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Cartier de Lune (2011)
by Cartier


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Year of Launch2011
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PerfumerMathilde Laurent

About Cartier de Lune

Cartier de Lune is a feminine perfume by Cartier. The scent was launched in 2011 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Mathilde Laurent

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Reviews of Cartier de Lune

While pepper and musk play supporting roles, this fragrance is really a dance between rose and juniper. The rose functions to soften the evergreen while the juniper keeps the rose lively enough to escape melancholy. A lovely, well-matched pair.

I prefer to wear this on summer nights, and yes, it does remind me of a moonlit one (the power of suggestion?). This edt is strong and long-lasting, so less really is more. Like a lover's "sweet nothings", this works best as a whisper. Linear, uncomplicated and all the more charming for it.

24th March, 2016
Zaika Show all reviews
Russian Federation
Sheer floral perfume for me. The scent is very beautiful and strong.
02nd July, 2015

Absolutely delightful light fresh scent.this fragrance is very clean and fresh,yet delicate and flowery on other notes.not CARTIER best scent but so nice and gentle.CARTIER DE LUNE is a discreet floral blend that revolves around a main note of rose touch by a hint of musk and woodsy notes. Modern,Floral, Elegant,Innocent,Soft,Interesting and a Dytime scent.

This is a fragrance of gentle rose and warm musk that harmonizes well with the essence of all womankind.the scent is like a woman and enigma that gives you a clean and feminine feeling.It is not overpowering at all and it has a nice mystique that is sure to please.the bottle is as ethereal and free-spirited as you dare to be.

This EDT is great to begin the day.It is definitely a nice daytime scent to wear lightly and to smell beautiful throughout.perfect for Summer and Springtime.i recomment it for a blithe young lady who likes a refined scent with a touch of romance.Anyway for a great CARTIER scent,try LE BAISER DU DRAGON.


Longevity?Could be better.

12th December, 2014
Cartier De Lune actually starts out OK but not very inspired. There's peppery green lily and sweet hay over a background of soapy fruits and just a hint of that Windex-smelling aquatic chemical. Unfortunately, the soapy fruits win out, and it's that damn 90's peach AGAIN and that fake strawberry that smells like cheap shampoo AGAIN and it's over a standard pink pepper "fruitchouli" base AGAIN.

Points for the interesting pepper/lily/hay on top, but everything else here has been done to death...
18th December, 2013
No Character

Smells like a generic floral perfume. It's pleasant enough, but there isn't anything that makes it stand out. I don't find that it has much presence or sillage; even half an hour after I've sprayed it on I can hardly tell it's there, much less pick out any individual notes. This was a dud for me.

31st August, 2013
Peppery trill to open, followed by the most generic floral wash. This perfume is meant to be ‘ephemeral’ according to the advertising – well, one can’t say we weren’t warned: it’s barely there and yet annoyingly still there as the day wears on. What Cartier declares as ‘the wonder of white flowers in the moonlight’ is mainly a vague pinkish rose and what passes for lily of the valley in the mainstream. The musk in the base smells like new vinyl flooring or what one imagines ozone might smell like. None of this is actively unpleasant; it’s just completely unremarkable, the perfume equivalent of budget white bread.
14th January, 2013

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