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Love, Chloé (2010)
by Chloé


Love, Chloé information

Year of Launch2010
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

PerfumerLouise Turner
PerfumerNathalie Gracia-Cetto
Parent CompanyBenckiser > Coty Inc > Coty Prestige

About Love, Chloé

Love, Chloé is a feminine perfume by Chloé. The scent was launched in 2010 and the fragrance was created by perfumers Nathalie Gracia-Cetto and Louise Turner

Love, Chloé fragrance notes

Reviews of Love, Chloé

At first the scent reminded me of Bulgari pour Femme, which I used to like but ended up finding it too powdery and overwhelming and gave my bottle away some years ago. I can't really pick out any individual floral notes from Love, Chloé. It seems it's not just about iris but an overall impression of the smell of cosmetics. These notes might work in creating a feminine aura for someone who enjoys wearing makeup.

Later I noticed that the scent had remained in my gloves and I found it quite pleasant in them. It seems more suitable for leather items than my skin.
12th February, 2013
Tried this today for the first time and it's absolutely divine on my skin, so although I'd vowed that I wouldn't buy any more perfumes because they all resemble one I already have, I HAD to buy this. It slightly resembles my bottle of Guerlain Insolence, but only so far as the powdery notes and a hint of iris. Otherwise, this is creamy and delicious, very feminine and quite romantic and daydreamy, whilst being sophisticated and sexy. I think it's absoloutely gorgeous overall.

I noticed a slight hint of something that reminds me of pear in it though, which fits it really nicely, but I'm not sure what note exactly is making me feel that. Oh well, in love with this, definitely a new favourite, and could quite possibly be my new signature!
07th November, 2012
It may sound weird but I really like the 'Love, Chloé' Body Lotion - whereas the EdP itself is much too strong and headachy for me.
Warm (I smell a touch of cinnamon), old-fashioned in a mignonne way, this scent embodies perfectly the notion of the word "Boudoir" - you feel like wrapped in a sweet, velvety, nostalgic talcum powder (which I would never use).
25th May, 2012
I read all these reviews prior to testing Love by Chloe, so the strong baby powder note did not take me by surprise nor did it revolt me.

What I did not like about this fragrance was its strong, almost sharp, powdery presence. The brand Chloe is really not for me. I didn't like the new Chloe and its flankers, nor did I enjoy this.

It smells like babies and strong floral-scented soap. In small quantities this could be nice, but it seems to be too much of everything. Just smelling this now is giving me a headache and I rarely get headaches from perfume.

I loved the bottle, with its classic simplicity, and while the scent does match it with its classic appeal, I feel that this is just way too overpowering. Love by Chloe tries so hard to make a statement when I really don't think it needs to.

All those floral notes when blended with the pink pepper makes the scent rather astringent. They were aiming for a clean, pretty and feminine floral, yet what I get is a sharp floral with air-freshner undertones.

So the sillage is obviously a monster, and the longevity is also quite big. Just a tad too cloying in my humble opinion.
14th April, 2012
Definitely thumbs up for me. Love, Chloe is an example of how one's body chemistry makes all the difference. On me, at first it's very strong, but within seconds dries down to a very warm, soft and sexy fragrance. My boyfriend loves it. However, one doesn't need to use too much. Two sprays will do fine and I mean light sprays. Very much worth the money for who never can get fragrances to last.

01st April, 2012
Love, Chloe to me is the most memorable fragrance I have ever smelled or worn. It captivated me the moment I first smelled it, it is unlike any other,a very unusual, absolutely mesmerizing fragrance and to me probably the most unique scent as well.
It definitely contains vintage accords, notes most would not use today which contributes to its uniqueness but it is somewhat of a modern take on a vintage perfume, with awesome sillage and lasting power but without a headachy heaviness. Complexity, femininity, yet wearability all in one.
I can easily picture someone like Marilyn Monroe wearing a fragrance like this, a sultry sexy woman but with lots of class and elegance. In fact, in my opinion the ad does not do it any justice but that is what I often find to be the case. The ad only captures the elegance and femininity side of this beautiful fragrance but without the unique sultriness I find just as important in it and without the vintage nuances of the fragrance.
It is a very characteristic scent which people would notice on you and compliment on. In fact, it is the fragrance I have gotten the most compliments on both from men and women alike and it has started a Love, Chloe craze at work. I do wear it for work too on occasion but still I think this is more of an evening or special occassion scent, one you would dress up for and not to be worn with jeans and one you would want to wear when you want someone to notice and remember you. Of course this is in part due to its uber feminine character.
As many great fragrances, it is one that will divide people, some will love it and some will hate it but it will not leave anyone indifferent. The clean notes, which some would call old lady (and BTW, noone has ever made that comment when smelling this on me and I do not personally get it either) the soap or powder in it in my opinion provides great contrast which makes the fragrance perfectly balanced, you cannot distinguish any note separately, maybe a little bit of the florals (rose especially) but it is perfectly contrasted or otherwise we would only have one of the gazillion boring florals. The Hyacinth and heliotrope give its unusual very feminine and sexy floral character and the orange blossom and pepper make it more modern. The rice and peru balsam contribute greatly to the depth and special character of this fragrance.
The woman I see wearing this is a very feminine, classy,confident but yet sexy woman, who dares to stand out from the crowd and is aware of her own attractiveness. It is an ode to femininity and to be one of the very best ever created. I kept going back to this and I will never be without a 50 ml bottle of this fragrance as when during any season I need to feel like a woman, I can spray my Love, Chloe which would make me feel more attractive, more sexy and more feminine.

14th December, 2011 (last edited: 03rd January, 2012)

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