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Balkis is a shared / unisex perfume by Al Rehab.

Reviews of Balkis

Had to give this one a few wearings to get to know it. At first it just felt 'loud', and I couldn't discern any particular notes, but it softened down after the first hour. Then, on the second day of wearing, the sun came out! (Not literally - it poured down all day). It was still fairly loud, and all the florals were jostling for position, but they gradually organised themselves. The tuberose was there, prickling the hairs in my nose, that's how it always affects me, and I also amp tuberose, so I may be getting way more than there is. About 45 minutes in, it starts to morph into the softest, most beautiful powdery heaven imaginable! I am amazed that it can change character so completely.
I am in love with it, my husband loved it, and I even put a quick swipe of oil on both wrists about 30 minutes before bed - I love to have a gentle waft of perfume to lull me off to sleep, and this works like a dream. I can still smell it faintly on my wrists this morning at 11 am, so it's lasted 13 hours up till now.
27th January, 2016
Good grief!

This is my first experience with Al Rehab oils, and potent doesn't even begin to describe the concentration and sillage of this thing - it's kind of punishing. I literally opened the bottle, touched my finger to the rollerball, and the whole house smelled of Balkis. I thought some Black Phoenix and Tom Ford scents were strong, but this? Yikes!

I do like the scent, though. I used to wear Todd Oldham in the 90s, and Balkis smells EXACTLY how I remember that one - a combination of cedar-y pencil smell, benzoin, spices, a yellow floral something like ylang, and some seriously sweet lactonic peach, and maybe pineapple. It's more of a dried fruit or stewed fruit than fresh.

My favorite phase of Balkis is the far drydown, where the spices come more to the fore, and the fruit and flowers have receded some. At this point it's more headshop incense-like, and less like an 80s/90s power floral or floriental. Actually, if I didn't have my experience with the more obscure Told Oldham scent, my closest reference for the first few hours of Balkis would be Amarige. It's not that the notes are the same, but there's a particular way the big fruit and big floral and big spice combine that's really similar in style.

It's all kind of shocking to me - the enormous sillage, and how a scent I'd smell on someone else and would think was department store, if not niche, can cost less than $5 for (what to me is) a lifetime's supply. I'm now really curious to try a few of the others from Al Rehab!

31st October, 2014
Just applied it a few minutes ago. Like what i am smelling so far: i smell figs or dates or some kind of sweetish fruit that i like very much. Maybe roses and vanilla. I love it so far. My nose is stopped up and I am not familiar yet with allot of notes in perfumes but i know what i like and what i don't like. I am feeling very good about this one. Smells very "rich" to me for lack of a better term. Maybe i am picking up a powdery note in it to...I guess i like that note. and something maybe herbaceous and spicy.
28th July, 2014
Heavy floral. I cant smell any particular note. Anyway, that's heavy and sweet, a different take on western florals. For me is unisex, but smells better on a woman. Worth it.
23rd November, 2012

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