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Purr (2010)
by Katy Perry


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Year of Launch2010
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

HouseKaty Perry
Parent CompanyBenckiser > Coty Inc > Coty Beauty
Parent Company at launchGigantic Parfums

About Purr

Purr is a feminine perfume by Katy Perry. The scent was launched in 2010

Purr fragrance notes

Reviews of Purr

Fruity opening… not bad at all… the peachy, apple-y sweetness is given a clean depth with the bamboo note. Purr is sweet and feminine but doesn’t go completely overboard with either of those qualites. The fruity sweetness holds for a longer time than the balancing greenness of the bamboo, which loses its projection much sooner than the fruit notes do. This shifts the balanced opening into a drugstore-cheap generic fruitiness, the quality of which you can find in a couple hundred cheap fragrances.
It takes a long time for the opening to give way to the floral heart notes… or maybe it just seems long. The jasmine / rose dominant heart becomes a relief from the fruity-sweet opening, mainly because the florals cut into the sweetness and broaden the whole heart accord. Softly-projecting, feminine, youthful… nice, even if it’s quite generic.

The base comes across as a musky vanilla… I keep looking for sandalwood but I’m not finding it. This base retains most of the sweetness of the early accords but it has lost most of the projection, giving Purr an under-performing presence with its base. On the basis of its aroma, I would be neutral about this fragrance… it’s pleasant, it’s generic, it’s not synthetic or screechy. Its chief problem is its loss of projection in the heart and base, as well as its insufficient longevity, which makes it not a winner as far as I’m concerned.
19th December, 2016

A generic floral_fruity type of perfume that has become stereotypical of celebrity created fumes!it's not a super noticeable scent once it dries doesent leave a huge trail saying "here I am".but it's nice to smell and stays close to the skin.juicy is how I would describe it.thick,voluptuous and's the essence of Katy Perry herself,the person sweet and Seductive.a bit powdery,vanillic, fruity,charming and flirtatious.

Although the fruity is presented well in this perfume,the vanilla notes tend to dominate.the red apple and peach tend to be very sugary and synhetetic,slightly headache,inducing when over applied.the floral heart's a little better than the opening.while the dry downs absolutely warm and sultry of vanilla,coconut and amber.the scent reminds me of fruit that has been under the sun until it is the sweetest it can's great for hot summer days and nights when you want to smell sultry and juicy.


Longevity?+3 hours on my skin.

11th January, 2016
Of course it goes without saying that this is one of the best perfumes for bottle collectors ever! :D The cat-shaped, jeweled bottle complete with "collar" and charm are, of course, a huge part of the appeal with this fragrance. The first time I ever saw this one in a local department store I was immediately drawn to it like a magnet!
The perfume itself is quite nice too, although I would say it's probably one of those scents that I don't mind in cold weather, but I think I might strongly dislike in the summer! As another reviewer said, it is very strong and sweet, since sweet notes are right in the base of this one too!
It's actually another perfume, like "The One" by Dolce & Gabbana, that smells like what I thought "Chant D'Aromes" by Guerlain was supposed to smell like based on Turin's description in "The A-Z Guide to Perfume." "Chant D'Aromes", to me, really doesn't smell much like peach, it's more like sugar and spice. "Purr" by Katy Perry, on the other hand, is definitely very, very "peaches 'n cream!" It's another very dark, cold, dreary November day here where I live, and I'm definitely enjoying the fruity-sweet scent of this perfume!It's an instant pick-me-up if you're feeling slightly down. I definitely recommend trying this one if you like very sweet fruity-florals, and especially if you love both peaches and coconut, since I find both of those notes pretty dominant in this scent!
26th November, 2015
too strong and sweet. an edt version might fit me better
19th June, 2015

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