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Spice and Wood (2010)
by Creed


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Year of Launch2010
AvailabilityIn Production
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Parent CompanyCreed

About Spice and Wood

Spice and Wood is a masculine fragrance by Creed. The scent was launched in 2010

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Reviews of Spice and Wood

Wonderful opening that dries down within an hour to something that resembles Versace Man Eau Fraiche.

The opening of sweet and spicy wood notes is mature but not dated. Smells sophisticated and luxurious and completely masculine.

Seems most appropriate for work or formal events where you need to reinforce your confidence and respectability with others. Surely the man who wears this has everything in order.

Projection is acceptable and longevity lasts all work day.
27th June, 2017
I laughed out loud when I first got a whiff of this. It literally smells like some spicy wood! It's not really my style, but I can appreciate it for the quality. It's very masculine- almost too masculine- and is probably most ideal for formal suit and tie occasions. Similar to Aventus, sure, but I would say without the sex appeal and versatility. Glad I only got a small decant of this- that price tag is just... stupid!
21st March, 2017
After wearing this a few times I've gone from loving it to being disappointed. After the dry down it just turns into the same Creed base you smell in several of their other (and less expensive) fragrances.

It's not a bad fragrance so I'm giving it a neutral, but it definitely isn't with the price point they have it at.
16th March, 2017
Stardate 20161026:

This is one of the few Creeds that I like. It is a nice synthetic fragrance that has the Creed signature base (kinda like Aventus Base).
There is some spice but gets drowned in the synthetic fruit.
I would recommend it if you have the moolah.
26th October, 2016
chad888 Show all reviews
United Kingdom
Something about this reminds me of urine.

Imagine walking through a woods in the autumn, its chilly and you can smell the fir trees, you go for a wee against a tree and you ate cloves and pepper with your meal last night, the wee has that musky smell mixed with the soft aroma of the spices and the sharp acidic citrus like note. As the urine hits the tree it mixes with the woody smell of fir and oakmoss and the smell gently wafts up to your nose. It lasts for about 20 seconds until you pull your fly up and wander off, not noticable to anyone else except you because of your immediate vicinity.

Thats the smell of it, and thats how long it lasts.
19th October, 2016
Creed Spice and Wood is aptly named, as I get mainly clove, pepper, and (most notably) cedar out of it. It's not a heavy cedar in the vein of By Kilian Straight to Heaven, but rather a cedar that's welcome in by citrus and then acts as a soft counterweight to the spices in the mix. I don't detect some of the other notes in the mix, like patchouli, that are just playing second fiddle the main assortment.

Spice and Wood falls into the category of notes that are not exceptional in and of themselves but rather are part of a smooth blend. I don't get much in the way of projection or longevity for this, so it'd be a little lacking as a winter staple. And it certainly doesn't score high marks in terms of uniqueness. While it's not generic or cheap, it does feel familiar, much like Green Irish Tweed can. Frankly, it reminds me slightly of Banana Republic Black Walnut due a similar woody/citrus pairing, though Black Walnut relies on tobacco where Spice and Wood relies on cedar.

For me, Spice and Wood started out a like, not a love, so I assumed I'd probably not opt for the 30ml for $250 let alone 250ml for $745, but I eventually started to love it decided it was worthwhile and went full bottle after learning of an upcoming Creed price hike. It's ultimately easy to see why this is so popular---it's unassuming and classic, and a great blend.

8 out of 10
26th January, 2016 (last edited: 24th March, 2016)

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