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Al Shomukh Attar
by Amouage


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GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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About Al Shomukh Attar

Al Shomukh Attar is a shared / unisex perfume by Amouage.

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Reviews of Al Shomukh Attar

Discontinued, rare, bloody expensive when you do find it, but exquisite and refined. A real deal oud.

The opening of Al Shomoukh is fiercely animalic, with all of the pungent, sour, almost bile-like inferences I associate with Hindi oud. However, although it is animalic, it is also smooth and round, with a small bit of smokiness to it that makes for an enjoyable experience. Touches of rose and a rather synthetic-feeling white musk soften the animalic opening, and eventually the top notes calm down and become a very deep, woody, stale-ancient oud smell, which is the type of smell that reaches back into the dark places of your brain and creates an odd addiction.

In the oud, I smell: damp hay, then dry hay, barn animals, smoke, grass, and later, much later, a hint of fruit (this must be the davana, flowers that smell like fruit).

I really can't stop smelling myself. I smell pretty damn amazing. It feels like the oud is oozing out of my pores now and I smell like what I imagine opulently-oiled and anointed royals in Saudi Arabia do. It's a complicated smell, if you try to pick out the different notes but there is something also so basic and prehistoric about it. The oud opens up and warms up with my body heat, and I think if it starts out as feeling like a separate entity, a strange thing, then it ends up feeling like it is part of my skin and is emanating out of it. I can't smell the vetiver. Thank God. This does lean masculine, though, because it's pretty much all oud and musk, but that wouldn't put me off (if someone wants to give me a tola or two of it). It is not as heavy or as opulent as Tribute or Badr al Badour, but still, sillage is significant.
06th January, 2015
Very ethereal and just smothers you with an aura of the most divine oudh from start to near the finish. What makes this attar unique amongst those made by Amouage is at the begining, it starts of with quite an animalic oudhy note which has been refined by the most beautiful roses in the background. From that one dot that you applied 7-8 hours ago it spreads to become from quite an animalic oudh to a very warm oudhy aura with the most delicious roses and pure muskiness mixed with davana. And this aura carries on for another additional few hours until it goes close to your skin where it dies down to an earthy note of vetiver. This attar just oozes sensuality and seductiveness. To me it is most certainly an winter evening scent due to its warm comforting nature.
10th December, 2011

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