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    I have not tried the Creed this is supposedly based on.

    Very citrusy and watery, very fresh and oh so strong (it irritates my eyes), as with most oils perfumes to me, it has an oily facet. So, oily and fresh...not very appealing, synthetic citrus on skin that needs a shower.

    Anyone who says that this isn't actually much less expensive than Silver Mountain Water needs to take a lesson in rudimentary math. It costs peanuts.

    22 February, 2014 (Last Edited: 26 February, 2014)

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    Apparently similar to Silver Mountain Water by Creed but have yet to try that so can't comment. A clean soft citrusy musk, slightly metallic with maybe some tea notes thrown in

    02 May, 2013

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    I can't not give this a thumbs up, and I can't not make the inevitable comparison to Creed Silver Mountain Water. It seems fairly apparent to me that this was intended as a budget clone of the lovely but vastly overpriced juice that Creed churn out.

    Longevity and projection are admirable, the scent, while more synthetic than SMW, is lovely and vibrant and for just over 3.00 for 30ml at EDP concentration, you simply cannot go wrong.

    Buy it blind and buy it now!

    28 April, 2013

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    Amazing discovery! Definetely a must have for fresh/citric lovers. Spicy and cheap, it's really close to SMW - Silver is almost the same fragrance, but twenty times cheaper. Thumbs up for this big deal.

    24 November, 2012

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    I am possibly,being harsh giving this a neutral review,as it is not unpleasant.And,I am female, this a male scent? Either way,I find it quite refreshing, and rare on me,that it gets better,the longer I wear it.It starts out a tiny bit..harsh,citrussy,and "cologne-y" ( I know what I mean by any generic Male Aftershave of some kind) but soon calms down to a much more warm and friendly sentiment,I find it gets more comforting and a lot less demanding, faintly tea-like and more floral, cork, I assume that's the oud coming through, as time goes on, as other reviewers have previously noted ( Tea! Yes,that's it,thank you!!) I haven't heard of,or tried Creed or the other one,so I can't compare any notes..So,no thumbs down,hi-ho Silver..

    28 October, 2012

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    I'm wearing this side by side with Creed's SMW and it smells very similar - differences being the SMW smells fruitier, rounder, less sharply citrussy, and MUCH higher quality. But they are close, with Silver having an approximation of that peachy citrus/floral smelling mint and blackcurrant leaf vibe that SMW has.

    This is definately a summer scent, and with the florals it is also very girly and unisex. If you like CK One you would like this. Projection is decent on this scent. But I must stress, this is very feminine juice and definitely not for everyone, this is for drinking a beer by the beach, not wearing a suit in the boardroom.

    Edit: Wore this a bit longer and quickly came to dislike it's loud fakeness. Whilst this does smell like SMW, its not a smell that I can live with any longer, Silver is just too loud and fake.

    18 October, 2012 (Last Edited: 20th February, 2014)

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