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Silver is a shared / unisex perfume by Al Rehab.

Reviews of Silver

I don't like SMW, the metallic is grating. This is no better.
16th July, 2017
Sillage is pretty strong longevity for me is about 5-7 hours if I'm well moisturized. The scent is linear and doesn't change much and definitely can get cloying. For those who don't know this is a fresh/clean scent with a pear top note. It's different, but not special. For $6.99 for 1.7 oz on amazon I'd say it's a semi-safe blind buy; you'll either like it or meh it like I did. Don't know how anyone could hate this scent, but isn't the differences of humanity beautiful? Or is it? I used the EDP spray not the roll on like some of the reviewers.
08th March, 2017
del Show all reviews
United States
Silver by Al Rehab is known as the closest clone to Silver Mountain Water, my favorite Creed. So I bought the 35ml spray first, then the roll-on. Read ahead to find out why I purchased one after the other...

...The spray was headache-inducing and almost made me throw up. Too sharp; too metallic; and it smelled cheap. I had to give it away. The redeeming point was the oil roll-on, which somehow resembles SMW. Hence, the neutral rating. However, I wouldn’t call even call it a substitute or a replacement to the latter.

In closing, I’d say skip Silver. Comparing it to SMW is an insult to the latter. Save your money and get a decant/split of the real thing. The differences in quality and overall scent are very significant.
29th December, 2016
phammy Show all reviews
United Kingdom
Being curious about SMW, I gave this a go because of its low cost.

Have not tried SMW therefore I cannot attest to the similarity between the two. I can say that I personally find this scent just horrendous. It gives me a headache within minutes, really strongly smells of wholesale cleaning chemicals, something about this reminds me of schools... perhaps those yellow and blue urinal cakes.

...Just shocked by the positive reviews having now tried this.
15th November, 2016
I don't like this.. Smells too feminine and floral.. Like the smell of petals mixed with metal. I can't argue with the price tho it was worth a gamble but it's not for me. If silver mountain water smells like this then I won't like that either lol.
17th June, 2016
i fisrt used the roll on(6ml) it was good but had to apply very consciouslly.too much and you get a headache too less and it disappears.but liked it so went for the 35ml EDP.It is nothing like the roll on ,infact it smells soury.It smells bad, am i being paranoid.Both roll on and EDP are tottaly different.guys help me out,has someone else has this same experience or i am paranoid.thinking of throwing the EDP
08th March, 2016

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