A*Men Pure Havane (2011)
    by Thierry Mugler

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    Croatia Croatia

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    Cherry, caramel, vanilla and bit of tobacco. Winter fragrance to the bone.
    Most importantly, finally in my possession as the demand is high and supply quite poor.
    Incredible how fast it came from "in stock" to "only 10 left" and in 2 days "out of stock".

    The scent, like B*Men and A*men has this strong "winter drang" so it makes you wish it's at least -5°C outside so that you can wear it in it's full gear. Now B*Men and the original, A*Men are thick and invasive, whilst Pure Havane is mild, airy however not weak. This doesn't mean it lacks potency. As it develops on my skin, more I see a bit of a connection with Givenchy Pi but only when I shove the nose on my wrist. The fragrance glows its own character on the outside and that is its argument against givenchy pi notion or potentially that of other candidates.

    It is difficult to say if I really like Pure Havane for its scent or is it more that it is such a hype, talked about a lot, glorified in a way just like Pure Malt and not that easily available. I tend to think that both reasons partake in my enjoyment of owning it and wearing it, being in that club of people who like and practice this hobby.
    Now I need to get my hands on Pure Malt and my ego will be completely satisfied.

    Pure Havane is an excellent designer work full of life and character that bring enjoyment to the wearer. It is one of those products that inspire emotions and makes a wearer content, happy, and that matters a lot.

    28 March, 2014

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    Thierry Mugler Pops Your Cherry

    I have been testing this fragrance for about 4 weeks now, so I think that I have a pretty solid handle on it. I would like to start off by saying that this overall "scent" is very solid. It is not harsh at all and the best word to describe it is "smooth."

    That being said, this tops with Vanilla and Tobacco Leaf and dries down with Cherry and Honey. Biggest complaints focus on the heavy cherry and longevity. I think the cherry is pronounced, but not to the cough syrup level.

    The biggest reason to consider this fragrance is if you do not want attention. You heard that right, you do NOT want compliments or attention. This is practically an "on your skin scent" after 45 minutes of application. If you are in close contact with people, that is an entirely different story. They need to be practically on your skin to smell this. That can be a good thing too, and I know that I want that experience at times as well.

    Translation: You are buying this to enjoy the fragrance only for yourself and possibly a significant other. That is it. It needs heat in order to work. In the summer months I am going to assume longevity and projection problems would disappear.

    Finally, I think with there was a reformulation upon the rerelease. It smells heavier on the cherry and weaker on the tobacco than when I last had a chance with this. I do not see this as an office scent. It is too fruity and unprofessional and there is a lot out there that is cheaper that does the trick much better. This would be a great casual scent however.

    For a personal experience, it is very good. If you are trying to garner compliments, I would go with another frag. In comparison to the rest of the Tierry Mugler line, there is better out there in my opinion. It's still good, just not as good as other options.

    Pros: Pleasant scent, Versatile
    Cons: Poor projection and longevity for a Mugler line frag"

    02 October, 2013

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    United States United States

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    My favorite from Thierry Mugler so far

    This fragrance is fantastic and I must buy for a person that likes the original A*Men. I really like how the tobacco note brings the A*Men formula together. I think it is composed much better than Pure Malt. This fragrance also garners attention for me personally compared to wearing Pure Malt. I also am impressed with A*Men series bottles and box design. It's not too sophisticated but it also isn't tacky either.

    The problem with A*Men is the horrible sprayers. I hate how much dribble is produced from each spray. I don't think I've ever received a consistent stream from the bottle. This leads to possible over-applications which could make this fragrance cloying. It's pretty sweet so be careful when using the sprayer. The only other beef I have is how expensive it is for a designer but I think it was still worth the price. I haven't tried Animale Animale but I doubt it could live up to the A*Men series.


    Pros: 1. Tobacco note makes this one stand out 2. Garners attention 3. Great bottle design and box presentation
    Cons: 1. I can't stand A*Men sprayers 2. Can get cloying quite easily 3. On the expensive side for a designer"

    27 September, 2013

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    Tony T
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    NOT THE projection beast as others in the line but not a slacker. a rich but toned down tobacco note remains from the beginning to and.some vanilla added also to ensure sillage.would be a 5 star frag but it does not project as well as others


    19 July, 2013

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    Cherry cough medicine, cigarettes, and maple syrup

    I should have known better.

    After trying the repulsively sweet A*Men, I decided to see if one of the flankers might work better. My hope was that I could capture the "kaiju" sillage and longevity of the original but in a smell that was less nauseating. No such luck.

    I hate to be disrespectful in my reviews, but the entire A*Men line strikes me as nothing more than a gimmicky one-trick pony. Thierry Mugler has amped up the projection and longevity on these juices to radioactive levels. The scents are redolent of maple syrup, cigarettes, and cough medicine. Is this really what anyone wants to smell like?

    There is no subtlety or sophistication in Pure Havane or its elder sibling A*Men. It is an in-your-face gourmand scent perfectly suited for narcissists or those suffering from mild Asperger's syndrome. Wearing them is essentially advertising one's low emotional intelligence and disregard for the feelings of others.

    NB: If you are looking for a tasteful, strong, authentically masculine tobacco fragrance, try Havana by Aramis. It is far superior to this witch's brew.

    Pros: powerful projection and longevity
    Cons: smells terrible"

    17 July, 2013

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    United States United States

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    Excellent Flanker!

    Really enjoy this one from beginning to end...rich tobacco

    Ending with the usual AMen base. Sexy, different and great

    For any occasion.

    Pros: unique tobacco smell
    Cons: sillage could be a bit more like the original

    09 June, 2013

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