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Spice and Wood (2010)
by Creed


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Year of Launch2010
AvailabilityIn Production
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PerfumerOlivier Creed
Parent CompanyCreed

About Spice and Wood

Spice and Wood is a masculine fragrance by Creed. The scent was launched in 2010 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Olivier Creed

Spice and Wood fragrance notes

Reviews of Spice and Wood

Spice and Wood opens on a peppery note of clean cedar that also reads as quite boozy to my nose, at least in the first few minutes. I have sometimes noticed that the combination of pepper (especially pink pepper) and cedar can produce a sort of boozy effect, because it’s something I’ve also picked up in Guerlain’s Spiritueuse Double Vanille and even Ambre Nuit by Dior Privee to a certain extent. Either way, it strikes a precarious balance between vinegar-pure alcohol and a deeper, sweeter booze note.

The booze note burns off quickly, leaving a clean, simple cedar note. On top of the cedar, I notice a fresh green apple note, and what I thought was something sharp like violet leaf – but it turns out that this is angelica. The overall impression is of a classic cologne, fresh and almost sporty, like Cool Water, over a warm cedar skeleton. It is pleasantly clean and natural smelling, basically one of those things you could throw on and know that you smell discreetly good.

But to me, it lacks any purpose beyond its overall pleasantness – it is not distinctive enough to make me want to pay for a full bottle of it, or even a decant, and it seems a bit too shapeless to hold up under scrutiny for a whole day’s wear. It is quite weak and short-lived, which strikes me as unfair when you consider the price.

On the other hand, its genial, undemanding woody loveliness does have a time and place. Perhaps if nobody had told me the price of this, I would have enjoyed my sample more. As it is, this is a good, discreet woods scent that would suit someone who has the money to pay for it and prefers, in general, the watery, natural-smelling colognes that Creed does so well. Me, I prefer heavier, less fresh stuff, and I am not really your average Creed customer anyway, so keep my prejudice in mind!
18th May, 2015
It smells like... spice and wood. Definitely a bit more rugged than most of the Creeds you've been seeing. It's good. Just not $500 good. Unless, of course, price is not a concern.

03rd February, 2015
divus5 Show all reviews
United States
(I tried this on my wrist from a tester at Bergdorfs in nyc)

I thought this scent was good, not that unique or tremendous though. It was pretty forgettable...and that is not what I want especially at this price point. It's not awful...its just not worth the money.
29th May, 2014
I own many outstanding niche fragrances and without a doubt, I would have to give this fragrance a perfect 10. Additionally, it is so versatile and easy to wear that I've named it my signature fragrance. I reach for this one more often than any other fragrance I own....Spice & Wood opens with a strong - eye opening- blast of woods and spiced apples that some say resembles cognac. I can somewhat see this correlation but this is not what comes to mind because it is so clean, I just don't get the alcoholic drink vibe. The patchouli and clove are barely noticeable and add a nice touch. The dry down is divine!!!! It reminds me of a brand new suede leather jacket. I find this fragrance to be an absolute masterpiece worthy of wearing for virtually any occasion (weddings, gym, picnics, etc...) and it gets me compliments whenever I wear it. I bought the flacon after owning a smaller Creed atomizer filled with it and I've noticed a difference. With the atomizer, I needed to spray it approximately 6-7 times to get the performance I was seeking but with the flacon, the projection is monstrous and 2 sprays to the neck/and 1 spray to each wrist is suffice for the day. With any Creed, you will notice that if you go light on the trigger, it will effect the performance. My advice is to spray this fragrance generously and you will have no issues with performance.
24th May, 2014
bFlay Show all reviews
United States
Ahh...Spice and Wood by Creed. Fairly nice fragrance with all the notes I should love. However, this is EXPENSIVE and just doesn't deliver for its' price point. Opens with a hard liquor smell of whiskey, gin, or any cheap hard liquor from the "bottom shelf" really. This does subside a little after 15 minutes and an apple/iris quality comes through. This presents as musty in my opinion because of that lingering sour alcohol. I find an all too fleeting clove note in the middle that seems to overpower the rest of the notes and almost presents as pure clove oil rather than cologne. Lasts 5-6 hours before breaking down to a musty, watery generic wood fragrance. Overall, it is disappointing. I admit my opinion is influenced by the price. If i'm paying premium prices, I want flawless. This isn't it.
11th March, 2014
Is this Creed's response to Tom ford's Bois Marocain?
If it is, than Creed did a great job, it improved on Bois Marocain by creating a more wearable, more sophisticated and a lot smoother fragrance than Tom Ford's.
Specially in the opening, Bois Marocain is piercing sharp, to the point of been somewhat annoying with its strong pencil shavings note, while Spice and Wood is smooth as silk.
The heart and drydown are very similar but I would prefer S&W over BM anytime.
Both are blatant copies of the brilliant J. Casanova EdT that unfortunately was discontinued, but neither reach the greatness of J. Casanova, although for those lamenting the disappearance of that beauty can replace it with either S&W or BM.
BM is more outdoorsy and young, while S&W is more intimate and mature. Sillage of BM is nuclear while S&W is closer to the skin, but still pretty decent. Both of them last for hours.
02nd February, 2014

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