L'Essence de Cerutti (2009)
    by Cerruti

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    L'Essence de Cerutti Fragrance Notes

    L'Essence de Cerutti information

    L'Essence de Cerutti is a men's fragrance by Cerruti. The scent was launched in 2009

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    Germany Germany

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    Sorry for being the party pooper. I guess I've simply disconnected from the contemporary world of perfume. This scratchy no-budget scrubber certainly marks the Essence of how the business works today. I honestly cannot tell it apart from some nauseating Axe product or similar drugstore fare. Makes my nose hurt. It's not even trying to smell good or interesting. Simply revolting.

    31st May, 2014

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    Philippine Philippine

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    The best of what I like in a bottle

    Lovely creamy leather scent that is still under the rader for a lot of BNers. It's a smooth and buttery leather, as opposed to jarring animalistic leathers which I have little experience with (and I don't think will have a place in my closet). Nice blend with the woods and amber - the drydown is soft like a warm hush. Gives a sophisticated air and a quiet confidence to the wearer, also to me it's very comforting. This short review doesn't give the fragrance any justice at all. I'm so happy with this purchase.

    21st October, 2013

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    A marvel of creative modern elegance

    Having picked up a bottle at an ultra-knockdown price and not expecting much, I was immediately amazed at the beauty of the bergamot-drenched light peppery incense top note, which was nigh velvety in its texture. It only got better: a light woody drydown with white suede and saffron merged into a base of amber and white musk. Always light and nigh ephemeral, exceptionally well-blended and exuding elegance without any hint of stuffiness. Poor silage and projection on my skin, but a decent longevity of over four hours, albeit close to my skin. An exceptional fragrance.

    17 July, 2013

    jimmysmellworld's avatar

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    I really like this fragrance. The notes have been partnered and blended so well that they're barely distinguishable and in that perhaps there is something missing, something slightly off beat which makes the best fragrances stand out. Saying that, the sweet leather aura with a the bergamot and musk in the dry down is wonderful, perfect for any occasion. A fragrance that will be universally liked I'm sure, so I won't hesitate at recommending a blind buy to anyone, considering the silly prices this can be found at.

    06 April, 2013

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    United States United States

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    This one starts out sweet on the initial spray. After a few minutes, it turns into a slight leather and wood scent that still remains kind of sweet. This one will grow on you. Not heavy or cloying and one you will enjoy. I purchased a 1.7 oz bottle and can see myself purchasing a 3.4 when this runs out.

    That says a lot for a frag I just purchased.

    20th February, 2013

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    United States United States

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    Starts off with a blast of pepper and bergamot so you get that spicy lemon feel to it. Drys down to a very heavy leather (I've never worn a leather so this might actually be tame compared to the other leather fragrances.). I don't get a very woody feel to it but I definitely detect the amber in the base as well. Probably one of the best values I've ever got for my money. It's a solid fragrance for a cheap price.


    25 January, 2013

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