Calamity J (2009)
    by Juliette Has a Gun

    • Launched: 2009
    • Type: Shared / Unisex / Unspecified
    • Availability: In Production
    • Perfumer: Romano Ricci
    • Bottle Designer: Unknown - Let us know

    Calamity J Fragrance notes

    Patchouli, Amber, Iris, Musk

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    50ml EdP
    50ml EdP
    50ml EdP
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    To my nose Calamity J is a nice mix of amber, patchouli, a bit of iris and vanilla, with a nice musk note that's not very animalic/dirty.

    It's sweeter than Citizen Queen and also less metallic. Also Calamity J doesnt have the huge aldehydes.

    It's very well balanced and unisex in my opinion.

    Great scent that's suitable for all year.

    26 March, 2013

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    Croatia Croatia

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    I am no fan of ambery scents, as well as patchouli-amber combination, this one pens up with nice earthy iris note, its simple triology, warm, woody, earthy , no flolars, makes it great unisex, but not my cup of tea, it turns sweeter and sweeter, and makes me a bit sick

    24 March, 2013

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    United Kingdom United Kingdom

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    An excellent introduction into patchouli orientated fragrances, with the note never dominating but certainly acting as the soul. The easiest patchouli I have even worn.

    24 August, 2012

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    Netherlands Netherlands

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    Calamity J is a bit of an Ordinary Joe. Earthy, doughy, buttery sweet all the attributes one would expect from a patchouli-iris combo. With a hint of the ambroxan that is the sole component of Not a Perfume, and a whiff of the kind of cardamom one gets from milky sweet chai. All very nice and wearable; would not cause offence in an enclosed space. Subsides into a skin musk.
    However, my immediate response is: 'This smells soo familiar' (probably memories of Bois d'Iris), followed by: 'Where'd it go?'. So if weak dj vu is your thing, look no further.

    28 June, 2012

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    United Kingdom United Kingdom

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    That's odd -- I mainly get orris and amber with the addition of unspecified wood notes in the drydown. I don't really detect the patchouli at all. As said before, not a really groundbreaking mixture, but CJ has a really smooth vibe to it and a lot of care seems to have been used in its creation. Nice, affordable, friendly.

    19 March, 2012

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    United States United States

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    An amber patchouli, as others have said. I like it for its lack of complexity, to be honest. Sometimes I just want to wear an ambery patch. It's linear on me until a softening in the far drydown; I like both stages. Glad I purchased it - it comforts me and I wear it often.

    30th October, 2011

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