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Aventus (2010)
by Creed


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Year of Launch2010
AvailabilityIn Production
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Parent CompanyCreed

About Aventus

Aventus is a masculine fragrance by Creed. The scent was launched in 2010

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Batches? I don't care about no stinkin' batches.

Is the attention muy annoying? You betcha! Despite that, I like the scent of fruity pineapple, particularly in warm weather, just fine. That, coupled with the ash/smoke and alluring drydown, ride waves of new-age aromachems large enough I often confuse with floaters, leaves this OK by me. I participated 50ml/$70 in a BN split a few years back - seems about the right price. A fan, just not a crazed fan.
05th June, 2016
Maybe I got a "bad batch" - twice. I've sampled this twice, and no, not a spray on the hand, but full samples. My latest was a sample I chose that came with my Luckyscent purchase.

I just.. ugh.. I don't get the hype. The pineapple everyone raves about is barely noticeable. you want good pineapple go smell Demeter Pineapple, especially if Aventus rocks your socks, you'll go crazy when you smell the pineapple in Demeter. Aventus' dry down is just mediocre too. Smokey birch wood, maybe some cypress. It doesn't even smell like a signature Creed to me. The older Creeds have a metallic tinge to them, even the newer of the older like VIW.

Aventus does smell good, but not good enough to have its own sub forum. If any fragrance from Creed deserves a sub-forum, it's GIT.
28th May, 2016
The pineapple is pleasing in the first five minutes but it is fleeting. I want say I smell melon and lemon in the first few minutes as it drys.

After the fruity scent fades I'm left with the smell of fresh pine needles and Christmas furs. I used to work at a flower wholesaler and during December our industrial fridges would be full top to bottom with Christmas furs and wreaths and that is what the initial dry down smells like to me. It's very pleasing, fresh and organic. It does not smell like the synthetic green smell you get with a lot of men's colognes. On a personal note it reminds me of the cabins from summer camp when I was a child. it smells like decades of the scents of wilderness gathering in the walls of said cabins. Or like a walk through forest of the smoky mountains.

Aventus smells fresh...I don't get any smokiness and the fruity notes are fleeting, except when I'm sweating the pineapple will briefly return. Overall it smells like nature.

It a good fresh scent and i don't find it personally imposing so I would say it's a great daily scent to wear to work. As a nurse who is frequently around new patients and in close proximity with them I would say this is a great sent that won't offend and may impress in some cases. I haven't got any compliments on this one yet a week in, but I have gotten great compliments with creeds royal oud and millesime imperial. I don't rely on compliments and the scent is pleasing to me and enjoyable to wear. This could be a daily driver for me. Time will tell.

Overall rating: 8/10
11th April, 2016
Batch: 14M01

The picture i get with this fragrance is
Slices of ripe pineapple, apple with a bouquet of fully bloomed roses & jasmine lying on a table along with high quality shaving cream & some woods being burnt in a distance.

Smells really natural & high quality. No clone of this fragrance comes close to this in terms of quality, performance & refinement. Totally worth the money.

It is true that it gives nose fatigue. Lasts easily 12+ hours on me & projection is excellent.

10th April, 2016
Before I try Aventus, I thought compliments on fragrance is just a myth. My colleagues at work, and when I'm out with friends commented how something smell amazing when I wear it. Especially ladies. So hype is definitely for a reason. My first bottle was 120 ml of 15U11 batch which is heavy pineapple batch with great oak moss and birch balance making it extremely masculine. Performance on my skin and how people react on Aventus was a really pleasant surprise. However, I notice a difference with my other batch, second one I currently own which is 250 ml flacon of 15X21. Both of them are great in longevity, 8-10 hours no problem. Batch 15X21 is little more apple, smokier and slightly leathery. It is amazing as well and those differences are slight, however I prefer first one just a little more and already consider this as a problem. Even if some other people prefer those composition more. Batch numbers is definitely an issue and minus for Aventus at my opinion. Hope that issue will be resolved once and for all with upcoming 2016 series of fragrance.
02nd April, 2016
Dear Reader!

In a nutshell. This fragrance just like many others has been ruined for money or for health and safety reasons. This was the political part of the issue.
The technical part. Lomani AB Spirit Silver and Afnan Supremacy Silver are performing better than the latest Aventus batches! I bought my first and last bottle of Aventus recently but I'm actually toying with the idea of selling it on soon.
I used to have samples and decants from 2012-2013. Beautiful they were. I loved them, big thumbs up. They worth the money till the last drop.
What I get now from Aventus is weak performance, unrecognizeable character etc. The opening note is clearly a pink grapefruit scent instead of pineapple. I can't detect any sweet blackcurrant or any depth at all. The drydown is short and simple. Nothing like it used to be! I miss the elegant, mossy vanilla drydown. Smokiness has gone completely.
Is it normal that even the Aventus fans play Dexter at home and mix birch tar oil etc to a niche perfume??????? It's like buying a luxury car but after taking it home you change the engine in it because you don't like the performance.
Once again. Afnan and Lomani are doing better since they can provide a constant quality ( not a gamble ) and draw in just as much compliments as Aventus used to do.
Maybe Creed could be a house who could afford going against the flow and not changing the ingredients from time to time, also ruining their reputation.
So. The recent batches are perfect for the fruit fans. Why can't we get at least a special edition with the old ingredients and big yellow warning labels saying that this is dangerous, hazardous, bla-bla-bla to your skin and your health. Than let the consumer choose!!! I might be a black sheep but no more Aventus for me, unless they bring the quality back to this product.
P.S. I ordered my bottle straight from france and in their webshop the description says "Aventus eau de toilette." Well, the performance perfectly matches the description.
Recent reviews here show that I'm not the only one with this bitter experience. Sad really.
18th March, 2016

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