Katana (2010)
    by Atelier Flou

    Katana Fragrance notes

    Attars of cypress, Coriander of Russia, Cardamom

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    Wow!Wow! Wow!

    And how opinions differ...

    This magnificent perfume could be re-titled, "Fantasia on a Theme by Jean-François Latty", the (obscure) nose who created YSL's (original) late-80s gorgeous 'masculine', "Jazz".

    Indeed, I remember the impressive impact of first smelling this in Roja Dove’s glittery Harrods’ emporium a few years ago and thinking that if you strip away the complexity of the opening of "Jazz" and go straight for the heart of the matter, then "Katana" presents as a big, bold, warm, almost-creamy, animalic-leather, fougere. However, “Katana” is difficult to classify as it also shifts towards ‘woody, floral, musk’ territory and, add a twist of silver frankincense, would not be out of place if released by the House of Amouage - and I do not say this lightly.

    "Katana" reminds me slightly of Amouage's, "Epic, Man", though less ebullient and without the oud and incense, together with aspects of Azzaro's wonderful, underrated, "Acteur" - another late-80s treasure.

    "Katana" has formidable projection; tremendous silage and verges towards something 'green' though never quite gets there, instead scattering scintillating metallic notes like yuletide tinsel around the tree: a characteristic that defined another seminal YSL masterpiece, the original (women's) "Rive Gauche".

    "Katana" is stunning, and despite my references, it is somehow original - perhaps even a sort-of post-post-modern masterpiece - and I would place "Katana" in a 5-star box of its own if using the Luca Turin-Tania Sanchez classification system.

    For the record: my vintage is in a black-painted bottle and I remain indebted to my friend “T” for introducing me to this gem back in Roja’s fascinating, top-floor, mirrored, ‘black room’, as my collection would possess a significant lacuna in the absence of “Katana”.

    14 January, 2013

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    Spain Spain

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    Rare light species. Nothing more.
    It's light and don't project but lasts about 8h+ close to the skin.
    For me, smelly and it's not powerfull.

    03 November, 2012

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