sure enough whenever an ad for those tangy, sherbet-y little suckers came on TV, my mouth would begin pumping out saliva. Like Pavlov’s dog.

Well, I just have to glance at my dark green bottle of Amouage Epic Woman for my mouth to start to water. Like pickles, umeboshi, and sourpatch gummies, there is an almost physical pleasure to be had in a wincingly tart flavor. It is a credit to Amouage that Epic Woman contains so many piquant green notes and still manages to be so inviting. It smells like something pickled in brine! And yet sweet!

Every part of Epic Woman is as satisfying to me as a good meal – the lip-smacking savor of kimchi leading into a meaty, smoked rose and finally a few spoonfuls of thin crème anglaise, just enough to sweeten the tongue.

Many people say that Epic Woman belongs to the same oriental woody perfume family as Chanel’s Bois des Iles, Molinard Habanita, and even Jean Desprez Bal a Versailles. But I always get the feeling that putting those perfumes in the same sentence as something like Epic Woman is like saying tomatoes = strawberries because they are both fruits. Needless to say, Epic Woman is neither a tomato nor a strawberry. Clearly, it’s a salted plum.

I’m always trying to figure out where Epic Woman fits in the general scheme of things. No doubt about it, it is an oriental perfume. However, it lacks the plush sweetness and creamy roundness of most other orientals. After much thought, I’ve come to realize that the head space it occupies (for me, at least) is the same as for Tom Ford’s Plum Japonais and YSL’s vintage Nu EDP – smoky incense perfumes with a phenomenally sour streak of flavor running through them that prickle the saliva glands. In case you haven’t picked up on my feeling about this sourness – it’s good! I love it actually. It’s the tart streak in these perfumes that stops them from melting into the characterless vanilla-amber-sandalwood sludge that sometimes plagues the category.

Epic Woman balances the hot and the sour and the sweet as masterfully as a delicate Chinese dish – the heat from the black pepper and cinnamon, the green pickling spices (caraway), and the soft-but-oh-so-vinegary oud are the major players here. But there is also a diffuse sweetness, coming off the pink rose that blooms behind the sour opening notes and what feels like a mixture of powdered cinnamon and vanilla. I can’t say that I smell black tea, but maybe I’m just not picking out the tea tannins when placed up against a smoky guaic wood, incense, and other woody notes.

The vanilla in the base is extremely subtle – a thimbleful of creme anglaise rather than an ice-cream sundae – and spiked with just enough sugar added to round out the sourness of the oud wood. The sourness and the delicate spices surrounding the rose persist all through the perfume, though, and keep me smacking my lips.

In short, this is a perfume to be savored like a good Chinese sweet and sour dish, or the snap of a cold dill pickle straight from the jar when you’re starving. It is a wholly appetizing perfume – almost gourmand in the pleasure it affords me.
16th September, 2015
Genre: Woody Oriental

Notes: Cumin, pink bay, cinnamon, damask rose, jasmine, geranium, tea, amber, musk, frankincense, oudh, guaiac wood, vanilla, iris.

Epic Woman’s lush spiced mandarin rind top notes gain depth and provocative warmth from a judicious application of animalic cumin. Within a few seconds vanilli, amber, rose, and a very delicate frankincense join the spice and citrus to complete a traditionally sweet, dense oriental heart. Amouage makes much of Epic Woman’s tea note in its marketing, but don’t purchase Epic Woman expecting the smoky black tea of Tea for Two or the refreshing green tea of Bulgari. What tea I can perceive here is swamped in citrus rind and spices in the manner of Bigelow’s “Constant Comment.”

While the bay, frankincense, and a hint of oudh in the background reflect current fashion, Epic Woman’s fundamental style, weight, and scale recall the opulence of Shalimar, Habanita, Bois des Îles, and more recently, Bal à Versailles. Epic Woman also bows to contemporary tastes in eschewing most of the aldehydes and powdery notes that leave the aforementioned classics smelling dated to some noses. In some respects - its exotic woody base notes and decidedly boozy and persistent fruit accord - it aligns itself with the “modern” woody oriental aesthetic pioneered by Pierre Bourdon in Féminité du Bois and Dolce Vita, but Epic Woman feels heavier and more elaborately decorated than either. I attribute some of that comparative mass and opacity to an iris note that wraps Epic Woman’s oriental core in a plush velvet blanket. (Just as in Chanel’s Bois des Îles.)

Epic Woman is far less overtly floral than Gold, Dia, Ubar, or Lyric. Indeed, it may be the least obviously floral feminine scent from Amouage to date. While Epic Woman shares rose, frankincense, plummy fruit notes, and oudh with Lyric Woman, its rose does not dominate to the degree that Lyric’s does. In fact, so seamlessly blended is Epic that no single note cries out for attention. Instead, the composition reads as an integral, homogenous olfactory mass.

That’s not to say that Epic Woman fails do develop over time. Over the course of hours the balance shifts slowly from spices to woods. While the amber and vanilla remain relatively fixed, cumin and cinnamon give way to the increasingly conspicuous frankincense and oudh. While neither weak nor short-lived, Epic Woman is less likely to overpower than Lyric or Ubar, never mind Gold. Judiciously applied, it seems to me the most appropriate for daily professional wear of Amouage’s scents for women (excepting perhaps Reflection). In its favoring of spice and woods over floral notes, it may also appeal to the adventurous man who seeks a complex, spicy oriental fragrance.
13th June, 2014
Hard to describe

Ok, bear with me...It opens up with pine and dill pickles. I know...neither is listed. Perhaps the caraway seeds and the orris root combine. It isn't bad at all, sharp, fresh, green. It dries down to to more incense and is better behaved after 15min or so.

19th July, 2013
Leontion Show all reviews
United Kingdom

I tend to enjoy the men's offerings from Amouage more than the fragrances for women and own and adore Amouage Gold for men and Jubilation XXV. Epic is the exception to that rule, possibly because it is less overwhelmingly floral than some of the other female fragrances.

Epic is really all about the guaiac wood, incense, oud and vanilla. The initial slightly sour oud blast settles into a perfectly balanced creamy, edible blend that is exquisitely poised between sweet and savoury/sour.

Lasts a good four to five hours on my skin.
16th January, 2013
Heavy orientals are, for me, the perfume equivalent of wearing too much make-up, or eating too much cake... or wearing too much cake.
The amber and musk of the base wore too close, there seemed to be a teeming crowd of rich ingredients thoroughly blended in. Then there was the cumin up front on this one and I thought, Betsy, this is just tooo much. But persistence has its rewards, and while they may not be orgasmic, they do offer a fine, high quality, wearable fragrance for cool weather.
So while the start has the usual spicy density of rich orientals of a certain pedigree, I found the experience about two hours in, when the fragrance thinned a bit, to be the most compelling. A shy soft rose began to poke its head above the blend, and the spice subsided somewhat into the warm woods and vanilla. This epic creature had shed some of her more opulent garments and had become more of a flesh and blood person one could hold close and squeeze.
(For others who can’t abide cumin; the note does fade quite quickly here, about half an hour in.)
On subsequent wearings, the fragrance sang to me right from the start sometimes. I imagine the mind remembers the beauty that comes later on and projects it forward into the experience of the perfume.
22nd August, 2012

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