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Citrus & Wood (2011)
by Yardley


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Year of Launch2011
AvailabilityIn Production
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Parent CompanyLornamead

About Citrus & Wood

Citrus & Wood is a masculine fragrance by Yardley. The scent was launched in 2011

Reviews of Citrus & Wood

Poor man's Terre d'Hermès.

04th March, 2017 (last edited: 26th March, 2017)
Smells just like Terre d'Hermes, but at a fraction of the cost.
30th May, 2016

Citrus and Wood is well named: It lists six citrus notes (bergamot, lime, grapefruit, orange, lemon, mandarin), and six wood notes (elemi, birchwood, sandalwood, cedar, vetiver, patchouli). These notes combine to form a fragrance that is somewhat akin to Terre d’Hermes, but I think the resemblance is primarily coincidence. If it were a copy it would have included a mineral note. Rather, this is simply a new presentation of the kind of fragrance that has been traditional for years and years: citrus and wood. It’s a Yardley fragrance, so I am not surprised that its longevity is less than stellar – Much like Roger & Gallet, Yardley has a long history of making all kinds of eau de colognes and scented waters; for example: English Lavender 1873.

This scent fits very nicely into Yardley’s traditional offerings. It begins with a solid, enjoyable citrus accord, and it should be nice because they’ve been making citrus colognes for close to 150 years. The woods are presented more like the woods in a cologne than in an EDT: the woods are light and they aim for balance and substance rather than for resin and extended longevity.

Citrus & Woods is an excellent scent if it is taken for what it is: a long lasting EDC that presents a deft use of citrus and a gentle presentation of woods. It is judiciously spiced with pepper, cumin, ginger, and carrot seed; it is augmented with moss and green tea; and it is mildly sweetened with amber, tonka, and vanilla. An added value to C & W is that it happens to resemble a popular and desirable designer fragrance: Terre d’Hermes.
17th February, 2016
Good office scent. Fresh, clean citrus and smooth woody dry down with decent longevity. Nothing earth shattering (considering its very similar to Terre d' Hermes) but a good solid scent especially for the price. Enjoy!
09th February, 2016 (last edited: 28th April, 2017)
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United Kingdom
As others have noted, this is basically the same as Terre D'Hermes. There are subtle differences, and Terre probably has a tiny bit more skank to it and harsher, arguably more interesting notes.

That said, these are very close and Citrus & Wood with its slightly subtler tones is very wearable and a huge cut above 9 out of 10 aftershaves. I think I actually prefer this to Terre now, but was surprised to see that, having sorted the label out (it now looks a bit classier than the pic above), they've also upped the price by a third - it is still an utter bargain and is going to be one of my go to aftershaves for the forseeable.

15th October, 2015
Citrus & Wood by Yardley: I bought this for Euro 24,95 at parfumclick. It is cheap, but good quality. Starts with very nice fresh citrus, not acid, and very soon wood, something spicy, emerges.
Both the wood and citrus combine very nicely, it`s fresh, but not aquatic (which I almost hate nowadays).
I mainly bought this to mix with Terre d' Hermes, and Silver Mountain Water.
Terre d' Hermes I made into my signature scent, (just love the smell of rotten oranges and grapefruits blistering in a vinyl sack on a sunbaked rock drenched in Iso E Super, the Mono-sodium glutamate of the perfume world.), so I wanted something to spice it up, and something to spray freely, and not bothering about the cost.
So I stumbled upon Citrus & Wood.
The same applies for Silver Mountain Water, another delicious fresh scent, but too expensive for me to apply in abundance, so I mix/layer it with this Yardley juice.
But on its own, I like it too.
I like it a lot, the only thing is, it turns after 20 minutes or less in a woody scent, which is rather close to the skin, but smells very natural.
12th July, 2015

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