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Douglas Hannant (2011)
by Robert Piguet for Douglas Hannant


Douglas Hannant information

Year of Launch2011
AvailabilityIn Production
Average Rating
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People and companies

HouseRobert Piguet
Created ForDouglas Hannant
PerfumerAurélien Guichard
Parent CompanyFashion Fragrances & Cosmetics Ltd

About Douglas Hannant

Douglas Hannant is a feminine perfume by Robert Piguet. The scent was launched in 2011 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Aurélien Guichard

Douglas Hannant fragrance notes

Reviews of Douglas Hannant

DH has an accord of sweet fruit sorbét at first that soon is overpowered by heady gardenia. Overall I find it dusty and too sweet. Its projection is rather poor but its longevity is decent. I unfortunately had to wash it off as soon as I could after application. HD, as well as a couple of other Piguet fragrances that I have tried belong I think to another era that I cannot appreciate.
22nd June, 2014
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United Kingdom
A floral orange blossom with jasmine and tuberose, light and fresh, an airy summer scent that lasts two hours. Not bad but unremarkable.
23rd January, 2014
A white floral of exemplary smoothness. A vrai gardenia (if this one doesn’t do it for papa Turin, I can't imagine what will) ringed by evanescent orange blossom at the top. Morphs seamlessly into a perfectly buff tuberose – not creamy, but polished to a marble curve. In its dying hours mellow sandalwood and the photoshop qualities of 'white musk' fill out any minuscule pits. A bit too stately for its own good. This one gets heard all right, without having to shout.
Pretty much a hit, but with two reservations – 1) the promised pear note at the top would have been a real smash had it been realized, and 2) this reminds me a bit too much of other perfumes. If Fracas is tooo wild for you, give this one a go.
06th June, 2012
Similar to Fracas, it's no bad, very fruity.Neutral...!!!
11th December, 2011 (last edited: 04th February, 2012)
This is a strange ultra-strong sickly overly fruity pear-version of FRACAS. Think it's intended to attract a younger crowd to Piguet-perfumes, considering the fruity-punch a'la FRACAS-gone-bad. FRACAS is nice and classy. This made me feel real sick. Had to wash it off. (Ps. I own FRACAS -and like it)
18th November, 2011
This opens with a well-executed orange blossom center stage, supported by unsweetened pear (and perhaps a bit of lychee, or blood orange?) and gardenia done here as it seems to have been done in the original L'Air Du Temps. Off to a good start!
About 30 minutes in, the tuberose begins to displace the top notes. It's at this point that DH's ancestor, Fracas, begins to whisper to you. But this time, the indoles are toned way down to a much more modern and wearable level.
The tuberose holds court for about 2 hours, then slowly slips away revealing it's sandalwood and musk base. I'm reminded now how much I like sandalwood, especially when so well incorporated to the overall structure of the fragrance. The musk here is more full-bodied than the white musks so common in contemporary perfumery which is a lovely surprise. The jasmine is there, but only if you really search for it. Six or seven hours in- and it's gone.
I think this is a very well done fragrance, and how nice to see a respected house turn out a fragrance at an accessible price!
I asked 13 people for their opinion of Douglas Hannant while I was wearing it, including a few fragrance salespeople. Of the 13, 3 felt it was pushing it for a guy to wear it and 1 of them simply did not care for it at all. The other 12 liked it, with 5 saying they loved it.
DH is, perhaps, what people were expecting from Fracas For Men, and it would not be surprising if it becomes known as such, just as No.5 Eau Premiere is known as No. 5 For Men.
Incidentally, I would give the sillage a 4 out of 5 for the first hour or two, rapidly retreating after that.
I've really enjoyed wearing this today, so much so that I'll be ordering a bottle. Tuberose is, after all, my favorite note and I love how this smells and feels both modern and retro concurrently. Hannant, and Piguet, should be proud.
13th February, 2011

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