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L'Essence de Cerruti (2009)
by Cerruti


L'Essence de Cerruti information

Year of Launch2009
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

PerfumerAntoine Lie
Parent CompanyBenckiser > Coty Inc > Coty Prestige

About L'Essence de Cerruti

L'Essence de Cerruti is a masculine fragrance by Cerruti. The scent was launched in 2009 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Antoine Lie

L'Essence de Cerruti fragrance notes

Reviews of L'Essence de Cerruti

Essence de Cerruti opens as a heavily synthetic sort of balsamic musk blend, kind of creamy and minty, with something smelling like fresh violet and sweet woods (imitation sandalwood, imitation cedar). I surely get amber, and also a fruity-citrus note, but I completely miss the leather initially. Just a quite nondescript, juvenile sweet-creamy-woody blend with a toothpaste-like mint and peppery vibe and some generic crisp wood on the base. And a terrible feel of clumsiness and rush, as if Antoine Lie got the brief for this the night before the final delivery – although honestly that’s the feeling most of his compositions give to me. A complete lack of interest, direction, inspiration. A shrug in a bottle, which doesn’t even smell that good – quite cheap indeed on the contrary, but not enough to pass it as some “futuristic synthetic avantgarde”. Just cheap and generic. As a side consolation, on the drydown there’s some faint rubber resembling to leather – the cheapest contemporary leather you may think of, in line with the rest of the fragrance. I quite like, or at least respect Cerruti usually, but allow me to “meh...”.

19th July, 2015
Leather, amber and woodsy notes well blended. Good choice for formal occasion but sometimes I felt it too strong. One thing for sure: this is Italian. Give it a try.
04th December, 2014
Marais Show all reviews
United Kingdom
It's that time of year when the TV ads feature their seasonal over-representation of mid-range aspirational fragrances. And sofas. Both appear to offer positive life-changes, albeit separated by a decade or two: the former, willing bedmates for gorgeous yet glum youngsters; the latter, a family of fixed grins for comfort-seeking thirty-somethings. Should finances not stretch to either festive extravagance, the rightly inexpensive L'Essence de Cerruti might hint at better times around the corner, combining as it does the scent of a leatherette sofa with that sweet nondescript base common to innumerable designer favourites.
26th November, 2014
bFlay Show all reviews
United States
Moderately nice fragrance...not a "WOW" and not bad either nor particularly unique. Opens with a sweet orange note that's rather stunted by coarse, dry pepper. This dissipates and leaves a very standard amber musk masculine mix luke so many generic, mid-price mens EDTs. Occasional pop ups of that sweet orange are a little different and pleasant, but this does not project very much at all. Wears very close to skin. A perfectly inoffensive fragrance which can be desirable in certain circumstances.
22nd August, 2014
Sorry for being the party pooper. I guess I've simply disconnected from the contemporary world of perfume. This scratchy no-budget scrubber certainly marks the Essence of how the business works today. I honestly cannot tell it apart from some nauseating Axe product or similar drugstore fare. Makes my nose hurt. It's not even trying to smell good or interesting. Simply revolting.
31st May, 2014
The best of what I like in a bottle

Lovely creamy leather scent that is still under the rader for a lot of BNers. It's a smooth and buttery leather, as opposed to jarring animalistic leathers which I have little experience with (and I don't think will have a place in my closet). Nice blend with the woods and amber - the drydown is soft like a warm hush. Gives a sophisticated air and a quiet confidence to the wearer, also to me it's very comforting. This short review doesn't give the fragrance any justice at all. I'm so happy with this purchase.

21st October, 2013

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