Tuca Tuca (2010)
by Gorilla Perfume [Lush]


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Year of Launch2010
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

HouseGorilla Perfume [Lush]
Parent CompanyLush

About Tuca Tuca

Tuca Tuca is a shared / unisex perfume by Gorilla Perfume [Lush]. The scent was launched in 2010

Tuca Tuca fragrance notes

Reviews of Tuca Tuca

I love it. At first smell, blindly, I could say this is Gorilla perfume. I love how the violet is sweetly treated here, compared to their Kirbside violet where it's too green. Here the violet is soft and syrupy. Good sillage and longevity.
30th August, 2017
Love, love it. What am I smelling? No idea. Something woody, fresh, floral? On my skin it starts to smell a little oudhy, but it's so nice. Looking it up: Vanilla, sandalwood, vetivert, violet leaf and ylang ylang. All come through, leaving me smiling. A possible buy.
29th December, 2013
yes, rather typical of a Lush store (whatever you make of that). Intensely sweet, super-perfumey and a real assault on the senses.
Violet leaves to be sure, an interestingly haunting note ruined by the candied, vanilla aspect which smells like a cookie.
Vague woody note which might in other circumstances redeem it.
Super-young, cutsey.
Is this your style? You decide.
29th February, 2012
To me this smells of warm, spicy, peppery violets. lt also manages to capture the smell of a Lush shop, which l happen to love, but if you hate it, this may not be for you. This is a fun, sexy fragrance, & l actually wish l'd bought this one instead of Lust.
12th February, 2011
How very strange! The one thing I get loud and clear from this fragrance is not listed in its notes: Jasmine. To be specific the gorgeous, rich but not too indolic jasmine of Lush's Flying Fox shower gel and also Godiva shampoo bar.

But unlike the Flying Fox temple balm I was happily using as a solid perfume, this fragrance has progression and a rich and sophisticated charm. The rich jasmine topnotes are boosted by an almondy, 'play doh' note and then it gently settles down and stays on the skin in a sensuous melange of jasmine and woods.

I would wear this if I wanted to seduce, as I imagine the heady warmth would make a man's head spin. Yet it's not overpowering and remains close to the skin, so is safe to wear in crowded situations without fear of seeming slutty.
14th September, 2010
I took my courage in both hands a few days ago and actually braved the fearsome atmosphere of a 'Lush' store - honestly, how they expect anyone to be able to smell their fragrances under those conditions I shall never know, but good reviews of some of the Gorilla line persuaded me to make the attempt. When they start stocking 'Breath of God' I may even manage to screw up my courage, stick some cotton-wool up my nose, and go in and buy some to try it. How do these people expect potential buyers to make an informed choice? It's like trying to listen to music with a pneumatic drill in one ear.

However...I was aware that the chance of my being able to smell anything much with the assorted odours of the rest of the stuff they sell assaulting my nostrils was slight, but I was willing to try. Unfortunately I was unable to stop the assistant waving a smelling-strip laden with Karma under my nose (BIG mistake - I'm not a patchouli-lover) after which I could hardly smell anything. I didn't bother with Vanilliary or Imogen Rose as I already have Tocade, Missoni & Nahema but as the solids are relatively cheap I decided that even with my sense of smell totally anaesthetised I'd try one & picked upon Tuca Tuca.

I'm no expert at identifying the different notes of a fragrance so can only say that this struck me (once I got it home and was able to try it out in a relatively clean atmosphere) as being quite spicy at first, drying down quite quickly to a vanilla/sandalwood note which isn't particularly powerful - at least to me. It's early days so I'm still pretty much at the 'tester' stage - yesterday I was just waving the stick under my nose from time to time, today I'm trying it on skin - but I think at the moment I quite like it, in fact it's growing on me.

Thumbs up for the fragrance - a big thumbs down for the Lush experience.
20th August, 2010

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