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Not a Perfume (2010)
by Juliette Has a Gun


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Year of Launch2010
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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HouseJuliette Has a Gun

About Not a Perfume

Not a Perfume is a shared / unisex perfume by Juliette Has a Gun. The scent was launched in 2010

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Reviews of Not a Perfume

Guys, I think many here are missing the point of this scent.

First of all, Cetalox or Ambroxan smell differently on every skin. I know this is said for all fragrances in general, but it applies to this chemical even more so.

Second of all, similar to Molecule 01 or Molecule 02, you will only very vaguely (if at all) smell this scent yourself, but will rather project it to those around you. Although, I have to say that I can actually smell this better on myself than the Escentric Molecule series.

I remember the first time I smelled this scent was at a bar. I tried to locate the source of what I thought was an indescribably beautiful fragrance. It's weird, because even without knowing the name or the composition, I thought it wasn't a perfume per say. It may sound weird, but if scents had a colour and a feel to them, I would've described it as purple and warm. A warmth that I felt drawn to. To my surprise, the person who projected it was someone I could not have otherwise been attracted to, physically. But it got us talking, nevertheless, and I asked them for the name of the perfume.

I instantly rushed to the only store that I found out had it in stock, a boutique niche perfume store, and bought it. It doesn't smell anything on me like it did on that person, as far as my own nose can tell, but I do receive compliments when I wear it (on its own), even in crowded bars, so perhaps it does!

One further note:
This scent also projects very differently on different people. One girl at work as telling me that she could smell my scent from the other end of the office and that she thought it was beautiful, while a few colleagues I actually asked, said they could barely detect I was wearing anything at all.

In conclusion, I do believe it's worth having in your collection, if you have one. If you're rather someone who only has one or two perfumes, or if you want to actually be able to smell your own fragrance at all times, this may not be for you.
19th April, 2016
Thank you so much to the reviewer who identified this as Cetalox -- I have struggled with buying perfumes for years because this chemical gives me migraines and I'm never sure which perfumes use it until I've already got them home.

"Not a Perfume" is indeed aptly named. It barely qualifies and I can't believe they charge money for this. I'm in the wrong business!
19th February, 2016
There's not much to write about *Not A Perfume* because the name says all we need to now about the *fragrance*. Basically a concentrate of all I don't like about mainstream perfumery and modern *faux* niche. Escentric Molecules did something extremely similar a bunch of years before but, at least, they put some effort on the marketing…

Not A Fragrance. I couldn't agree more.

26th January, 2016
Well, Cetalox, (admittedly) one of the Romano Ricci's favorite ingredients, effectively just an ingredient (yes pure, artificial, transparent, "post-industrial"), it seems a chemical aqueous cedarwood with a touch of anisic musk and calone. Yes, Cetalox is for this fragrance what ambroxan (in a different way) represents for Molecule 02. The aroma is close to a sort of postmodern detergent due to remove make up and to clean up the face's skin. It's curious that I can't catch anymore the Not a Perfume's aroma on my skin after a while, the scent seems appearing and disappearing systematically. Close (more than to D&G Light Blue as many declare) to a sort of ideally less "minty" and earthy KenzoAir. Anyway, minimalism? I would say ghostly experimental un-artistic (cosmetical) simplism. A boring medium rating just cause there is far worse around.
26th October, 2014
When did this idiotic trend of selling mono-molecule fragrances start? "Good for layering"? It surely is, that's why they use it for making perfumes, it's an ingredient and so it should be marketed. But for God's sake, do we need Juliette has a Gun passing off a bottle of that at 10 times the price of its only ingredient – for "layering"? That does not make sense to any extent. It's like paying 100 EUR a bottle of water because it's good for layering with your lunch. Unworthy any review (like Molecule 01 and similar pathetic phenomenas). And by the way it's cetalox, not ambroxan, bit different (cheaper, less complex, more on the clean/white side, they use it for floor cleaning products).

27th July, 2014
Tony T Show all reviews
United States

I don't get it at all..

I do not wish to look up Ambroxan either..

a plain and uncomplex light-airy scent that is unisex..

Stays close to the skin but is delightful..

Not FB worthy..

Pros: Ambroxan
Cons: why bother"

30th September, 2013

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