La Petite Robe Noire 2 / Mademoiselle Guerlain (2011)
    by Guerlain

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    La Petite Robe Noire 2 / Mademoiselle Guerlain Fragrance Notes

    La Petite Robe Noire 2 / Mademoiselle Guerlain information

    La Petite Robe Noire 2 / Mademoiselle Guerlain is a women's fragrance by Guerlain. The scent was launched in 2011

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    Brazil Brazil

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    Isto é incrível, recebi uma amostra da Sephora aqui no Brasil, eu já esperava uma grande fragrância vindo da casa Guerlain mas confesso que foi além das minhas expectativas,ao primeiro spray no meu braço recebi uma explosão de notas gustativas como algo que parece goma de mascar de frutas que permanece por quase toda sua evolução mas vai perdendo sua força aos poucos, seu coração continua doce mas muito doce mesmo que se mistura com algumas madeiras que só Guerlain consegue fazer que flutua sobre a pele de uma forma muito sensual e ao mesmo tempo com nuances que me remetem a alguns clássicos, a base abaunilhada juntamente com vetiver se fundem de uma maneira muito especial que me deixou de queixo caido, o que eu mais quero agora é sentir este perfume em uma pele feminina para ver o seu efeito extraordinário, sua projeção é digna e sua longevidade é mais de 10 horas, eu recomendo La Petite Robe Noire.

    This is incredible, I received a sample from Sephora here in Brazil, I expected a great fragrance from the house of Guerlain but I confess that it was beyond my expectations, the first spray on my arm got a taste explosion of notes as something that seems gum chewing fruit that remains for most of their evolution but loses its strength gradually, his heart still sweet but very sweet even if mixed with some woods that only Guerlain can make that floats on the skin in a very sensual and at the same time with nuances that I refer to some classics, vanillic base with vetiver merge in a very special way that left me jaw fallen, what I want most right now is to feel this perfume in a female skin to see its extraordinary effect , its projection is dignified and their longevity is more than 10 hours, I recommend La Petite Robe Noire.

    Pros: qualidade e longevidade incrível

    28 August, 2013

    professor goggles's avatar

    Canada Canada

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    Let me start by saying I don't like usually like sweet perfumes. When I sample new releases endorsed by female entertainers, I've come to expect the smell of some kind of candy emanating from the bottle. I imagine they are supposed to be fun, cheerful and upbeat. They aim to warm the heart and comfort the soul in their nostalgia for a sweeter, more innocent time. But every time I smell that familiar sugar smell, my heart sinks a little, which is the exact opposite of the effect they are trying to elicit. Really, another one? I think to myself. Do people really like this stuff? Who are they? No one in their right mind would want to smell like this.

    The truth is, I don't like cheerful and upbeat people. I don't trust them. I assume they are fighting for their sanity against some horrible inner demon they cannot face. Their saccharine smile hides rotten teeth. Their approach is at best unrealistic, at worst profoundly stupid and dangerous. I feel similarly about sweet perfumes. I feel oppressed and suffocated by them. They force themselves upon me. They insist that everybody get along when we all know they don't but it's okay.

    Occasionally, a sweet perfume comes along that I can trust. It has a natural sweetness. It doesn't particularly care if I like it or not. It's not being sweet for me. It just is. La Petite Robe Noire 2 is such a perfume. There's a cooling lemon candy top-note which gives way to a sweetness that never becomes sticky. The enduring green facet keeps it from sliding into caramel territory. It smells like bubblegum if bubblegum was a product of nature. Out of the three models of little black dress released thus far, this is the only one that I feel remotely comfortable in. If the idea was to create an indispensable wardrobe staple that you can throw on without thinking, I believe they've succeeded with this one, and I'm a man.

    06 September, 2012

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    United States United States

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    This is one of those scents where what I clearly smell doesn't necessarily match other reviews. On me, LPRN2 is very similar to Creed's Original Santal, a huge syrupy-sweet maraschino cherry/grenadine smell with red cinnamon and spicy green hues and a sweet richness underneath. But, while the Creed is highly concentrated and fairly linear, Robe Noire 2 has a lot of signature Guerlain elements fading in and out over the course of the day, making it a bit less rich but much more dynamic.

    To start, that cherry/cinnamon syrup note is paired with a very clever pine note and the immortelle that smells like spice-drenched liquor that Guerlain loves to use to make things smell boozy. The hyper-sweet boozy woods soon come together into something that smells to me like a cocktail, like some sort of gin/grenadine cosmo. This mixed-drink effect fades as that signature Guerlain sweet pea note makes an appearance, briefly giving the illusion of L'Instant Pour Homme drenched in cherry syrup.

    Things go a bit downhill from there, as the clever spices and greens make way for marshmallowy vanilla, giving the perfume sort of cherry-Kool-Aid-mixed-with-vanilla-ice-cream feel that's kind of cheap and disappointing after the cleverness preceding it. Then, everything blends more seamlessly together into a sweet syrupy red smell that mostly reminded me of Joop.

    As a person who really doesn't want to support the current candy/marshmallow gourmand trend, I've been struggling to decide between a thumbs-up and a neutral review, but I've really enjoyed the first few clever hours of LPRN2, and the later smells are still decent enough, though I secretly suspect that this is the kind of hyper-sweet candy scent that could be truly awful on a bad day. So thumbs-up it is, but you'd better be in the mood for a better-than-average candy scent or else a rabid Guerlainophile to really appreciate this one.

    07 June, 2012

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    United States United States

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    Guerlain's La Petite Robe Noire scents launched with condemnation and scorn, but I wish to defend these scents. Guerlain purists turned up their noses--literally--criticising everything from the bottle to scent itself.

    The LPRN 1 of 2009 was a rose/licorice sweet scent and was a big seller in the U.S.

    The LPRN 2 was released two years later. It is a sweetish scent, but more floral and citrusy to my nose. Much less candied than the first version.

    The top notes are a bright orange blossom with fresh green, not the usual gourmand. The mid-notes are the guimauve scents of vanilla-like sweetness and the bottom notes are delicate leather and musk.

    The official notes for LPRN 2 are: bergamot, lemon, galbanum, iris, orange blossom, marshmallow, white leather and musk.

    This scent is a must-try as I think it's a scent you either love or despise.

    21st June, 2011

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    Greece Greece

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    This is so candy like gourmand..
    It has great sillage...i get a crispy lemony galbanum at the opening which turns so candy-sweet at heart but still retains the green character !
    Fresh ,sweet ,powdery stays for long time then it gets musky and a bit dark and mysterious ( leather)...
    Yes, i agree this is not a Guerlain's we usually know..
    I think it's pretty ,playful careless candy-like gourmand ,not for official occasions but for a date or romantic dinner ...
    or a Saturday night out..

    16 March, 2011

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    United States United States

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    I had low expectations that were completely and totally blown away. LPRN No.2 is all about orange blossom, which forms the heart of the fragrance. On one side of the orange blossom are green notes like galbanum and on the other side is a sweet, gourmand vanilla accord. Everything stays in balance and the heart gives way to a violet-leather not entirely dissimilar from the topnotes of Guerlain's Dandy.

    Even if you hated the original this is well worth a try....

    20th February, 2011

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