Boss Orange Man (2011)
    by Hugo Boss

    Boss Orange Man Fragrance notes

    Spices, Apple, Vanilla, Frankincense, Bubinga wood

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    Australia Australia

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    I have taken time while doing my wardrobe list to write on this after seeng such negative reviews from one of Hugo Boss's amazing scents. That's right. All you people that consider this a 'sythentic' or 'powdery' cologne then it truly shows your lack of courage in wearing a cologne that attracts the opposite sex not just the nose your wear on your face. Only con with this fragrance is the sillage it's more of a up close and personal but when ur with a lady friend you can stop smelling your neck I think the more close and personal the better. Recommended not night time use.

    21st March, 2014

    wildejamie's avatar

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    It's sat on my shelf. Tacky. May be why they were selling it with a free bag!

    31st January, 2013

    King Michael's avatar
    King Michael
    United States United States

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    As soon as I had applied Orange, the very first scent I began to pick up was one of just straight alcohol, very similar to isopropyl, and very unsettling. Immediately, I considered washing it off, but I decided to let it dry to see if the alcohol "notes" began to die down. Five minutes later I was expecting to pick up on the red apple note, if even for just a second. Alas, what the scent had turned into was something more along the lines of a cheap spiced rum, something sickeningly sweet, what you might expect from your high school days of drinking shitty drive-thru liquor your older brother bought for you. An hour later, the fragrance was almost undetectable sans a faint spicy note from what I presume to be the Szechuan pepper. Overall, a disappointment from Boss.

    14 January, 2013

    Da Virt's avatar
    Da Virt
    France France

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    The head notes are very attracting but it smells to synthetic. The fragrance doesn't last long enough on the skin.

    27 November, 2012

    sin_is_in's avatar
    Germany Germany

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    Synthetic and rather cheap orange and orange flower notes and the typical aqua note you find in so many masculine scents. The fragrance turns quite powdery after some time and bores me from beginning to end. A total "Blah" fragrance imo.

    13 May, 2012 (Last Edited: 31st May, 2012)

    drakecito's avatar
    Spain Spain

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    The best fragance by Hugo Boss at the moment.
    Very sensual and woody with a strong citruss.

    Lasts about 8-10 hours on me.

    Not for young boys.

    25 February, 2012 (Last Edited: 05 March, 2012)

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