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Citrus & Wood (2011)
by Yardley


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Year of Launch2011
AvailabilityIn Production
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Parent CompanyLornamead

About Citrus & Wood

Citrus & Wood is a masculine fragrance by Yardley. The scent was launched in 2011

Reviews of Citrus & Wood

Citrus & Wood by Yardley: I bought this for Euro 24,95 at parfumclick. It is cheap, but good quality. Starts with very nice fresh citrus, not acid, and very soon wood, something spicy, emerges.
Both the wood and citrus combine very nicely, it`s fresh, but not aquatic (which I almost hate nowadays).
I mainly bought this to mix with Terre d' Hermes, and Silver Mountain Water.
Terre d' Hermes I made into my signature scent, (just love the smell of rotten oranges and grapefruits blistering in a vinyl sack on a sunbaked rock drenched in Iso E Super, the Mono-sodium glutamate of the perfume world.), so I wanted something to spice it up, and something to spray freely, and not bothering about the cost.
So I stumbled upon Citrus & Wood.
The same applies for Silver Mountain Water, another delicious fresh scent, but too expensive for me to apply in abundance, so I mix/layer it with this Yardley juice.
But on its own, I like it too.
I like it a lot, the only thing is, it turns after 20 minutes or less in a woody scent, which is rather close to the skin, but smells very natural.
12th July, 2015
I must go with the majority on this one.

Citrus & Wood is a refined, light, bracing scent, elegant and sophisticated. Hard to believe this comes from Yardley, but glad of it - especially the price, which you cannot beat.

My dry down is that of mandarin floating over cedar and cumin. Very masculine, slightly naughty, decidedly sexy. Very well balanced.

You have to be over 25 to pull this off, after that there is no appropriate age group limitation. Very classy and highly recommended.
11th January, 2015
What a bargain ..initial blast of citrus and pine that settles down to a classy cedar vetiver with a bit of flower power thrown in. I think this fragrance will never offend anyone and instead draw lots of compliments, you could tell people it's Terre de Hermes but then again yardley deserve some honesty and publicity for giving us an inexpensive gem. The shower gel is equally as good and great for layering
10th November, 2014 (last edited: 19th November, 2014)
bFlay Show all reviews
United States
Very light and sprightly...almost ephemeral in it's lightness. A vague hodgepodge of bittersweet orange and lemon oils with a faint hint of sawdust. This is perfectly nice when a "no scent" fragrance is needed. Very unisex. Very little projection. Disappears within 4-5 hours.
08th November, 2014
Marais Show all reviews
United Kingdom
Shazam! Straight out of the bottle, this smells very similar to the rightly acclaimed Terre d'Hermes. 'I say, what a bargain!' you will exclaim, pupils agape, as your fingers twitch walllet-wards. But don't be duped, this is cheap for a reason. Within 2 hours - Presto Chango! It vanishes into thin air and the show is over early-doors.
14th June, 2014
At first I got the impression of a bar of soap that's trying too hard, but there is more to it. Is all smooth, natural-smelling notes, nothing harsh or synthetic. A good, rounded blend. I like more citrus and less wood, but that's a minor point. Furthermore, I do not find it weak at all. OK lasting power and it projects like mad.
27th March, 2014 (last edited: 20th April, 2014)

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