Aventus (2010)
    by Creed

    Aventus Fragrance Notes

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    118ml EdP
    118ml EdP
    120ml Cologne

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    United States United States

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    I have a 30mL decant of the U01 batch which was made in 2013 and I mainly get smoke, flourals and oak moss. There seems to be a tiny hint of pineapple but the note isnt that traceable. I have a bottle of Gucci Nobile at home and to me the scents are very similar at this very moment. Dont get me wrong, I regard Gucci Nobile as a very classic and appealing scent, but this was totally unexpected from Aventus. I would have hoped to smell more of the sweet pineapple freshness but I've been let down thus far. I will give more time and see what happens and if that doesnt work I might even try to oxidize the fragrance to see if it will liven it up a bit.

    02 April, 2014

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    United States United States

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    I think this fragrance is a great fragrance, however, it is not to die for. I now own the perfumed oil and recently had the fragrance itself-again, it is a great fragrance but...just that great! As others have mentioned, it give off a nice aroma with the combination of French apples, pineapple, bergamot, patchouli, musk and others however, I'd also put this on the same stage as Royal Oud (another great creation by Creed). I am using this in the winter time, however, not sure what this would be like in summertime...curious though!

    24 March, 2014

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    United Kingdom United Kingdom

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    A very, very small amount of this left in my 30ml bottle (batch C42B11Y02, for those that need to know) that I purchased in August 2012.

    On me, I experience the following: A sharp pineapple and bergamot opening and a hint of apple. This lasts for a few minutes before the pineapple settles down to a smoother fruit note (but still very much pineapple all the way) while the middle notes with a delicate smoky birch begin to open up. There's definitely some patchouli and rose weaving in and out at this stage, as is listed. The basenotes then combine to give a beautiful, sweet woody depth, while every so often the pineapple cuts through to liven things up. There's not a significant or complex evolution on my skin but for me at least that does not detract from the appeal of this fragrance.

    Expertly blended, this fragrance, with very good quality ingredients. It's a 'modern' Creed fragrance that manages to have that almost transparent airy-ness that the good Creeds have but it doesn't suffer from longevity or strength issues despite this. Projection is easily 8 hours on my skin, after which time it is more of a skin scent (Only Himalaya from the other Creeds I have betters this). It's certainly very masculine, though some may find it a little on the younger man- side, as I do occasionally, but it is a fragrance that can reward a sophisticated older gent, too. Smells gorgeous on fabric and lasts on it for days. Equally at home in formal and casual surroundings, it can be worn in all seasons and both day and night but probably a little more suited to daytime wearing.

    Mine has probably improved in the bottle with age. I'm not so sure I will be rushing to buy another bottle given the price has increased over time, though. As impressive as this juice is, I'm not so sure it should demand £95 upwards.

    23 March, 2014

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    Dear Lord where do I begin. Basically as a female you should never wear this scent around me. I'd be impervious to whatever you might be saying to me. This scent takes you to a whole new realm. Just a whiff and I'd need to be sitting down. Genius!
    With the price range I'm sure it does the job. I mean you can almost win an argument with me if you're wearing this scent. And it lingers for days too. We have a winner with this one :)

    11th March, 2014

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    just finisihing off first bottle of this.......price is a bit of a issue,but guess i got what i paid for:)
    as someone thats only had occasional compliments...couple for bleu,one for rive gauche,,,,had loads for aventus .....and off people i hadnt known.....but just as importantly i love it
    now hopefully i get the same batch for my second bottle:)

    07 March, 2014

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    United States United States

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    I think this fragrances has begun to get the Lebron James treatment (so wildly popular that it is hated) and while I cannot begin to like Lebron james, I do love Aventus. To me this should be though of more as a Michael Jordan/Scotty Pippen hybrid (please forgive the basketball metaphors, I'm already in this deep) expensive, flashy, but worth every penny in results. I think the batch that I have is generally a pretty good one (sometime in 2013) very pineapple-ish and a gorgeous fruit/smoke drydown which I envision as a fresh cut pineapple an the deck watching the forest in all of it's midday splendor. Maybe I am naive to what hides in those smoky shadows, but it has been said that mystery is wonder, and wonder is what makes man want to understand. Aventus gave me that little inkling of comprehensibility to understand.

    03 March, 2014

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