Opus I (2010)
    by Amouage

    Opus I Fragrance Notes

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    Singapore Singapore

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    A bored oriental babe

    OPUS I struck me as a floral oriental that confounds more than it pleases. The sections are all there: soapy mildly indolic florals, warm spices, sweet-ambery/powdery basenotes. They weave in and out of centerstage as the scent progresses but the harmony seems 'off' as though they don't play well together. Or is this a deliberate orchestration on the perfumer's part?

    As far as florals or orientals go, I won't describe her as 'pretty' but she's far from unattractive, with a certain elusiveness that could either draw you in or repel you with her cool emotional detachment. I suppose if you wish to get her number, be prepared to spend a little more time getting to know her. But with so many attractive belles around, why bother?

    Pros: Not your typical Amouage oriental
    Cons: Not good at first impressions

    22 June, 2013

    Darvant's avatar
    Italy Italy

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    Opus I is a feminine fragrance in my opinion too much powdery, sweet, soapy and finally onedimentional to be considered a rich or opulent one. It's not so devastating (effectively smells anyway unbalanced) but it must be evalued as a mediocre fruity/floral experiment, expecially being an Amouage one, namely coming straight out a glorious (though still modern) exotic tradition. All i detect is a "white/yellow" mélange of creamy rose/tuberose over a white-powdery woody/musky base. Some ripe fruits (yes plums or may be apricots) and a touch of frankincense (the incensey/peppery touch of dust) and sweet tonka complete the fatigue. The outcome is too much salty/sweet (or better really sweet with much sweeter dissonant undertones smelling more acute and so ostensibly almost salty), yummy, floral in a balmy way, talky (powdery woods) and youthful to be vaguely enclosed in the ring of the most famous opulent feminine creations around.

    16 March, 2013

    Birdboy48's avatar
    United States United States

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    Boy, this is certainly some wonderful stuff. Strong, sweet and it projects like very few fragrances do today. But try as I might, I just can't call it unisex : it just seems too feminine for me to wear it out in public.

    None the less I'll be cherishing the sample I have, and wearing it for my own pleasure around the house.

    Thumbs up with an asterisk from here, and well worth a sniff if you get the opportunity.

    23 October, 2012

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    Croatia Croatia

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    Thick, strong, spicy...very spicy. It is also somewhat soapy and with a touch of woods. I can't pinpoint if it is more masculine or if a woman might pull this one off, but then again, it's all quite subjective. I have to say that I'm almost under a strong impression, but not to a point where I'd rush to own it or vehemently suggesting this to everyone. In fact, this scent is not for everyone. I will rate it thumb up only on account of positive impact it makes on me, subjectively of course.

    03 October, 2012

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    Sweet fruit, cardamom and jasmine is what I get initially, on a rich but not too overwhelming fashion. Lily of the Valley is added and rose in very high quality, but not very much more convincing or even less than in some other fragrances produced by other houses. A touch of wood and vetiver hardly stand a chance in this well-rounded and otherwise well-blended oriental but the Tonka is quite strong, and overall the many components of this fragrance are not all contributing convincingly. Reasonable silage and projection and a good longevity of five hours. A close call, but just not as good as my favorite amongst the Armouage Opera, which is Opus IV.

    24 August, 2012

    gimmegreen's avatar
    Netherlands Netherlands

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    Attar-like indulgent opulence, which like other heavy hitters (such as Aromatics Elixirs which has a similar complexity but smells quite different) is bound to be polarizing. Here be sweet spices, gourmand notes of fruit, languid florals on a wooden bed, all lit up by a camphoraceous note (probably emerging from the cedar, guaiac, frankincense combo) which sets limits on the sweetness and spiciness of this perfume's expression – a good thing. The overall effect is of something thoroughly blended but bracing and not in the slightest muddy. Definitely not for everyday use, one needs time and space to appreciate this one anew each time it is sprayed on. Caviar for the general, as they say, but I likes it.

    18 May, 2012

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