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Papyrus de Ciane (2010)
by Parfumerie Generale


Papyrus de Ciane information

Year of Launch2010
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
Average Rating
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People and companies

HouseParfumerie Generale
PerfumerPierre Guillaume
Parent CompanyPierre Guillaume Diffusion

About Papyrus de Ciane

Papyrus de Ciane is a shared / unisex perfume by Parfumerie Generale. The scent was launched in 2010 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Pierre Guillaume

Papyrus de Ciane fragrance notes

Reviews of Papyrus de Ciane

Beautiful green morning fragrance ideal for summer holidays & beach wear.

There is a prominent bitterish note of lentisque that I love...

Longevity is average for a summer fragrance that invites to be re-sprayed often.

Thumbs up!
16th February, 2019
A very green fragrance, but not only green. The inclusion of lavender and moss hints at the fougere genre; but (thanks to the galbanum?) it is perhaps the least sharp-edged fougere-type you will find; certainly at the end of some kind of continuum. As other reviewers have noted, there is something reflective and dream-like going on here; some kind of Alice in Wonderland vibe. More masculine than feminine, perhaps, but hinting at the homoerotic in a way more redolent of the "hidden-in-plain-sight" Victorian style characteristic of Oscar Wilde, rather than the bearded lumberjack genre of something like Tom Of Finland. PdC was a good companion to a hot day. From a sample, projection was average and longevity other than as a skin scent the same; but I posit that better performance would be attained from the sprayer in a full-sized bottle. I would wear this again. Straddling the green and fougere genres in an interesting way, it is recommended.
18th July, 2017
A very bitter opening for a very green scent. A mix of everything green that slowly fades away into something soapy. Not bad. Not good. More on the masculine side.
13th April, 2017
A perfume curio that juxtaposes a volley of greens (bitter galbanum, astringent moss, other herbal accents) and not-quite-greens (sweetish hay tones) against feathery jasmine-like florals and lavender soap. One of those ‘shouldn’t really work but it does’ combinations that pulls off a bracing verdant freshness softened by soapy comfort. It’s one of those perfumes that doesn’t reward paying too much close attention to (the notes duck and bob a bit too much for that); just wear it and your step will be lighter and your day a little brighter.
06th February, 2017

Definitively green in opening – a unabashed galbanum joined with fresh-cut grass which is, in turn, broadened with broom and moss… Freshly present… alkaline… even bitter. The soft undertone of sweet straw from the broom is one of the several tiny elements that make for a balance of the bitter sharpness of the galbanum… totally, viscerally, organically green. The heart refines the opening’s natural green a bit with a touch of lily of the valley and lavender. The main reason I found the lavender is that I had looked for it… I might not have noticed it because the lavender and the lily of the valley shadow the green accords so subtly. With the base, the bitter/civilized green of the heart enters into the ethereal territory with incense, vetiver, white musk, and an excellent moss.

I agree with Way Off Scenter that the nature of this fragrance is ascetic, pensive, and cerebral. I like that in a fragrance, and I find that this fragrance performs extremely well on my skin. I actually wasn’t looking for another green, but I’m pretty sure Papyrus de Ciane will end up alongside of Eau de Campagne, Calamus, and Yerbamate on my fragrance shelf.
17th February, 2015
Genre: Green

Parfumerie Générale is an inconsistent line. Some of Pierre Guillaume’s compositions seem oddly unformed, yet others, including Aomassaï, Jardins de Kérylos, Felanilla, and Intrigant Pachouli, rank with the best of breed in their particular styles. (Gourmand oriental, fig, vanilla, and animalic patchouli, respectively.) I’d rank Papyrus de Ciane among the successes, though I’m not entirely sure what breed it would exhibit with.

Papyrus de Ciane possesses some of the most bracingly bitter green top notes I’ve smelled – fully equal to Vent Vert, Eau de Campagne and Bandit. Those top notes set the mood for an unyieldingly stark and severe composition that never once betrays an ounce of sweetness. The miracle is that Guillaume manages to evade the unpleasant harshness of texture that threatens to envelop the composition at every turn.

I believe his success hinges in part on an innovative approach to tuberose, a note that provides the olfactory scaffolding at Papyrus de Ciane’s core. Shorn of all its fleshy, indolic qualities, Guillaume’s tuberose is crisp and soapy, rather than lush and sensuous. Nevertheless, it retains an essential floral softness that buffers the sharp edges on the scent’s green and woody elements. The balance on display here must have been difficult to achieve. On paper, Papyrus de Ciane is bitter to the point of abrasiveness. On skin, the warm labdanum and clean musk base notes bolster the tuberose and neroli in the heart just sufficiently to offset the craggy demeanor of the frankincense and galbanum.

Even so, Papyrus de Ciane is by no stretch of the imagination a comfortable or friendly scent. Instead, its mood is ascetic, pensive, and cerebral. It shares with some of Bertrand Duchaufour’s best scents – I’m thinking of Dzongkha, Avignon, and Paestum Rose – a power to transport, but it not pretty in any conventional sense. Its severity and reserved character may limit its appeal, but Papyrus de Ciane should find friends among those who appreciate fragrances of a contemplative cast.
23rd June, 2014

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