Carillon Pour Un Ange (2010)
    by Tauer

    • Launched: 2010
    • Type: Shared / Unisex / Unspecified
    • Availability: In Production
    • Perfumer: Andy Tauer
    • Bottle Designer: Unknown - Let us know

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    Germany Germany

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    Beastly beautiful

    Carillon pour un Ange is at the same time photorealistic and completely abstract as it evokes solifloral muguet and lilac, in a presence you nearly can touch it - at least until you feel the monstrous subjacent forces: Carefully examined under some olfactory magnifying glass, its strikingly earthy-green feel of crushed tulip stems, soil and the flowers of early spring might just as well be a brew of mushrooms, indolic white flowers, seawater, algae, decomposing duffy forest floor, scallops, rotting wood, brightened with a big dose of high-quality amber materials. All these contradictory notes are brought together in perfect harmony, dense and of a sheer raw beauty. Both highly synthetic and naturalistic in its appearance. Truly a piece of art. Heavenly for some, for others satanic, even disgusting. Carillon pour un Ange projects like a beast, keeps its floral top notes for hours and hours and ends up as a beautiful woody-oriental skin scent. Fingers crossed that things like this won`t be destroyed beyond repair with some upcoming frangrance regulatory.

    24 September, 2013

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    United States United States

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    Enchanting and a little bit naughty

    A stunning interpretation of lily of the valley. I've never found anything like it. The innocent naivety we associate with this flower has been given a unique twist at Mr. Tauer's hands. She is a slightly devilish angel, and all the more interesting for it, too.

    Soft floral notes (lilac and ylang ylang being most prominent on me, with a whiff of rose mixed in)open up quickly. Feminine and enchanting. After about 40 minutes the lily of the valley begins to appear, along with sweet jasmine and some soft woody notes. Smooth and luscious, with a hint of leather appearing now and again which is what makes this fragrance so unique for its type. Leather and lily of the valley; who would've guessed it could work so well?

    The dry down is equally beautiful, a smooth ambery finish with the wood notes continuing to develop and evolve.

    Wonderful longevity (12 hours) and good sillage. Probably too floral to please most men, this definitely leans toward the feminine. A wonderful spring/summer scent, but also has enough presence to work well in cooler weather. Very beautiful and possessing its own unique character. What a job, Andy!

    Pros: Unique take on Lily of Valley; long lasting
    Cons: none"

    19 September, 2013

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    Switzerland Switzerland

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    I tend not to like florals too much, but I like this lily of the valley scent, in particular its simplicity, which I'm sure was not easily attained by the way.

    Some "darker" notes that I cannot distinguish also linger in the background, however this is a fragrance that retains a very clear identity throughout its life, and I appreciate that.

    07 April, 2013

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    United Kingdom United Kingdom

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    First impressions: This does not smell like lily of the valley/muguet. It's a powdery linden/mimosa-like scent with a dusting of pollen. A little like a modern take on Caron's Farnesiana I like it, but it would be a scent I'd wear for my own pleasure on introspective days when I want a comforting, sentimental scent. I wouldn't want to waft this around on a crowded train, as the pollen/honey aspect has the teeniest urinic aspect, as does Lutens' Miel de Bois.

    10th October, 2012

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    England England

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    l get zesty, juicy-green, young leaves in the opening, with a touch of something metallic, before the lily of the valley becomes apparent about 5 minutes in. My impression at this stage is of silver fairy bells tinkling deep in a forest, as the grassy, mossy, earthy undertones begin to come forward. 40 minutes in, a wonderfully salty oakmoss begins to dominate, & after a couple of hours is joined by a dry amber. The lily drifts in & out over the next few hours, & five hours in, the base is of floral, milky woods along with the amber. The sillage is excellent, & the longevity outstanding at around ten hours.
    l find this to be a very beautiful & unusual take on lily of the valley; it has a depth & complexity that keep it interesting all the way through, & l would say it's easily unisex. lt has a kind of chypre quality, without the bitterness of galbanum that l often dislike. lt has a construction & a bright greenness that remind me of DelRae's Debut, without being as tart. Others have mentioned a leather note, but l didn't get that, & l didn't miss it.
    l could really fall for this one, & it could be a worthy successor to my vintage bottle of Diorissimo when it runs out!

    12 June, 2012

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    United States United States

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    A straignt-on lily-of-the-valley fragrance. Reminds me of Madini Four Seasons. Strong, strong, strong topnotes that keep coming. Luckily, I like Lily of the Valley, but I have to be in the mood to wear it because this is not subtle.

    01st June, 2012

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