Baie Rose 26 (2010)
    by Le Labo

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    Baie Rose 26 Fragrance notes

    Ambrox, Clove, Pepper, Rose, Bay rose, Musk, Ambrette, Cedar, Aldehydes

    Baie Rose 26 information

    Baie Rose 26 is a women's fragrance by Le Labo. The scent was launched in 2010

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    The opening with its well balanced mixture of a fairly restrained rose and a light pepper with clove is quite an inspiration and very delightful. After the first hours aldehyde becomes more obvious. On the base I mainly get a very nice cedar and a white musk and a touch of ambrox. The projection and silage are good for the first five hours, but then this scent is very close to my skin, with an overall longevity of eight hours. The opening is the best part, but overall a nice creation. Spring beckons.

    29th January, 2014

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    Brazil Brazil

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    It's quite surprising for me that few reviews online mentions the aldehidic touch on this perfume. I see mentions to ambroxan, but couldn't smell it on me, but i can get the connection with Rose 31, maybe due to the type of rose chosen, more spicy, musky and dry. This more masculine side of rose is combined with a cedar which is woody and incensy at the same time. But for me the fun and grace of Baie Rose relies on the opening. I like the illusion it plays at you: it's aldehydes, incense, spice or rose? It's all of them at the same time, and the elements seems to get along so well that you don't see it going from the classic and bright aldehyde aroma to the sweet spicy pepper to the rose/musk pair to the cedar/incense touch. It's quite expensive and i hate it's not more readily available, so i'm glad that i could get a decant of it.

    04th January, 2014

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    Croatia Croatia

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    After anorexic Rose 31 here we have some real roses....this is one beautiful rose soliflore scent, with touch of clove note that gives some retro kick at the begining, the spiced sweetnes mixed with rose petals and some bulgarian rose....makes it very interesting combination, simple yet not banal

    when it settles down it goes linear.....and reminds me of diorissimo, it has the same kind of atmospehere that brings spring into my mind, its relaxed, airy, and fresh.....not suffocating.....

    in the late drydown gets a little bit clean musky detergentlike, but the opening is fabulous, nice idea to combine rose and clove

    12th May, 2013

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    United States United States

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    Baie Rose 26 by Le Labo - Upon application, one is treated to an exquisite, fully-bloomed, red rose wafting on a cloud of pimento berries, with their pungent, spicy aspects, and pink pepper, with its fruity and tart facets. The beautiful rose drifts to the waiting middle. Here, in the enchanting heart, sharp and woody pepper along with spicy and slightly sweet clove ensnare the lovely rose which is lifted by the majical aldehydes to an awe-inspiring resplendence. This sensuous melange meanders to the awaiting base. The vulnerable rose is subsumed by the dry woodiness of cedar and the smooth, creamy, woody ambrox, which are joined by a sweetly vanillic and floral musk to transition to the alluring drydown. This bewitching composition has average projection and excellent longevity. Albeit this is a wondrous fragrance, I am not quite sure it justifies the exorbitant price; nonetheless, quality-wise, I must yield to the "Thumbs Up" rating apart from the quality to price ratio.

    21st December, 2011

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    Canada Canada

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    I must say! EXCELLENT PERFORMANCE! It is VERY potent and lasts ages!

    What I get in the opening is a nice pepper paired with rose and - i am assuming - some carnation. I also get clove - i don't know if everyone will pick up on it.. but when i got warm, i could smell cloves.
    In the middle there is a beautiful ambrox that perfectly balances out the femininity of the florals while giving it a velvety texture.
    There is also a nice musky, ambrox dry down that still hints at the rose. Damn! This stuff is one hell of a ROSE!

    I also like the way they played on the name (pink peppercorn) and used a really potent rose note.

    Now… is this for me? not really. But; nonetheless, a fantastic work of art.

    16th October, 2011

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    United States United States

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    Ok, this scent is a true masterpiece in my opinion and getting a hold of a bottle was not an easy thing to do for, but I am glad that I'm a proud owner of this fragrance at last. Baie Rose translates into Pink Peppercorn as somebody else already mentioned in an earlier review and what I get out of this fragrance is an amazing combination of pimento mixed with rose damascus (absolute), musks, and ambrox. Now Ambrox is the note that gives this fragrance a true beauty. so sexy, so complex and so appealing.

    28th July, 2011

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