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Womanity (2010)
by Thierry Mugler


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Year of Launch2010
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People and companies

HouseThierry Mugler
PerfumerFabrice Pellegrin
Parent CompanyGroupe Clarins

About Womanity

Womanity is a feminine perfume by Thierry Mugler. The scent was launched in 2010 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Fabrice Pellegrin

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Reviews of Womanity

I am wearing Womanity for the first and last time today. I've recently got back into Mugler perfumes, after being put off them by Eau de Star, which I found utterly cloying and synthetic. I'm enjoying the other Muglers so much, I bought a bottle of Womanity online, without having smelled it, after reading it was discontinued. I can honestly say this is the oddest perfume I have ever smelled; I don't know if it behaves particularly oddly on my skin, but all I get is ozonic parsley notes, with the slightest hint of wood. I couldn't smell anything in common with other Mugler fragrances at all.

I could imagine this as a rather eccentric room fragrance, pot pourri refresher oil, even as a rather odd Yankee Candle fragrance (with a name like Ocean Parsley), but not as a perfume! I really wish I'd spent the money on a bottle of Angel Muse instead. If this is how Womanity typically smells, I'm not surprised it has been discontinued, though I'm actually more surprised it was ever put into production at all!

Update: after writing my review of Womanity, I feel it is only fair to add that I have realised that I love how it smells in the bottle; also when I wore it, some had sprayed onto my clothes, and I also loved it there. I have, therefore, come to the conclusion that Womanity behaves very oddly on my skin, and it isn't quite such a peculiar fragrance as I originally thought.
10th September, 2017 (last edited: 17th September, 2017)
I bought the smallest size of Womanity edp about six years ago and it is still on my shelf. I love most of Mugler's fragrances,and they sit very well on my skin, but this one does not morph to anything really good on my skin. My body chemistry does not pick up the sweetness of the fig-it lets the aroma go salty and not much else. I love the smell of it when I sniff the bottle-it just doesn't love me, if that makes any sense. I'm glad I only bought the smallest size!
26th March, 2017
Quite the compilation, as I find it is greater than the sum of it's parts. It satisfies the cravings for floral, clean, beachy and gourmand.

This feels like a smooth evening summer scent. This is soft floral, with an oceanic background. This lends itself to the imagining of being at a beachside luxury restaurant with lush florals and coconut tanning lotion hanging in the humid air as you are just about to tuck into a creamy dessert. Neither too salty nor too sweet....just lovely.

This has moderate sillage (at about 3 or so feet) with excellent staying power. Truly enjoyable.
05th December, 2016
Reminiscent of clean sweat... Of the salty, briny skin indicative of a day spent transitioning from the beach to the water, and back again. Don't let the strange notes scare you off. The caviar notes give it a beachy down-to-earth natural vibe, and the fig here is not the heavy, thick kind.. but earthy, calming, and full bodied. I had no idea what to expect going in, but was immediately delighted. I've since sent samples to several of my friends. This is unique, different, sure. But not bad at all!
13th June, 2016
As a fragrance, I like Womanity and its subtle sea-marge, midtone quality; green flesh with a salty edge. The sea air is amorphous, opaque, and wafting. The fig is slightly fleshy, so it works well on my skin, blending with a certain human vibe. Since there's really no floral, no deep earthy notes, no polarizing or gender associations at all, it is androgynous. It still speaks of the body, but in the space where gender blends. The lack of distinctness can make one wonder where one is at a bit, fragrance-wise. The notes in this fragrance have a certain subliminal feel to them because of the way they come in and out of awareness. But Womanity has a very quiet, distinct beingness. It is what it is, and is where it is, and doesn't seem to change in any direction, or nod to anyone's need of it. A little zen in that way.
The figgy sea-salt is the distinct note on my skin and has even more of an alkaloid edge as it ages, which is an interesting association, but I'd rather stay out of the whole promotional around this fragrance. Yes, I see the irony, the subtle joke, the playfulness. It has a metaphor that can be taken very far, given that clever name, which I like. Caviar and salt alkaloid indeed... 
But in the end, I need to like and have connection with the fragrance itself. And I do. It's interesting, subtle, and kind of unique. I'm not in love or have to have it, but it's versatile, midtone and gender-free. So at the very least, it qualifies as a great office scent. It won't be in or out of favor. No one will say you smell lovely or manly. I don't give an enthusiastic thumbs-up, but the cleverness enhances it (the metaphor allows you to flesh the fragrance out more than may be entirely there, except the notes support it), and the fragrance itself works.
01st May, 2015

THIERRY MUGLER fragrances have all the qualities to get you in the center of the attention and in my mind any lady who wear this fragrances is really Classy and professional .WOMANITY is another brilliant by this brand. Earthy,Sweet,Wonderful,Unusual, Irresistible and Glamorous with a Stylish and Spectacular Bottle.

It is a unexpected but decisive blend of notes and accords that are striking in their complements and just a tiny spray can boost your confidence and makes you feel like a beautiful and natural lady.fig is quite dominant in between notes.

WOMANITY is redolent of the intense dazzle and fascination that those rocks produce at every woman's heart.It is perfect at Spring and Autumn Evening and in rainy weather.I think it is a great idea to purchase twice as much,if you would like still get so compliments than the rest and their perfumes.


Longevity?Very Good on my skin.

18th April, 2015

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