Une Rose Vermeille (2010)
    by Tauer

    • Launched: 2010
    • Type: Shared / Unisex / Unspecified
    • Availability: In Production
    • Perfumer: Andy Tauer
    • Bottle Designer: Unknown - Let us know

    Average Rating: 3.5

    Based on 38 ratings
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    Une Rose Vermeille Fragrance Notes

    Une Rose Vermeille information

    Une Rose Vermeille is a unisex fragrance by Tauer. The scent was launched in 2010

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    United States United States

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    Luscious fruity-floral

    This is unlike any of the other Tauers I've sampled; much more linear and simplistic, and definately "girly-girl". The opening notes that hit my nose were out and out raspberries; pure, unadulterated raspberries. Lovely, ripe, and luscious raspberries, but I wonder, where have the roses and violets gone? I think this is a sophisticated version of the current fragrance craze, the fruity-floral. I would rather wear Andy's version than any of the others I've read about, it's true, but I had hoped for some luscious rose accords as well. They are not playing out on my skin in a tangible way. The basenotes also seem to be missing in action. Far too delicate and too sweet for my taste.

    I would recommend a trial run, ladies. Sillage is moderate, longevity is excellent, over 10 hours on me.

    Note: I've learned that Tauer frags are capricious, so I like to test some of the more challenging frags 3 times before concluding there's no hope that it would work for me. I'll give this another try in a few days and update.

    A second wearing results in a definite "like" but not "love" vote from me. The rose and the sandalwood notes were more noticable on this wearing, but were not vivid enough to make this a bottle-worthy purchase.

    Pros: Rich, opulent
    Cons: May be too sweet for some tastes"

    04th October, 2013

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    Sweet and candy roses. Sounds linear or common, but it's not. Very unique and distinctive rose, with consistent sillage, lasting power and projection. Yes, almost intoxicating. Another great creation of Andy Tauer that deserves a try.

    05th December, 2012

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    United States United States

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    Une Rose Vermeille opens with a very subtle lemon and lavender tandem before quickly transitioning completely to a very synthetic smelling rose and raspberry duo with a soapy violet undertone. The raspberry and rose are heavily sweetened by a major tonka bean presence emerging from the base along with equally sickeningly sweet non-powdery supporting vanilla. Projection is minimal and longevity is average.

    I keep waiting for a Tauer scent to wow me as I really like the perfumer's high level of customer service and his industry "secrets" candor; alas I'll have to keep looking as I really dislike Une Rose Vermeille. It really reminds me of a very cheap smelling shampoo with its low quality soapy synthetic nature, and it veers way too heavily on the sweet side of neutral for my tastes. Adding to its many deficiencies, the vanilla in the base really smells weird here and does not mesh well with the rose at all. Even raspberry that works so well with rose in my favorite scent, Portrait of a Lady by Malle seems entirely out of place here. I guess I'll just have to match Tauer's candor in saying this one is a nearly complete failure with the only saving grace being the five second subtle lemon and lavender opening that was at least "pleasant" smelling. Definitely pass on buying this 2 star out of 5 disappointment as there are far too many excellent or better rose scents on the market to settle for a poor one.

    19th August, 2012

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    United States United States

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    This is a current favorite of mine. The rose is sweet and readily-identifiable - as a rose fan, that matters a lot to me. I notice primarily the tonka bean and vanilla on drydown. It's sweet without being cloying, a little powdery, and very feminine. It's very comparable to Yves Rocher's Rose Absolue, but lasts longer and has a bit more sillage, whereas Rose Absolue has a sweeter top note and is considerably cheaper. I prefer the sillage and longevity of this one, and you can use a lot of it without it becoming headachy or nauseating. Sometimes you don't want a scent that's complicated - you just want to smell like a pretty girl, and this definitely gets the job done.

    04th August, 2012

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    Netherlands Netherlands

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    This perfume was an education. Its main players are an intensely jammy rose and raspberry combo – rich, sweet and thick. This I found hard to appreciate, conditioned as I had been by exposure to so many lightweight fruity florals. Why wasn’t this cheerful and bubbly? How could a berry note be treated in such a dense, stately manner?
    But I wore it. And wore it. And wore it. (Well, one spray is usually enough to last an entire day.) And I realized that my prejudices came from elsewhere; they were of no help in appreciating this fragrance I was slowly falling in love with. That raspberry was marvellous, both soda pop and the real fruit, bolstered by the tang of lemon and a hint of lavender. The jamminess was just of itself, and something that I actually sank into rather than a cloying mess (people who dislike intense sweetness may beg to differ). Here was a work of art in bright kitschy colours, juicy as a gumdrop and serious as the Mona Lisa. But it’s her hint of a smile that has kept so many so fascinated for so long...

    12th July, 2012

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    England England

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    The citrus notes are very fleeting on my skin, & this quickly develops into a sweet, dark, jammy, velvety rose with a large dose of raspberries. l find it very similar to Montale's Roses Elixir, & in the same way it's just a bit too sweet for my taste. l would have liked a little more tartness from the berries, to balance the sweetness of the rose. l do not detect the other floral notes at all. The sillage is very good, & it lasts in this vein for a good 5-6 hours, before fading to a sweet, ambery base.
    l would recommend this to anyone who loves sweet florals & fruit; it's just too sweet for me.

    29th January, 2012

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