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Memoir Man (2010)
by Amouage


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Year of Launch2010
AvailabilityIn Production
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PerfumerKarine Vinchon-Spehner

About Memoir Man

Memoir Man is a masculine fragrance by Amouage. The scent was launched in 2010 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Karine Vinchon-Spehner

Memoir Man fragrance notes

Reviews of Memoir Man

I have an affection for the'Library Opus' series, a lot of folks dont have...but Memoir is a classic. If they had stopped making perfumes after manufacturing this one, no one would be put off, in my opinion.

It really shows off from one phase to the next, remaining 'expensive smelling', thruout. And it has one of the better drydowns, for a niche fragrance. This was most recent buy, and the longevity is off the charts, with a pretty profound sillage that doesnt scare anyone.

This is the safer, alter ego of Interlude Man, in my opinion. A lot of thought went into the making of this one.
31st January, 2016
The phase comprising the first twenty minutes of Memoir Man is one of my favorite experiences in modern perfumery. It is also exactly what turns many people off of this release. If you combine wormwood with dry woods, moss, and the right musk, you are bound to generate a very bitter, almost ureic effect. It's a love/hate kind of smell, and I sit firmly on my side of the fence with my good buddies Yatagan and Ténéré. And just like with a good 90% of my favorites it took little nose delving to find the rose in the composition. Now, if I could freeze-frame this part of Memoir's movement in time I would absolutely shell out for a full bottle. Sadly, for me at least, the incomparable top is fleeting, and the middle stage hardly a guest. The base, what I imagine scents like Mr. Blass and Midnight in Paris wanted to be if they'd a much bigger budget, is a smoky-sweet leather affair that will carry the wearer till the end of the day. Lovely ending, but it feels like I've met my soulmate, only to be passed off to her good friend. Still, excellent stuff all around.
29th January, 2016
My favourite woody fragrance, nice green opening, softens a as it progresses. Extremely classy. Perfect for either formal wear or casual evening wear.

Lovers of Polo, such as myself, will love this high quality niche offering.

09th December, 2015
From a sample....
Memoir Man is the third fragrance that I have tried from Amouage, and perhaps the most challenging. The opening is a sour composition that I couldn't quite place the notes on, but it didn't seem like any of the listed top notes. I never detected any basil or mint. It wasn't as bad as the cat urine some reviews describe, but I didn't care for it at all. Thankfully the scent develops quickly and the incense, oud, woods and vetiver take over. The composition is quite complex, but it seems to be faintly similar to other incense and woods scents that I have tried. The dry down is really pretty nice, but the incompatible and offensive opening notes put this one off for me. Neutral rating.
02nd December, 2015

One long word: WOOOOOOOOOOOOOW! Memoir Man is simply incredible! Very masculine, , woody, spicy, aromatic, deep, complex, dark, mysterious, rich. The opening is awesome and the drydown is simply stunning. Incredibly well blended, it´s very well balanced. It´s dark but at the same time you find some freshness (mint), it´s smokey, sometimes a bit green and sweet.

The notes are: Absinth, Wormwood, Basil, Mint, Rose, Frankincense, Lavender Absolute, Sandalwood, Vetiver, Guaiac wood, Amber, Vanilla, Musk, Oakmoss, Leather and Tobacco. Let me tell you, the mint here gives an fantastic contribution, as the absinth. This is simply the best scent I´ve ever smelled, so far. I can see a perfect Fall/Winter scent in Memoir Man.

Memoir Man exhales an amazing classy masculinity. I can imagine myself wearing this with a black suit. Perfect! To me, the best Amouage, no doubt. This is very unique! Some stated this smells like urine (????). Well, fortunately not in my case. Can´t see how. This draws female compliments, at least with me. Performance is very good. I can see myself wearing this on a date, formal, night out or even during a very classy event.


Regarding Performance:

- Longevity: ~16/17h
- Sillage: Heavy
- Projection: ~5h

Scent: 9.81
Longevity: 9.65
Sillage: 8.60
Projection: 8.50
Uniqueness: 8.50
Versatility: 8
--- Overall: 8.82

Would I buy it? YES!!!

$330 for 100 ml is expensive, but this fragrance is simply incredible! I would SURELY buy it!
14th October, 2015
Im new to Niche frags, but have to say this stuff is amazing. This is sophistication in a bottle. Probably not the most versatile frag. However for a dinner out with the wife and friends or a formal affair this stuff is awesome and commands attention. I could imagine a company CEO wearing this daily.....but not otherwise a daily frag.

Love the absinthe and mint etc....smeels like what I imagine an enchanted forest would smell like.
07th October, 2015

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