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Bois Blonds (2010)
by Atelier Cologne


Bois Blonds information

Year of Launch2010
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
Average Rating
(based on 82 votes)

People and companies

HouseAtelier Cologne
PerfumerJerome Epinette

About Bois Blonds

Bois Blonds is a shared / unisex perfume by Atelier Cologne. The scent was launched in 2010 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Jerome Epinette

Bois Blonds fragrance notes

Reviews of Bois Blonds

A very light citrus with a nice touch of Vetiver is what I get from BB. I agree with Speedracer about this smelling like Encrdd Noire Sport. 7.5/10
29th September, 2017
Bois Blonds shares a lot in common with Encre Noire Sport to me, but the effect of Bois Blonds isn't as harsh and doesn't perform as well, which may be appealing for some that find ENS a bit strong.

Big neroli up front and then you get the clean vetiver in the drydown that keeps going for 4-5 hours.

A good summer scent.
07th August, 2017
Peppery / (generically) citric opening… pleasant, non-edgy… with very good longevity for a citrus opening. The movement to the middle notes is subtle and difficult to pinpoint because the middle bears many similarities to the opening: The middle’s citrusy orange flower / petitgrain is combined with a soft, gently resinous incense… an accord quite reminiscent of the opening.

The middle notes also exhibit a good longevity. The movement to the base is not so much subtle as it is drawn out and non-climactic. It’s a mild light wood and musk with enough vetiver to echo again the components of the opening and heart.

Bois Blonds is fresh, clean, subtle, enjoyable, and maybe even classy. It’s composed of quality components and has good movements and delivery. I’m not particularly interested in this light-wood / citrus category, and it doesn't ring any bells for me, but Bois Blonds is a quality fragrance.
19th December, 2016
Bois Blonds is another Atelier Cologne (like Cedrat Enivrant) that's light, pleasant, and generally agreeable woody/citrus combination, with a slightly greater emphasis on floral than most colognes like Cedrat Enivrant. There's some neroli, plenty of citrus, a hint of pepper, and some generic woods.

It's difficult to argue with this fragrance being worn often, year-round, in a variety of situations, and with many sprays. It's pretty and not likely to offend. Whether it's worth springing for a full bottle certainly depends on how it stacks up against similar fresh fragrances.

Performance is mediocre, though, with modest projection but satisfactory longevity, and any performance issues are slightly easier to bear, given the availability of 200ml bottles, though one might expect cologne-like fragrances to be availability in bigger-than-average (>125ml) bottles anyway.

Another nice entry from Atelier that I'll have to try some more in order to determine if it's something worth buying, but definitely something nice to wear that might be someone's favorite.

7 out of 10
26th May, 2016
Atelier Cologne Bois Blonds is an hyper sharp (apparently minimalistic) atemporal accord of pepper, iso E driven liquid incense, galaxolide-musk and sharp/smoky woods. Its mood is melancholic and cold as its anti-urban silvan fairy neo-mythological/esoteric basic concept. Pepper is heady on my skin, with all its "hyperbaric" insulation force and is by soon supported by aromatic herbs and citrus (mostly lime and orange to me). Woodiness is supreme, sort of finally smokey/sombre sense of liquid ghostly woodiness. I get an extreme kind of herbal-lemony tartness, aquatic/grassy molecules and tart resins. Mineral elements and vetiver provide a sheer sense of aquatic/bitter saltiness. There is a solid backbone embodied by juniper, sharp resins, pine needles and musky cedar. It seems to get a faint floral core supposedly represented by neroli and sharp geranium. I finally capture this faint licoricey vibe whereof the feel is probably afforded by smoky woods, fir resins, frankincense and bitter herbs (and roots). Ideally I see a sort of combination of Gucci by Gucci Pour Homme, 1881 Cerruti, Mila Schon Uomo (old formula), Armani Classic Pour Homme and Eau de Rochas, I mean you can get in here citrus-aromatic patterns, a sort of mineral-aquatic undertone, an accord of sharp frankincense and pepper, herbal/spicy elements and a classic concept of piney/cologney woodiness. You can also get partially a sort of Comme des Garcon's typical minimalistic sense of liquid pureness. It seems to feel a sense of peace all around but also sombre solitude and a secret "sense of agony" there in the middle of the aseptic ambience you feel inside while smelling this cold juice on skin. The general olfactive ambience conjures me silence (a vegetal silence of deep forest with high secular trees) and isolate meditation, even a sort of "japanese-like" hammam baths atmosphere in which you can see around the saturnine light of burning candels and almost feel inside the waves of a struggling metropolitan lovelorn soul. Yes, almost unperceivable sillage, weightless texture and lack of evolution. Nonetheless the juice seems well blended and plays elegantly in a modern "yes urban" way, it seems possessing an its own soul conjuring a sort of silvan "oakmoss/transparent water ponds/cristalline streams/green meadows/seasoned woods-dominant" dreamy scenario. Honestly I tend to find somewhat dull and un-interesting this kind of juices on my skin despite I'm surely able to see how those could fancy all the lovers of these watery-botanic experiments arousing a sense of musky-liquid "frozen in time" sombreness.
19th December, 2015
Great fresh opening with bergamot, neroli and a dash of pepper that develops in 15 minutes to spicy woods.The neroli lingers in the background as the scent shifts to a clean musk. Very easy to wear and refreshing, but very subtle.
03rd September, 2015

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