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Sandalo Indiano is a masculine fragrance by I Profumi di Firenze.

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This classic aromatic/oriental creation performs as an extremely restrained soapy amber (more than vaguely a la Penhaligon's Hammam Bouquet) on my skin. Austere, vaguely translucent but basically adumbral and impeccable (in a mossy shadowy way) Sandalo Indiano by I Profumi di Firenze strikes me for its almost immediate cedary/ambery/floral soapiness. Floral notes are in here hyper neutral, "Victorian" and soapy. The juice, with its somewhat misleading name, revolves around a central accord of dusty burnt woods, soapy/barber-shop geranium, fresh lavender and mossy/balmy-soapy amber. There is a touch of final hyper dry powder in the general gentlemanly (old-school/poudre in style) grey soapiness. Dry woods provide a shadowy grey ashy restraint. I'm surely surprised by this fragrance in terms of quality and straightforward (ultra-conservative) taste. I was expecting an intense floral-oriental with a dominant (pungent or spicy) sandalwood's exotic aura while on the contrary I feel on skin something kind of soapy-incensey with hardly discernible floral elements and a general austere resinous (toiletries like) soapiness. You can get mostly a sort of moody (vaguely arid/cinereal/ashy) amber supported by almost bom-fire in structure woods, fresh oakmoss and a touch of herbal-medicinal feel (with a typical apothecarian vibe). I find this fragrance quite interesting and extremely assertive, its dominant soapiness is almost holy, impenetrable and saturnine. It's weird that, apart in the opening (during which I'm able to catch a touch of soapy/barber-shop geranium, hints of hesperides and aromatic herbs), I'm hardly able to distinguish specific notes (like the listed vetiver, patchouli or further), I just get balmy/soapy amber supported by oakmoss and neutral floral notes, not a lot more. I catch a sort of mature oriental mood, kind of waxy, balmy, steamy, aromatic baths-conjuring and vaguely organic. In its complex I find this fragrance amazing, an extremely refined work of hyper measured balance and class, a mature fragrance for British Lords probably inspired by the atmosphere of Turkish Baths, exclusive clubs, powdered resins, burning aromatic candels, ancient hammam rooms and refined wooden barber-shops. Another excellent creation exalting the Scuola Profumiera Fiorentina. Close to skin the aroma (unfortunately not really durable on my skin).
15th December, 2015

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