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Fico d'India
by Ortigia


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GenderShared / Unisex
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Fico d'India is a shared / unisex perfume by Ortigia.

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United Kingdom
The fruity core and the cedar - these are the two main components in this creation. In spite of some slight difference there is a good fig note present, and the balance between fruitiness, sweetness and acidity is achieved well. Hints of Cantaloupe and forest berry are also present at times.

The cedarwood is on the darker side, with touches of spiciness. This spiciness is more accompaniment to the wood and never pushes itself into the foreground. Not peppery, not balsamic or ceremonial, more an extension of the spicy aroma that is inherent to some darker cedar notes anyway, and towards the end with a lightly powdery whiff, a modern contemporary powderiness, not a traditional barbershop

The sillage is moderate, the projection good, and the longevity six hours.

A somewhat linear composition for warmer autumn days with few surprises, but made of high-quality natural ingredients and deserving a try if you like this sort of fragrance. 3/5.
25th July, 2016
Excellent Suspended's description. The Fichi d'India (Opuntia Ficus Indica) are averagely common plants in south Italy, especially in Calabria and Sicilia. This quite stout plant (Barbary Fig), growing up in arid/semi-arid areas, is a species of cactus, possibly native to Mexico, which has been able to adapt its "status" to really hard (waterless) conditions. The fruit, which is enjoyed "frozen" by many (I actually don't crave for it), has a taste similar to sweet watermelon. Ortigia has (also in this case) once again been able to extrapolate the hidden essence of an indigenous peculiar friut finally appointing a quite pleasant fragrance which, despite the lack of complex structure, is able to stand out for gracefulness and delicacy. Fico d'India is figgy, soapy, floral, ethereal and musky. There is a connection (thin red edge) with scents a la Annick Goutal Ninfeo Mio, Ferragamo Pour Homme and Diptyque Philosykos but this fragrance possesses an its own "southern" (hard to describe) fleshy particularity. It is indeed at same time balmy-ethereal and fleshy-juicy (kind of simil berrish/orangy/mellony/plummy), powdery and musky. There is an intense (juicy-acid) black/red cherry-like fruitiness jumping as well out and it is quite irresistible end erotic. This fruity vibe is anyway basically figgy like a classic fig-vibe enriched by berry/melony fruitiness. Fruitiness is anyway finally dry and powdery (after the initial tart-vibe's recession). Powdery woods close the round of this really original creation. This creation is not surely creative but ends to smell peculiar and temperamental. Another Ortigia's evocative performance for us.
06th February, 2016
This scent is made using a giant cactus with bright orange flowers, indigenous to Sicily, and opens with the strong smell of freshly cut stems that have been frozen in ice; green, cold, cedary and ever so slightly citric with a hint of flora. Interestingly, and equally, I get a dry, minutely sweet, smokey tobacco note alongside the greenery that creates a wonderfully unusual partnership.

The dry down softens the top notes and introduces a whispering creamy vanilla to warm things up a little, and maybe, just maybe, a tiny hint of banana leaf.

It may just be my chemistry but after an hour or two I'd say this fragrance becomes gourmand. The cool greenery has all but gone and you're left with something that smells like a good quality vanilla ice-cream with a hint of coconut. There's still a hint of powdery flora, too, never soapy. I'm not a fan of vanilla or gourmands in general, but I really like what this becomes.

To me, this is a scent that was made with summer in mind and is perfectly unisex. Depending on the weather, I find the green elements can stick around a lot longer. The coconut accord comes and goes, sometimes it never appears, other times I get a huge burst of suncream. What ever Fico decides to disclose, never disappoints.

All in all, an unusual scent that gets a lot of compliments. I love it!
20th September, 2012 (last edited: 28th October, 2016)

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