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Aventus (2010)
by Creed


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Year of Launch2010
AvailabilityIn Production
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PerfumerOlivier Creed
Parent CompanyCreed

About Aventus

Aventus is a masculine fragrance by Creed. The scent was launched in 2010 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Olivier Creed

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United States
I tried this recently at nordstroms when it hit my skin the pineapple was there it was great! Then as it dried down all I could smell was Christmas tree.... There are no notes of pine or even cypress but even my daughter said daddy you smell like Christmas at grandmas.... Even after a few hours the phantom pine notes were still going strong. To the point that I actually likened it to Tom fords Italian cypress... it was very good and I did like it but was searching for a new summer scent and Christmas at grandmas was not what I was after. Ended up with virgin island water.
21st June, 2015

If you don't have a collection a CREED fragrance is the only fragrance you need just like AVENTUS!what can i say about it?Everything about it speaks of dignity,deep pleasure and exhilaration. Modern yet timeless. Amazing, Sophisticated,Aristocratic,Modern, Fruity,Subtle and Chic.

AVENTUS is tempered with a touch of rose,patchouli and jasmine are accented by fruits red apple,bergamot and especially pineapple and warm amber for a fresh and masculine scent that will make people stop in their tracks.The scent is simply gorgeous.Very sophisticated scent that demands attention.

This great fragrance is a nice refreshing scent that works for everyday as well as special occasions. its prestigious formula and wear it year round.Anyway if you are looking for a fragrance when you walk pass a group you want see heads turn AVENTUS is a great choice.Thank you CREED!

Sillage?Very Good.

Longevity?About 10 hours on my skin.

09th June, 2015
What else can be said about Aventus? This is a masterpiece, and that is not an accolade I use liberally. Gorgeous pineapple complimented with birch and balanced with a hint of vanilla and rose. The result? A mouth-watering aroma that attracts the curiousity of everyone around you.
07th June, 2015
So, time to review the big guy.

After sampling aventus for the first time I must say I was not very interested. I gave it about 6 months until I emptied my decant and realized I was missing something. I've owned over 50 bottles of cologne and after buying my first bottle of Aventus (13zz01) I realized I had never loved a scent as much until now. After a quater of a century of collecting scents I've found something I was completely head over heels for. So I sold almost my entire wardrobe except for the few tom fords and creeds I decided to keep and went hunting for another bottle (13Q01).

.... And then it happened....

I noticed my beloved aventus had transformed into an excessive smokey birch mixture....and I liked it.

It had amped up smoke and completely blew me over. I was floored that they were the "same" scent. But I really, really liked the smokier version. 13Q01 is supposed to be the worst batch ever and I find it incredible. I feel like the whole point of Aventus was the smokey oakmoss mixture duelling with fruity undertones. This to me, is true Aventus.....and yet happened again....

I went to buy another bottle intrigued with these so called "variations" and was quite upset. The next bottle was 14K01. And I'm not sure what to say. It was a very beautiful scent but quite different. It had more vanilla on top and I got almost none of the oakmoss and smoke that previous batches had. Still nice but I knew that since the ban on oakmoss in 2013 Aventus would never be the same. What an unnecessary shame, people are allergic to peanut butter also but I've yet to see it banned. So I now cherish my older bottles and look here and there for older batches but it's just too time consuming. It pains me to say it but I think Aventus has been laid to rest. The new bottles are great but none compare to my Z01 Q01 ZZ01 2013's. Shame.

04th June, 2015
I really like the smell but after twenty minutes it just disappears. The sample I tried was much smokier than the batch I got. I understand about that olfactory fatigue, but for that price id like to smell it longer..
03rd June, 2015

Top : Blackcurrant, Italian bergamot, French apples, Pineapple
Mid: Rose, Dry birch, Moroccan jasmine, Patchouli
Base: Musk, Oak moss, Ambergris, Vanilla

Projection: 1 spray gives you enough of a scent that projects. 2 sprays can be too much for me. I spray once after shower, and then walk around a bit until it tones down before wearing clothes. 2 if you are in a crowd and you want to project. Thats it. It's really solid.

Scent: I fell into the hype machine for Aventus. I have tried the different batch numbers. I lucked out and got the one thats pineapple heavy. It's definitely sweet, but there are days where it feels smoky. It smells like no other cologne. It does not smell like a Macy's or even a Nordstrom.

It has a dark vibe which is really light. When people say smoky pineapple, its completely true. This is a mans fragrance. Chances are that if you are a guy, you are going to like this. Especially if youre relatively young. I'm 30 and for me, it smells addictive.

I'm also the type of guy who does not want people to get an impression of me based on my scent. At the same time, I do like smelling good in the off chance that someone gets close enough to me. And for those times, this is great.

Should you buy this? Yea. There is a hype. But its a great cologne. Its expensive though, so maybe one for several years and you store it properly. It's super versatile and if youre a one cologne kind of guy, then save up for this. Its better than all the wonky designer stuff out there. It smells rich, smooth, pineappley and sweet. It's fun with a strong masculine edge to it.

Scent: 9/10
Purchase?: Yea. It's basically the first cologne I got after testing about 30-40 colognes.
29th May, 2015

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