Lady Gaga Fame (2012)
    by Lady Gaga

    Lady Gaga Fame Fragrance notes

    Belladonna, Honey, Saffron, Apricot nectar, Tiger orchid, Jasmine sambac

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    Canada Canada

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    I'm glad it's not semen and blood, personally. Heh. I tried this at Target and while it has a slight bit of unbalancedness, too much fruit I'm thinking, it smelled nice. Fruit, incense and honey mostly. And, honestly, not like other celeb perfumes I've tried. It's not a sugary mess, that's something.

    12 February, 2014 (Last Edited: 09 March, 2014)

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    England England

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    The blackberry bit was sort of O.K., but the choking that soon followed less so.

    01st December, 2013

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    Italy Italy

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    What to say?...Well, first of all i wish to put under the radar the unique element i fully appreciate about this juice (just inhaling it at distance otherwise the cloying effect becomes dominant) smells in the background about acid/sweet sweat of woman.....this element is undeniably erotic to me with its sweaty pungent salty/sweet and vaguely acid/greasy hardly describable spark. This is granted about the background in accordance with my personal perception. Second element.... the fragrance is alluring for sure but in a cloying and synthetic "new-age" way (anyway thank God in a less intense level of "plasticity" in comparison with its "similar" violent twins around as for instance the new monstrous Cavalli Nero Assoluto). What this fragrance smells like? Mostly about a cosmetic violet/orchid/apricot/orange pungent combo, something like an oppressive violet (not listed-i don't know what the Belladonna smells like), something berrish/plummy type (a la Black XS for her) as an overshadowy fruity patchouli vaguely vanillic and fortunately just gassy in a moderate way. The orchid (a complicated flower to be implemented in perfumery) dominates i suppose on the side of the Belladonna over a barely detectable sambac jasmine. I don't dislike the usage of saffron in combination with synthetic olibanum both slightly prickly and barely "aeriform" till the end of the trip. The synthetic honey is never properly "honeyed" in a classic natural (old-school) way and we keep just its cosmetic sticky vibe which is never soapy and realistic but vaguely fat and acid. Hyper fruity dark aroma, too much aggressively floral yet. I miss the musk, the oakmoss, a realistic woodiness, some earthiness, all absent elements from a blend which with we just perceive an artificial sort of penetrating potion (possibly) destined to be a commercial crack but surely being a transparent fake in the universe of the rare olfactory artistry. Glamour and sophisticated in a way that the new world demands.

    14 November, 2013

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    Very much a different fragrance on different people. I advise a full day test on your skin before deciding. As a linen or room spray, I like it but I did not get the full development that I did on my skin.

    For me, it starts with the floral and incense, then unfolds into the honey and apricot several hours later. I don't get the cloying sensation with it even though it's fruity. Fresh, ripe apricot is a gamey, musky fruit to eat while still sun-warm and that impression comes through very well for me but it did not turn heavy or overly sweet. It lasts 8 hours on my skin. I think this is one where re-spraying wouldn't smell so good after the honey has developed, it might clash with itself. I often think that about certain fragrances though...

    Not everyone has a good experience with this. A couple of my friends tested it with me on a day we spent together so we could compare as the hours went by. It smelled quite different on them, both at the start and later as we compared together. They liked it very much on me but unfortunately not at all on themselves. I did not care for it on them either. It faded very early on one with just fruit but no honey coming through and sadly, it turned slightly sharp and skunky on the other.

    I bought mine at Dillard's when it first released but just lately I saw it at Walmart, which amused me a bit.
    But only a bit.

    13 November, 2013 (Last Edited: 09 December, 2013)

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    After an opening that suggests something interesting may develop, it doesn't. Later, the smell recalls a tween with freshly washed hair who is chewing grape bubble-gum and texting about boys. The black juice in the sinster bottle ought to be viewed from a distance. Just don't open it.

    14 May, 2013

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    United States United States

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    Thank god perfume has the capacity to reveal truths that current mass media cannot. If you were to believe the visual imagery, the music, the PR, you’d assume that Justin Bieber was the tween idol and Gaga was the Edgy Artist who Will Not be Restrained ©. But Bieber’s perfume, with its stagnant topnotes becomes a kool aid made with non-potable water and has at least some edge.

    Gaga’s scentscape of the mall shows that she’s the true tween queen. The shock appeal of stunts like the meat dress and Drastic Fashion is transformed in this perfume into the shockingly banal. Fame is a cloying, simple fruit soup. It rides a tight line between the dual sensibilities of 1) yet another faceless vapid floriberry, and, 2) worse.

    Born this way? Reductionist, but that’s where the pendulum has swung and I get it. Smell this way? Good lord, no.

    30th November, 2012

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