Nuit de Tubéreuse (2010)
    by L'Artisan Parfumeur

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    I used to live in Florida. Anyone who's spent some time there might have been present during one of the major citrus flowerings.
    Certain months bring the celestial fragrance of the flowers wafting in the breeze. In its natural form, orange blossom is gorgeous. It's also very easy to ruin a frag with too much. Even worse, is one of those awful, nasty fake orange blossom fragrance that makes you instantly ill.
    The same is true for the tuberose flower. Heavy and sweet, it can easily overpower a scent, or be bloated to artificial proportions.
    Furthermore, tuberose is like a beautiful alcoholic. Off the booze, she's fun to be around, but let her too close to the liquor cabinet, and she'll start knocking over tables and starting brawls.
    Having said that, Nuit De Tubereuse is dominated by the scent. It smells true to the flower to me, although I've only smelled it in essential oil form. Tuberose has had a drink or two this Nuit, but she hasn't lost control...barely. She's getting loud, but she's still laughing and the life of the party. Her jokes are a little off-color, not to everyone's taste. It's getting a little warm, and the guests are sweating lightly under gaudy outfits. No one can take their eyes off of her.
    But if you're up to it, tuberose is throwing one hell of a party here.

    25 February, 2014

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    Full and rich it starts off, citrus, a dash of dark spice, cardamom and tuberose with a whiff of rose on the distant horizon. Ylang-ylang is present in the drydown, a wood note and some styrax in the base - overall on the lighter side; this is a very balanced warm weather day scent. Silage and projection are not great, but the longevity is superb at eight hours. A very nice tuberose creation in which much more is going on than just the tuberose.

    10th January, 2014

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    Elegant, spicy tuberose

    On me, Nuit de Tuberose is a lovely combination of spice and creamy tuberose - which can be a bit of an odd juxtoposition, but happily works nicely on my skin. I can see how it might be redundant to those who own Dzonka and/or Timbuktu, but while I love many L'Artisan fragrances, I found both of those to be a bit too harsh/bitter on my skin, though it's probably time for me to try Dzonka again.

    The word that comes to mind with Nuit de Tuberose is "windblown" - It feels like I'm wearing a scent that might waft through a window or on a breeze somewhere with luscious late spring weather.

    04 September, 2013

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    Abu Dhabi Abu Dhabi

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    Timbuktu + Dzongkha + Tuberose

    Nuit de Tubereuse is a combination of accords from Dzongkha & Timbuktu with tuberose added in.

    Take the cardamom , pink pepper and mango from Timbuktu, add to it the white tea and incense from Dzonka and finally some plastic'y tuberose. That is Nuit de Tubereuse.

    But tuberose is dense and concentrated. Not loud by any means but solid in structure. It's as if the tuberose essential oil was left on a Petri dish for a few days. And the dense tuberose oil that hadn't evaporated was used in Nuit de Tubereuse.

    Now that's not a bad thing if you don't already own either Timbuktu or Dzongkha.

    But , if like me, you do , then Nuit de Tubereuse feels redundant. The tuberose note in NdT does not carry the perfume alone. The two borrowed accords are as prominent, if not more prominent,than the tuberose note.

    A good perfume but blatant accord borrowing is frowned upon. Especially from the skilled Mr.Duchafour.

    Pros: Elegant
    Cons: Redundant "

    17 August, 2013

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    The note pyramid shown here looks pretty crowded but to me this smells, very simply, surprise tuberose!

    And it is not that obvious for a fragrance to deliver exactly what its name announces!

    Whether one likes tuberose or not is another matter, but I guess one has to respect that this is a pretty genuine scent.

    Now tuberose is not necessarily my favorite note, but by no means do I despise it. Fair.

    22 April, 2013

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    Edit: I gave an unreservedly glowing review earlier, but bummer - I'm going to have to modify it. This fragrance is not to be trusted on me. When it works I still feel the love. But sometimes, it becomes sweeter on my skin, which takes away the Grrr factor a bit, becoming a little more generic, losing it's animalic edge. So, while not a Jekyll and Hyde fragrance, it's definitely a love it vs. like fragrance.
    When it's on I love its take on tuberose. Instead of the sparseness and acridness described by some, my skin picked up ambery, incensey tones which made an incredibly sensual match with the tuberose. I didn't get a concept frag feel, cool and aloof - this one definitely doesn't exist in my head. It feels sensual, is very much in the now and acts viscerally, no head stuff here. I got all the earthy floral, warm/dry tones.
    The tuberose is a revelation in this fragrance. It's earthy sensual quality really comes out with all that supporting earth and amber floating around, nothing forced, nothing strident. There's no overamperage, no downplaying, no minimalism, no big-white-floral histrionics. I appreciate the fact vanilla isn't used for the base - that would have put it in the territory of a thousand vanillic fragrances on the market today, and made it more BWF. The tuberose, ylang, mango and rose are voluptuous enough without the cheap and easy fix of vanilla and the results are more unique.
    The pepper, cardamon and angelica give it a dry, sparky edge which plays with the tuberose to good effect because it lightens and 'de-liquifies' the tuberose to bring it out of the earth and into the air, and gives it a less chewy, more dry, incensey quality, gives it a little 'spice', which plays well with the floral. But that sultry turberose is still there. It may be one of the airier tuberose fragrances I've tried.
    I think of it as an incense and tuberose fragrance, with all the sensual earthy connotation that implies When it's on, I love it!

    20th June, 2012 (Last Edited: 31st March, 2013)

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