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Spice and Wood (2010)
by Creed


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Year of Launch2010
AvailabilityIn Production
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Parent CompanyCreed

About Spice and Wood

Spice and Wood is a masculine fragrance by Creed. The scent was launched in 2010

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Reviews of Spice and Wood

Creed Spice and Wood is aptly named, as I get mainly clove, pepper, and (most notably) cedar out of it. It's not a heavy cedar in the vein of By Kilian Straight to Heaven, but rather a cedar that's welcome in by citrus and then acts as a soft counterweight to the spices in the mix. I don't detect some of the other notes in the mix, like patchouli, that are just playing second fiddle the main assortment.

Spice and Wood falls into the category of notes that are not exceptional in and of themselves but rather are part of a smooth blend. I don't get much in the way of projection or longevity for this, so it'd be a little lacking as a winter staple. And it certainly doesn't score high marks in terms of uniqueness. While it's not generic or cheap, it does feel familiar, much like Green Irish Tweed can. Frankly, it reminds me slightly of Banana Republic Black Walnut due a similar woody/citrus pairing, though Black Walnut relies on tobacco where Spice and Wood relies on cedar.

For me, Spice and Wood started out a like, not a love, so I assumed I'd probably not opt for the 30ml for $250 let alone 250ml for $745, but I eventually started to love it decided it was worthwhile and went full bottle after learning of an upcoming Creed price hike. It's ultimately easy to see why this is so popular---it's unassuming and classic, and a great blend.

8 out of 10
26th January, 2016 (last edited: 24th March, 2016)
Creed Spice and Wood is a must have scent in my collection. The price is too high as others have said, and I would like to see this fragrance available in the standard Creed formats of 2.5 oz. and 4oz. to make it more affordable. I took the plunge and purchased the 8.4oz. spray decanter, and this scent is very pleasing to my nose. It smells like cedar wood and pepper to me and I love the combination. I know there are other things going on, like the clove and the birch wood as well, but the cedar and pepper hang in pretty well throughout for me. I wore it last week and put my coat on today and could still smell it...what a great scent! I love having this in my rotation. A true classic as far as I'm concerned.
07th January, 2016 (last edited: 11th January, 2016)
Upon initial spray it thought it smelled similar to Lalique White. After 5 minutes it went in a different direction (even though I like Lalique White). Basically like the name says...Spice and Woods. Nice fragrance? Yes. Worth the price tag? No. Have a nice sized decant to hold me down. 7.5/10
11th December, 2015
A pleasant, genteel scent that offends nobody, from its soft apple and iris-inflected bergamot tops right down to the faintly minty(?) woodsy-musky drydown.

Spice and Wood? Make that "Nice one, Dude." I rather like it but the price ain't good.
20th November, 2015
Joe C Show all reviews
United Kingdom
A decent outing by Creed, bringing to mind a cheery english wood with the scent of birch sap in the air and a nearby apple orchard.

Well composed spices (primarily cloves and pepper) enhanced with a strident dose of Iso E Super bring to mind hot mulled cider, occasionally threatening to resemble the inside of vintage McDonalds apple pies.

Slightly let down by longevity and disassembly into the dusty fuzz of bare Iso E. A touch of oak moss in the base would have worked wonders here.

Still, give me this over the aggressively chemical Green Irish Tweed any day.
12th October, 2015
S&W is a one of the most masculine of the Creed line and a really excellent fragrance. Yes, the price is a big issue for most, but I'd gladly purchase a decant, as I think this is great Creed trademark fragrance.

S&W strikes me as a more mature Creed effort, and I would place it alongside Tabarome and Bois du Portugal in terms of whom it would appeal to. It's old school classy, gentlemanly, versatile and easy to wear. Reminds of my grandfather's cedar lined wardrobe, with hints of his various aftershaves and balms from the 20's and 30's. It's almost a hollow wood spice scent, that has a very fresh element to it. I truly like it and give this a definite Thumbs Up.
17th September, 2015

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