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Orange Sanguine (2010)
by Atelier Cologne


Orange Sanguine information

Year of Launch2010
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

HouseAtelier Cologne
PerfumerRalf Schwieger

About Orange Sanguine

Orange Sanguine is a shared / unisex perfume by Atelier Cologne. The scent was launched in 2010 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Ralf Schwieger

Orange Sanguine fragrance notes

Reviews of Orange Sanguine

Very nice orange frangrance. Not too sweet, more on the grapefruit side. I like the floral notes behind the orange, mostly jasmine. Then, some spicy base notes.
Lovely, with average longevity and sillage. Maybe too average to be full bottle worthy.
19th April, 2017
Slightly sweet overpriced orange fragrance. Seems to have a light coconut vibe in this (probably the Tonka Bean). A nice fragrance indeed with average longevity and projection. 8/10
18th August, 2016
As other reviewers have pointed out, this offers an amazing first impression of a fresh orange - bright, juicy, and not too sweet. I would say it's a must-smell for anyone who loves orange scents, or orange-y classic colognes. I get mainly sandalwood and maybe a little hint of jasmine in the dry down. It's a nice frag, but mainly it's made me realize that I don't particularly want to smell like an orange. I also think it's a wee bit overpriced, as it is rather light and short-lived. So a fence-straddling 3/5 and a thumbs up - many will probably love this but I'm not ultimately among them . . .
15th July, 2016
A quite sweet orange experience, Atelier Cologne Orange Sanguine is, as it is frequently described, similar to fresh orange juice. Orange in the top, jasmine and geranium in the heart, and amber, tonka, and sandalwood in the heart.

It's refreshing in that most citrus fragrances are--in conjures the outdoors, warm weather, and to some extent, food and nourishment. The geranium and jasmine add a floral and spicy vibe, providing some flavor apart from the burst of orange, making it almost more of a cocktail than just juice, and the sweetness itself comes from the nice mix of a drydown---I don't get much amber but the tonka is there heavily with a little sandalwood.

Orange Sanguine is smoothly-blended, contra the fault I find in most orange-dominant fragrances of being too heavy-handed with the orange or not heavy-handed enough, either of which can lead to a cleaning fluid type of smell rather than a fragrance one desires to smell and keep smelling.

Performance is again, for Ateliers, good but not great. I'm curious to see if this changes when I get to the orient collection but for now, the lighter more cologne-like fragrances are, as expected, decent performers given the above-designer pricing but modest due to the cologne theme of the house. Orange Sanguine doesn't seem to be present on many discount sites, and so is available for the standard cheapest retail pricing of $120 for 100ml and $195 for 200ml, as per the house site.

7 out of 10
27th May, 2016
BLUF: Opens with lots of real orange, very nicely done citrus…lots of citrus. Citrus, citrus, and more citrus. You’re going to smell like an orange, then shortly thereafter, like an orange and some wood. So much citrus, this will boost your immune system (statement not verified by FDA).

The first thing that I noticed upon application (aside from the orange) was effort. I get the feeling that a lot of effort (and citrus) went into this one to make it smell real. Too bad it disappears pretty quickly. To my nose, the orange here is not sweet, I’m honestly not exactly sure how to accurately define it, other than by a process of elimination. It’s not sweet (I’m surprised to see tonka in the notes), it’s not synthetic, and it’s not floral. It’s not a screamer, sillage-wise, I didn’t get great longevity either…actually, it was quite poor. It’s almost like the mist that is produced when tearing into an orange peel, plus some woods in the drydown.

It’s one of the few fragrances designated “Unisex” that I happen to agree with. To my nose, it doesn’t lean towards any particular sex. Neutral on this vitamin C bomb. Like most Atelier I’ve tried, smells pretty good, but way overpriced.
04th March, 2016
As the name may let you assume, Orange Sanguine opens with a zesty, fairly realistic, yet overall quite mild and mannered accord of orange-citrus notes framed within a sort of salty-soapy structure comprising, I guess, some light cedar, some musk and a nicely executed subtle floral-spicy accord, which sort of enhances the tangier-edgier side of the top citrus-orange accord. Sadly though, I soon get an unpleasant whiff of artificiality and syntheticness, which once past the (quite short-lived) top notes, which are (were...) the only bare hint of “realisticness” here, make Orange Sanguine smell basically as a rather dull sort of clean, aseptic, laundry-like citrus-musky-spicy blend. Quite designer-oriented too, as we aren’t really far from some Kenzo or Calvin Klein scents – or also, some Ferragamo citrus colognes like Tuscan Soul. Actually now that I think of it, Orange Sanguine is indeed quite similar to that, also quality-wise – and that tells it all, since the Ferragamo costs a fraction of this. And that’s not a steal, it’s just the right price for something like this. The same cheap, flat, extremely generic fresh & clean blend, just with some more orange tones here. The openining promisingly recalled some of the nicest, crispest Hermès colognes, such as the Pamplemousse Rose cologne, but sadly the mediocre quality soon brings Orange Sanguine down to a whole different – and abudantly worse – evolution and conclusion. All considered it’s still moderately pleasant and not abysmal, but absurdly overpriced for the quality.

20th January, 2016

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