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GenderShared / Unisex
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HouseLord's Jester
PerfumerAdam Gottschalk

About Demeter

Demeter is a shared / unisex perfume by Lord's Jester. The fragrance was created by perfumer Adam Gottschalk

Reviews of Demeter

Here are the notes from the website: dark pine cones, spices, blossoms, hay and tobacco, resins, fruits and wine notes.
It is meant to suggest a forest -- though Demeter was not the Greek goddess of the forest but rather the fields and grain (Roman equivalent was Ceres, the goddess of cereal grains).

When I see juice this orange-y, I get misgivings. I suspect a nose-blasting powerhouse. Be careful how you spray, quite certainly this would stain clothing.
This has very spicy and hay-tobacco notes. It is quite sweet, at times with those sweet fruits-and-wine notes. It also is quite woody. When I read pine "cones" I thought that was a mistake, but now I agree that this scent has a woody-barky note like big ol' pine cones left in the sun. The intensely woody note suggests a wood shop more than a forest.
Basically this is too sweet for me to endorse, it has too much hay-tobacco for me to even appreciate. Lots of sweet coumarin, probably from tonka. The final dry-down is very rich and honeyed, like clover honey. Some might like it, I don't.
28th September, 2012
A natural perfume named after the Greek goddess, not the unrelated other perfume company, Demeter is a nice mix. On me, it hits with a dried fruit marmalade smell that's somewhere between citrus and peach, but quickly gets down to a mix of fruity sweet resins and a clary sage overdose that smells simultaneously tea-ish and green herbal. It has a flowery sweetness that never really smells like flowers on me, which is odd because, officially, Demeter is supposed to be a mix of pine and flowers, and I smell neither.

While some natural perfumes smell like hot messes to me (especially the "masculine" ones with a lot of resins), Demeter was obviously put together with care. The fruity roundness and the green undertones carry from the top to the base, through clever ingredients used at just the right concentrations, clearly put together with an eye for detail. That being said, there's a certain sort of muddled quality that happens when a bunch of natural ingredients with their subtleties and off-notes intact get mixed together, a sort of unexplainable but unmistakable fish store smell that turns me off. I think its a fault of the ingredients, not the perfumer, but it turns me off of a lot of natural perfumes, and I'm afraid Demeter is no exception. So it gets points for being carefully put together, but I just can't give a full thumbs up because I just don't like the undertones...
28th April, 2012

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