1697 (2011)
    by Frapin

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    A rich rum aroma opens this up, darkish and booze-laden but not very heavy on my skin. A flowery drydown mainly shows jasmin with dried fruit, with a mildly peppery note in the background. Cinnamon is also present a bit later, with tonka and patchouli more evident in the base. Still, there is a good balance overall, even if the ingredients appear a bit disconnected at times. Decent silage and projection, with six hours of longevity. Autumnal without heaviness.

    17 January, 2014

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    Jack Hunter
    United Kingdom United Kingdom

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    On first application I am getting a shot of rum which gives way to a peppery dried fruit accord. It's spicy and boozy then it becomes more sweet and flowery.

    As time moves forward the flowery sweetness becomes a little musky and I can smell patchouli coming into the mix. The fragrance is now becoming soft on the skin and starts to smell like a very soft vanilla with just a hint of pepper and rum.

    This is a very complex fragrance with a lot of notes. When you first spray it onto your skin there is a lot of notes coming at you from all directions. But when it settles you get a slightly buttery boozy vanille accord on your skin.

    It's a nice fragrance but just a bit all over the place with the different notes before it settles.

    28 September, 2012

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    1697 starts rich and gourmand, like a richly spiced dough, which then filled with plums and other dried fruits makes a great rich sweet tart. If you then add vanilla custard to it... voilá! Sorry, for the tart metaphor but ever since I sprayed 1697 on my wrist I thought of that particular delicacy. It is not bad at all, it is just too sweet for me. It reminds me of Mitsouko but this is not as much of a problem for me as is the linear character of this concoction. THe complexity implied by the long list of ingredients leaves me baffled because not being an expert nose I should just assume that this is a gem ... alas I see a very perfumy and a bit pretentious old-money wannabe (sorry again because I seem to describe a person not a perfume). Why so derogative you may ask? ... I think it is the chemical accord I get before the dry down that somehow makes 1697 cheap pretending to be expensive... although it may in fact be very expensive indeed. Overall a bit disappointed with 1697. I am not giving it a thumb down because as oriental, gourmand perfumes are not my forte I am probably too harsh. Potency, silage: powerful. Four hours after application, and after a lot of washing in the sauna, 1697 is still present! Wearable I think only in the evening and late night and only if you like this genre!
    By the way doesn't Serge Lutens, and indeed some others too, offer for years now some great oriental and/or gourmand creations? Where is the niche in this one?

    27 September, 2012

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    I had the 1697 Absolu and it made me sick to my stomach. It was sickeningly sweet and boozy and disgusting!

    13 March, 2012

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    Brazil Brazil

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    1697 seems familiar in a comfort and welcome manner. The scent has a cozy, autumnal aura of rum, dried fruits, spices, vanilla and patchouli. Bertrand Duchaufour takes here some of his accords used in Havana Vanille but instead of creating a tobacco faded harmony he seems to do a more vivid rum aura. The rum is my first impression, sweet but not intensively sweet, and it`s followed by the fruits, that seems like dried fruits fermenting on the rum. The combination could be a mess, but it`s orchestrated to produce a delicious harmony. Close to skin there is some restrained pepper aroma, that balances the sweetness of the first accords. The dried fruits, spices and rum is reminiscent in sensation with Ambre Narguile, but lacking the tobacco and amber accords. Instead of them, you have a patchouli and vanilla predomination, with more patchouli than vanilla. The patchouli is the bridge for me between this one and Terre d'Sarment. It has the same earthy, dusky, sunset aura of Terre d'Sarment. The difference here is that combined with vanilla the sensation seems to go slightly into a chocolate territory. It`s a kind of chocolate aroma that reminds me of Nestle Cocoa Powder, which is neither sweet nor bitter. I`m pleasantly surprised with this, i expected something like 1270, but to me this one seems to have it`s own charm. Perfect for slower temperatures.

    19 January, 2012

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    Italy Italy

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    1697 is super-boozy. It opens with an incredibly realistic blast of Rum that overwhelmes anything else. In a bunch of minutes it settles down leaving space to candied dry fruits, spices, vanilla, tonka bean, woods and resins with a gentle floral accord laying in the back. There's a lot going on in this phase as 1967 is quite a complex fragrance indeed, maybe too much. Everything is happening at once giving me a sensation of chaos. Don't get me wrong, this is an interesting fragrance and surely remarkable but to me it's kind of unsatisfying and messy.

    Try it!

    22 May, 2011

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