Loud for Him (2010)
    by Tommy Hilfiger

    Loud for Him Fragrance notes

    Patchouli, Rose, Tobacco

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    75ml EdT
    75ml EdT
    75ml EdT
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    Francois Blais's avatar
    Francois Blais
    Canada Canada

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    Very nice modern masculine floral scent.
    The patchouli and tobacco are giving the right amount of depth to the rose top note.
    The first TH scent I like!

    07 March, 2014

    RobbieX's avatar

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    Loud is a soft lovely tobacco frag on me anyway. A gorgeous floral and tobacco sillage. Very pleasant indeed. A great one from T.H.

    11th August, 2012 (Last Edited: 28 September, 2012)

    Peegore's avatar
    United Kingdom United Kingdom

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    Bottle and branding aside, I do like this one.

    The life of this is monotone, being a 50/50 split between mild patchouli and rose all the way. I do get the ( very ) mild tobacco in the base but only just.

    Projection and sillage not the best at all, and longevity very average, 4-5 hours on me.

    This all sounds very unenthused so far, but I do enjoy it for it's simplicity. I don't always want to be mentally analysing every fragrance I wear, and with this one I certainly don't have to. It's... nice.

    19 September, 2011

    fitch256's avatar
    United States United States

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    I'm in between neutral and positive on this, but the real lack of tobacco in this and average at best longevity swings it back to negative. This one is fairly sweet, but I don't find it to be too much over the top. The rose and patchouli are dominant here, but there's some hints of something else that's green here. Longevity was about 6 hours, and this one does not project much at all, so the name Loud really doesn't hold true here. I cannot detect any tobacco anywhere here. This is a step in the right direction for Hilfiger after the mess of their last release, 1985. This could be for someone who really wants to like 1 Million but can't stand the leathery cinnamon.

    04 August, 2011

    silentrich's avatar
    United States United States

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    It's supposed to be a fusion of music and fragrance. Cool bottle and box, but the juice itself is not LOUD at all. Smells like citrus with a little bit of rose. The tobacco and patchouli are virtually non existent. The best thing Tommy Hilfiger could do would be to make his bottles refillable because what's inside of them can basically be flushed down the toilet.

    27 July, 2011

    nightcutter's avatar
    United Kingdom United Kingdom

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    Smells like Paul Smith Man 1 (opaque black bottle) and the new DKNY Men.
    Very dry and astringent-like.
    Unwearable IMO.

    28 January, 2011

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