Rose The One (2009)
    by Dolce & Gabbana

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    Oh my goodness this is my favorite scent of all time!

    It smells of sweet roses mixed with pink grapefruit. I spray it in the air and walk under it to just get a subtle scent that lasts all day.

    Sometimes I put on coconut lotion and spray this on. I have gotten many compliments.

    It is very strong and I only put it on full strength at night time.

    It is a very romantic smell.

    26 December, 2012

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    Australia Australia

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    I actually prefer this to the original and find the smell comforting. In my opinion, Rose the One is another expertly crafted and high quality perfume from Dolce & Gabbana. The rose is there, but it is attractively understated and creatively flanked by the tartness of the fruits (probably the grapefruit mostly). This is all softened and sweetened by the other flowers and the musk and vanilla.

    Along with the new D&G Pour Femme and the original ladiesí D&G from twenty years ago, this scent to me demonstrates an absolute synthesis and perfection of form which can only be obtained by a perfumer who has dedicated much time and thought into creating something of great beauty and feminine dignity.

    30th November, 2012

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    Kenya Kenya

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    Watery sweet fruity floral at first spray. Does not open very originally. Rose comes through. Very watery, and although I could see myself wearing this (at least if it stays like this), after having tried Les Parfums de Rosine's take on the rose, I feel I have grown out of synthetic florals like this. It develops beautifully; some citrus and another soft white flower and juicy fruit stay in the background. Very modern, a little cold - nice for a wedding or a spring occasion where you want to smell lovely and not overpowering. This is just not for me; I suspect this will appeal to people new to perfume, or department store fruity floral perfume lovers. The heart develops into purely soft white flowers, but nothing jarring - all very average. Bleh. As some reviewers said, "Where is the rose?".

    Verdict: To Ebay this one goes!

    11th August, 2012

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    Italy Italy

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    I liked the unpretentious rose in this one.
    It's very smooth and although it wasn't created to seduce - that's why it's quite green and fruity as well - there is still a peppery side, which reminds of what rose can do when it's unleashed.

    10th June, 2012

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    I first smelled D&G The One Series on a coworker. She wore Líeau The One and I absolutely loved it. I was set on wanting to have it in my collection. However, after I tested Rose The One I changed my mind! (Iím glad I tested this before I purchased Líeau!)

    Rose The One is beautiful. The soft rose is very elegant which could make it a great evening scent. And yet there is a juicy and sweet note that make it perfect as an everyday wear. I really love the mixture of sandalwood, musk and vanilla at the heart. When I wear Rose The One, I often times feel both sexy and innocent at the same time :) I think two sprays is perfect on my skin and seems to last the whole day.

    16 June, 2011

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    Australia Australia

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    This fragrance disappointed me. I was hoping this would be a soft, sweet and pretty interpretation of rose but in reality Rose The One is quite tart and fruity.

    The opening is incredibly strong with sharp and sour notes of grapefruit, litchi, black currant and mandarin orange. Together with the loud rose note, the combination becomes quite metallic and synthetic.

    Thankfully the opening does soften making way for the more delicate floral notes like lily and peony. I must add that the rose in this fragrance is very cloying and intense, it's almost too much.

    The drydown was my only enjoyment which is basically a soft, sweet, powdery and musky floral blend, a little too predictable for my liking.

    Not exactly a fan of Rose The One, but for those that like the scent, the lasting strength is good.

    11th June, 2011

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