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Aventus (2010)
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Year of Launch2010
AvailabilityIn Production
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Parent CompanyCreed

About Aventus

The exceptional Aventus was inspired by the dramatic life of a historic emperor, celebrating strength, power and success. Introduced in 2010 and crafted by the deft hand of Sixth Generation Master Perfumer Olivier Creed in collaboration with his son Erwin, this scent has grown to become the best-selling fragrance in the history of the brand. Olivier created its iconic name derived from a ("from") ventus ("the wind"), illustrating the Aventus man as destined to live a driven life, ever galloping with the wind at his back toward success. Aventus is a sophisticated blend for individuals who savor a life well-lived.

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Reviews of Aventus

Just got a sample of what appears to be one of the most controversial fragrances in the modern era: Creed Aventus.

The opening of Aventus smells really, really clean and of high-end ingredients. It isn't the typical, oft-used bergamot + maybe another citrus fruit type start, but instead begins with a decidedly airy fruitiness, along with a boozy gin-like splash underneath. I don't get a straight on flesh of fruit sensation, but instead almost like a refined mash of the apple, pineapple, and black currant.

A bright woodiness envelops the mix, a la the birch bark. A dark rose grows in, as well as a fresher take on jasmine which highlights that it is a Creed-centric incorporation of this expertly processed flower. Unquestionably, oakmoss is detectable with its dry, green presence; patchouli feels more medicinal and dark than I usually experience it elsewhere, and musk adds a well-balanced touch within this complex fragrance.

The famous Creed accord is subtly there; I can't sense the vanilla, which may have been covered up in my perceptions by the other strong notes in Aventus.

Overall, I get a juniper berry scent that is crafted so nicely and has a classic, bracing quality to it (like sniffing a glass of Seagram's gin neat). I think of Eau de Rochas most of all as I take in and savor Aventus. For me, that is a very good thing. :-)

Subjectively, this EdP fragrance evokes relaxation, confidence, energy, and positivity. Of course, each person will have his or her impressions which can range from "love this above every other scent" to "boy, this one is overhyped and sucks." Then there's the whole issue of which batch number one ends up getting of Aventus (I haven't dared to enter into that discussion!)
Me, I applaud that Creed has this wonderful fragrance in its collection, and in the end it is a very credible niche scent worthy of the attention it has received.

Given the vastly divergent opinions and analyses of it, I personally would suggest that one either samples Aventus in person at a local department store counter, or obtain a sample decant.
12th September, 2018
Clean, fresh, successful scent. When you wear it You feel like you are sharing yourself with successful people instead of pandering to them.

No urine smell in the bottle like Tom Ford fragrances. It is not a provoking scent, just safe and clean. It doesn't force, it is polite and perfectly mannered.

I was hoping it would be a new life type of cologne that I loved. I would mostly wear it safely to be agreeable to others.
09th September, 2018
The number one niche cologne in the world. My favorite for all time.
29th August, 2018
One bottle 120 ml ,350€ ,are you CRAZY ?
DON'T LIKE IT,ananas cheapy.
19th August, 2018
Every man wants to be a bottle of Aventus. It's on the one hand an inviting, fruity combo and on the other a manly, musky birch tree at its core. The pineapple is what draws you in. The closer you get, the more you realize the once sweet man you knew is actually a rugged, smokey rough rider.

Aventus is almost too good to wear everyday. There are other, more boring fragrances for that. Aventus is, at least for me, best for those moments when I decide I'm going to impact reality. Make a key presentation at work, decide to buy or sell a lot of stock, acquire a company - I could see this being the fragrance of a king or CEO. It has an imperial quality that is approachable but subtly reminds you the man wearing it probably determines your destiny.
15th August, 2018
I tested tones of perfumes in my life. Some of them was awful, some was neutral, some of them was good and others were great, real masterpieces. Many times after the first testing i said WOW!! At WOW section for me enters masterpieces like Interlude, Safari Extreme from ASQ, Laudano Nero, Amber Absolute, Casa Moratti 1888, Black Afgano, a few from Clive Christian and many others.

But Aventus is not even close to WOW for me. It's a good perfume, with quality notes but that's all. I got some fresh notes and some pinneapple hints.

I dont get why many people say Aventus is one of the best niche perfumes ever. It is a medium piece and not too versatile.

The price is waaaay too high. I'd pay for Aventus maximum 30-40% of its actual price.
02nd August, 2018 (last edited: 18th August, 2018)

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