Lust (2010)
by Gorilla Perfume [Lush]


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Year of Launch2010
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HouseGorilla Perfume [Lush]
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About Lust

Lust is a feminine perfume by Gorilla Perfume [Lush]. The scent was launched in 2010

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This is the Jasmine Indole that is laid down behind the Jasmine Absolute.
I have the solid perfume. It provides a beautiful albeit saccharin laden base below my Vintage Eau Fraiche and has it's (Eau Fraiche) rot lasting more than half an hour. Those with fear of the Fecal and Petroleum best stay away!
21st May, 2018 (last edited: 22nd May, 2018)
Jasmine, jasmine, jasmine. Fuel. Jasmine, jasmine. Ylang-ylang, fuel, jasmine, ylang-ylang, rose. You've got to like jasmine, but if you do, it's gorgeously sexy. Sensual. I love it at night better than during the day. After the meal, as it's quite agressive.
26th April, 2017
A Sea of Jasmine...

This perfume packs one hell of a punch! It is strong strong strong! The way it hits you with a sweet jasmine & ylang-ylang combination is crazy! But it's not like being punched with a fist, no, more like being hit with a soft pillow (but really hard)! But I like it. If you are a (real) jasmine lover, then you will find this amazing!

Lush - Lust opens with a huge blast of jasmine, rose and ylang-ylang, accompanied by sandalwood. The overall "vibe" is not too different from Guerlain - Samsara. It's also very strong for the first 30 minutes to about an hour. After that it calms down and you get a very mellow and soft, beautiful tropical aroma of sensual jasmine & ylang-ylang, soft rose, and creamy sandalwood. Absolutely beautiful! Here the perfumer Mark Constantine said that he adds jasmine to many of the perfumes made by this company, as a kind of "signature" note, but that here he made it the main note of the perfume, and used it in quantities which are more than any other jasmine perfume out there... and because jasmine is a white flower, and has a very sensual smell, he called it "Lust".

Well, I've tried this one out in hot weather and cold weather and I think it works in both. It is quite strong (maybe too strong for many), but because I am a true lover of jasmine I don't really care what other people think, because I feel good (and that's all that matters)! However for most other people I would suggest wearing this perfume in cold weather (winter). Because it is quite strong, but it will make you forget the cold and think of something "tropical"... it will take you to an exotic place and make you forget the cold! If you love jasmine, you must try this one. To me it's strong, but it's totally worth the price (very cheap), and I love it very much.
07th December, 2014
Unpretty and very indolic white floral with just a tad of sweetness to smooth things down. Simple but very striking.

Daring and affordable. A winner.

07th October, 2014
Genre: Floral

I’ve heard Lust described as an overwhelmingly sweet, straightforward jasmine soliflore, but I experience something more unusual and interesting. I get jasmine alright, but on me Lust follows Etat Libre d’Orange’s Charogne and Mona di Orio’s Nuit Noire in its iconoclastic overdose of indole. As in those other two, the weirdly decadent funk of indole so dominates Lust that the scent feels to me more animalic than floral.

Your enjoyment of this fragrance will depend entirely on your affinity – even tolerance – of indole. I happen to enjoy indolic scents, and am happy to wear Lust. Though it is very potent, I find it more wearable and versatile than either Nuit Noire or Charogne. Perhaps that’s because Lust does without the dense amber oriental arrangements which underpin the others, settling instead for a comparatively crisp, dry green neroli accord as ballast. If the spray perfume is too potent and aggressive for your comfort, I recommend the perfume solid, which wears much closer to the skin.
19th June, 2014
overly jasmine, reminds me of flyspray on me, smells different on my daughter
19th February, 2014

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