Osmanthus Oolong
by Providence Perfume Co.


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GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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HouseProvidence Perfume Co.
PerfumerCharna Ethier

About Osmanthus Oolong

Osmanthus Oolong is a shared / unisex perfume by Providence Perfume Co.. The fragrance was created by perfumer Charna Ethier

Reviews of Osmanthus Oolong

So the first time I tried this, I was caught way off-guard by what I smelled. My first thought was, "Holy s***, it smells like Furyo."

Which, to be fair, isn't totally accurate (I love Furyo, for what it's worth) but the opening has a handful of similarities, to my nose. The most obvious difference is that this clearly has no civet, so fear not, civet-phobes.

This is a dark, damp, tea and dried fruits affair. True to its name, osmanthus is out there in the open for all to see. A leathery dried apricot note seems to be the backbone of this fragrance. The fruits are not too fruity, the florals are not too intense. A touch of incense also seems to be in the mix, another reason it probably reminds me of Furyo. There is some really beautiful balance here that I thoroughly enjoy.

I've tried a dozen or so all-natural perfumes from various shops on Etsy and was often let down. I've since sampled almost everything Providence Perfume Co. has to offer, and I've often been blow away, or at the very least, liked what I smelled. I guess there is a reason Charna has won awards.

This and Cocoa Tuberose have very good longevity for naturals. I got ~8 hours on my skin with this, where I hit the same spot with four sprays.

I hope my girlfriend doesn't mind sharing, because I plan on wearing this plenty. Big thumbs up.
04th August, 2016
What is going on here? Something in these top notes distinctly resembles a smell I get when I enter my neighborhood Chinese grocery store. It's somewhere in the middle of tangy fruit, flower and spice. It was bursting and unexpected.

What followed was ... champaca? It smells that way, and it brings to mind complex and heavily flowered East Indian perfume oils.

And then: a full, gorgeous blooming of osmanthus, with it's own interplay of fruit and light blossom notes. There's tart, slightly metallic apricot here, as well.

I don't catch much of the tannins nor the smoke that others mention, but it's not an overly sweet mix, which is good. The dry down is satisfying and comforting, with lightly honeyed beeswax that goes straight my heart.

Also, for me it doesn't translate to osmanthus tea (dried osmanthus to my nose smells like sueded peach, round and soft with lactones). Still, it's a gem.
09th April, 2013 (last edited: 14th May, 2015)
The osmanthus comes roaring out of the gate very enjoyably and realistically - reminds me more of osmanthe yunnan (hermessence) than Osmanthus (TDC). The peachiness is quite pronounced as is the lovely seude/leather note that comes with osmanthus. Not synthetic or harsh, but rounded and very edible without being all that sweet or candied. This is definitely not a "fruity" scent.

The tea is quite marked too - almost a tannic quality to it. The whole thing has a delicacy to it and yet some tenacity - especially for an all-natural. The leather/peach/tea carries along fairly linearly. I get some lime? perhaps at the start, but otherwise this stays put. And it is lovely.
22nd March, 2013
A very light tea scent. Poor longevity.
17th May, 2012

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