Asrar Attar
    by Amouage

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    Asrar Attar is a unisex fragrance by Amouage.

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    Ireland Ireland

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    Very thick, sweet, and spicy in the first hour or so - almost overwhelmingly so. Orange blossom isn't listed anywhere in the notes, either here or on Fragrantica, but this is most definitely all about the orange blossoms. There's a harshness cutting through the sweetness, though, coming from the saffron and oud, which are presented here in their more medicinal aspects. But in general, the opening is like a big old sledgehammer to the nose - nothing subtle or nuanced about it. It's actually kind of pungent.

    After the first hour, the attar slowly loses most of its medicinal, syrupy intensity, and relaxes a bit. A big, jammy red rose rises up to meet the oud, and for a long while, Asrar takes on the more conventional feel of a rose and oud pairing. The best is yet to come though. In the drydown, the scent seems to do a 180 degree turn from where it started,and morphs into a smokey, woodsy affair with what feels like a vetiver-leather accord buried deep within the base. It's like someone tacked on the Tribute attar onto the end of Serge Luten's Fleur d'Oranger, with a detour to visit Black Aoud in the middle. I liked the masculine-leaning, leathery, smokey bit at the end very much. I just wouldn't be willing to wade through the syrupy start and uninspired middle every time to get there.

    26th August, 2014

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    Germany Germany

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    This one is really nice! The combination of orange blossom and rose smells very familiar and friendly, but the oud and the saffron give a medicinal edge to it. It's also very spicy, it almost feels "hot" in the nose! Absolutely unisex and in my humble opinion better than Homage or Tribute. The combination of warm top-notes and a mysterious, almost fierce base is totally stunning!

    18th February, 2012 (Last Edited: 27th February, 2012)

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    United States United States

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    Asrar attar by Amouage has notes of rose, saffron, orange blossom, musk and amber and is the most rare and magnificent fragrance in my collection. It shares a little something with APOM by MFK, but with several additional notes. Everything anyone could want in a feminine attar. If you come across it, have a sniff if you can! Two thumbs up!

    25th August, 2011

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    I went to the Amouage shop in the shopping mall in Muscat, Oman. I did not like any of the scents, and definitely not the "Gold"! However, I was in the mood to buy and the shop-keeper then showed me the attars as a final resort, in despair. Also these I did not like, until the very, very last: "Asrar Attar Amouage"; that makes an AAA!
    Wonderful and amazing!
    I bought the full 30 ml. bottle on the spot.
    The girl added a fortune's worth samples to my purchase.
    After I got back to Europe, I tried them in the more toned down environment of my own home. I then also quite liked Epic Woman and ordered a bottle with a friend who happened to be in Oman. I found Ubar too heavy for common purposes, and Lyric a little bit too acid and light.

    Asrar Attar --- Amouage
    -a rare scent, sweet and yet a little bit pungent through the massively overpowering effect of the saffron. Asrar is mainly a *saffron* scent. Thus, it has a slight reminiscence of a Tibetan temple, of Iranian saffrani chai (saffron tea) of the brand "Zanbagh". But, then, it is infinitely sweeter than a temple, it is sweet and warm like a warm warm bath, like a lovely embrace....
    one drop with the glass stick is enough for two ears and two wrists.....

    after rubbing it in the skin, smell it again. After a while, a new smell develops on my skin,
    like a slight reminiscence of Indian paan, the stuff they eat after dinner there, which lifts the scent up through it's zest from the mere warmy nicey lovely bath idea; the Indian paan-zest keeps it interesting and perky......

    and yet, you can come back easily to the warmth of the initial scent...

    04th December, 2010 (Last Edited: 06th December, 2010)

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