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Méharées is a shared / unisex perfume by L'Erbolario.

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Yes.....This is very good. Very good indeed!!

Musc Ravageur is one of my all time favorite fragrances. Meharees does indeed smell like the drydown of MR. It's probably MR at its 2/3 hour mark. There's amber, vanilla, light musk and even though its not listed I definitely get a clove/aniseed note. Really comforting and a fantastic alternative if you would prefer to save MR for those more special occasions.

24th October, 2019
Every bit as delicious as the dry down of musc ravager without the harsh opening. And amazing value too. A bit too sweet for my tastes for daytime.
22nd October, 2019
The best thing about Méharées is that it offers that a-human-designed-and-made-this artisan feel at an affordable price. There's not a focus group in sight about this dusty, vanillic thing.

Méharées offers an essentially simple composition, nicely balanced, with notes of cinnamon and dates accenting a dusty vanilla/tonka base.

Sniffed from the sprayer it suggested a desert-themed remake of L'Occitane Eau des Baux, though that was misleading; on skin it unfolds more like a desert-themed, deeper version of Histoires de Parfums 1899 Hemingway with more depth. There's some resemblance to Chergui, too, which shares the same dusty tonka as Méharées.

Performance is gentle, verging on discreet. It hangs around but won't impress itself upon you.
05th October, 2019 (last edited: 07th October, 2019)
Very smooth off the start: lots of creamy vanilla, cinnamon and bergamont. Hints of powder, tonka: slightly synthetic but only underneath the surface. I'm shocked this cost me so little.

The drydown adds dark rose and increases the smell the metallic undertone of the fragrance in a not entirely pleasant way. Unisex, projection is average to below average and longevity is about 3-4 hours on my skin. This scent is very intoxicating, if a bit straightforward. More suited for winter months and formal occasions.

13th March, 2019
This is definitely reminiscent of Musc Ravageur. They are more like cousins than twins, though. Side by side, MR opens with something a bit jammy or fruity that Lebolario just doesn’t have at all. Also, it has no clove. Some have said this is also reminiscent of LDDM, I can see that. But this is more pudding and less spice that LDDM. Lebolario is a smooth concoction of vanilla, amber and sandalwood. When people say it smells like jumping right in to the MR dry down they are not that far off. Because it is missing the spices, or clove, it loses some personality. It is a generic version of a scent in the same vein as the other two. It is a good quality for the price paid, if you can find it. Not as strong as the other two (cannot speak for reformulation speculations), but not a dollar store weakling. It can hold its own with most designers out there.
Thumbs up based purely on its own, thumbs down as a replacement for the original.
01st February, 2019
Méharées has a hint of citrus and is less animalic in the opening than MR. It really does go right into the drydown of MR, which so many love. It's a little like a medicinal vanilla with a touch of the animalic stuff that also feels too heavy to wear in the heat. A cozy, cuddle scent that takes away any of the offensive tendencies of MR.

Good projection and longevity that lasts all workday.
30th April, 2018

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