Memoir Woman (2010)
    by Amouage

    Memoir Woman Fragrance Notes

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    I don't have lots of flowery words to describe this, but what I can tell you is that it is a rich, satisfying, fully rounded incense. It doesn't have that sharp edge that lots of incenses seem to begin with. It's just very smooth, a bit woody, spicy, perhaps a bit foody. I'm reviewing the extrait version, which is what I have. A beautiful fragrance and even better, you need very little to experience this, it goes a LONG way!

    24 March, 2014

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    Fruity and Spicey

    This started out with a blast of incense and hard candy. The citrus mixed with other notes to make something I can only describe as PEZ brand candy. After 5min. the candy died down some and warmer Cloves, incense and powder came to the front. I like it overall, definitely a feminine though.

    19 July, 2013

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    United States United States

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    About the list of notes....I read it and it just looks like a bunch of stuff, I can't really relate it to what Memoir Woman actually smells like.

    This fragrance smells rich and powerful, strong, almost overwhelming. It smells like burning incense to me, but that's not doing it's super deluxe burning incense with flowers, a little earthy or gritty something going on, but overall just hard to describe. Resins, flowers, and earthy spices. It's a BIG scent and was almost too much for me.

    I wore this to the Dead Can Dance concert in Chicago's Millenium Park. It was almost too much even for an outdoor event, especially since I usually apply really lightly with all my fragrances. I decided it was a special occasion and I wanted to step outside my comfort zone, and I really put on a lot (for me). So I love the way Memoir Woman smelled on me, but I can't imagine many other situations in life where this would be appropriate. Way too strong to wear indoors unless it's a large open space.

    So, yeah....maybe I could get a large decant but there wouldn't be much point in getting a whole bottle. I love this scent but I don't really wear it as much as it wears me. I think anyone who's really into fragrance should try this or something like it, something so rich and over the top, but such high quality.

    24 August, 2012

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    Netherlands Netherlands

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    Bored, one Sunday afternoon years ago when I was still a kid, my friends and I decided to mix all the different fizzy drinks we could find into what we hoped would be a knockout punch. Lesson one: the sum is rarely equal to its parts. Lesson two: we all drank this curious, sweet concoction and declared it ‘interesting’, rather that honestly saying it didn’t taste much of anything at all.
    Why does Memoir Woman remind me of this? Maybe it’s because it comes across a bit like the misconceived child of Badgley Mischka and Le Male. It has boozy overripe fruit (probably the white florals giving this impression) blowtorched together with bubble gum. One imagines there’s all sorts in here, but the overriding sweetness pours syrup over the contours. Funnily enough it’s quite easy to wear and rather upbeat in mood despite the ‘dark clouds’ marketing. But the vibe remains steadfastly downmarket.

    14 July, 2012

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    Italy Italy

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    Huge white florals and fruits (mainly orange) laying on a very complex, kinda animalic, resinous/incensey base. Smoky undertones and leather blends with the rest adding depth and a touch of darkness. A masterfully crafted cyphre that's satisfying and well refined yet not particularly distinctive.

    16 August, 2011

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    United States United States

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    Memoir Woman is a moving target. It opens as an orange incense chypre, with spices and some huge white floral notes (jasmine, tuberose) holding an impatient sweetness at bay. Soon, though the flower and the spice hang in, a syrupy thickness takes the lead and Memoir comes to feel strikingly similar to Serge Lutens’s Cèdre and Arabie. By this time, you realize that Memoir won’t so much blur genre lines as jump over them. It’s moved from mixed-bag chypre to syrupy sweet and finally lands in the balsamic spicy oriental camp.

    All of the above. More is better. Bigger is better. You get the idea. There’s nothing either subtle or minimal happening here. Wearing it, I keep flashing to the image of an insect caught and preserved in amber.

    I recently heard an interview with a Danish film director who noted the difficulty and ultimate payoff of delivering the unexpected while maintaining a believable narrative. She might as well have been talking about Memoir Woman.

    14 April, 2011 (Last Edited: 03 May, 2012)

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