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Silver is a shared / unisex perfume by Al Rehab.

Reviews of Silver

Being curious about SMW, I gave this a go because of its low cost.

Have not tried SMW therefore I cannot attest to the similarity between the two. I can say that I personally find this scent just horrendous. It gives me a headache within minutes, really strongly smells of wholesale cleaning chemicals, something about this reminds me of schools... perhaps those yellow and blue urinal cakes.

...Just shocked by the positive reviews having now tried this.
15th November, 2016
I don't like this.. Smells too feminine and floral.. Like the smell of petals mixed with metal. I can't argue with the price tho it was worth a gamble but it's not for me. If silver mountain water smells like this then I won't like that either lol.
17th June, 2016
i fisrt used the roll on(6ml) it was good but had to apply very consciouslly.too much and you get a headache too less and it disappears.but liked it so went for the 35ml EDP.It is nothing like the roll on ,infact it smells soury.It smells bad, am i being paranoid.Both roll on and EDP are tottaly different.guys help me out,has someone else has this same experience or i am paranoid.thinking of throwing the EDP
08th March, 2016
jspo Show all reviews
United States
I was expecting a similar version of SMW or RW from the spray version of Silver, but that is not the case. Now, I have had samples of SMW and RW and this is neither, this is prefume, women's perfume with a strong like rose and other floral notes. Just too way over the top IMO for a male to pull off. I WANTED to like this, really did, and so what did I lose? Well, 10 bucks incl shipping, which could have been used to buy a sample of SMW. Sorry, just waay too sweet. At best, it could be a Creed version of SMW for women.
01st June, 2015
no need actually to compare with SMW , this one is so cheap at price but very nice indeed.
07th May, 2015
Danksy Show all reviews
United Kingdom
Blind bought this one after hearing a lot of love being directed at this fragrance.

As much as I had wanted to like Al-Rehab Silver as others evidently do it simply didn't work for me, maybe it's my chemistry but Silver is way too sweet/floral on me and triggered thoughts of several cleaning products. This is not altogether bad as I quite like the smell of those I use but I don't particularly want to smell like a cleaning product when I'm out and about. On the positive side if you like this stuff it has tremendous tenacity, above average sillage and projection but to my nose it is somewhat cloying and overly saturated (even with modest application). I didn't get to anything that I felt was an acceptable volume until almost two hours after application and even then I still couldn't find anything in the experience that made me feel I would want to wear it again. A little damning I know but this is just how I feel, others obviously feel very differently and I acknowledge that I am most definitely swimming against the tide here . . .

Out of curiosity and in the interest of referencing my own findings I gave unmarked decants to a number of friends (two female and three male) and invited their candid feedback, I received one marginal thumbs up and four unequivocal negative responses.

So, with my own opinion factored in, this result surprisingly reveals that five out of the six noses (at least among my sample group) didn't respond positively to sampling Al-Rehab Silver. I admit that this is hardly a definitive result but nevertheless it is food for thought.

At 4.50 (GB pounds) or thereabouts for 30ml this could hardly be described as a high risk blind buy in monetary terms but it's still a loss if you don't like it . . . or conversely, a fantastic bargain if you do !
21st April, 2015 (last edited: 23rd April, 2015)

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