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AB (2011)
by Blood Concept


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Year of Launch2011
GenderShared / Unisex
Average Rating
Not enough ratings.

People and companies

HouseBlood Concept
Parent CompanyIntertrade Europe

About AB

AB is a shared / unisex perfume by Blood Concept. The scent was launched in 2011

AB fragrance notes

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  2. Heart Notes
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Reviews of AB

I found AB to be more pleasant than A of the Blood Concept. I have not tried the rest. The top notes open with some very metallic notes of aldehydes and aluminum. I believe the attempt in the top notes is to equate the evolutionary line that evolved into (or from) an urban setting. The design is supposed to elicit a feeling of skyscrapers and metal. It did do this, but I initially pictured a trailer park with the opening notes. It wasn’t until reading the intent of the designer did I imagine a skyline or some sort. Perhaps this says more about me than the fragrance, though. Anyway, the initial note of the aluminum and aldehydes is pretty potent and dies down to a more palatable scent after about an hour.

The middle notes are pebble and water (so says the website). I’m not sure how one gets pebble (small rocks?) into a fragrance, though. I didn’t really find these notes to be of much consequence. As said before, when the top notes fade, the smell is still pleasant, but there’s not much there (pebble and water?). I can still smell the metal, but there is a bit of a cleaner scent. Barely noticeable, but nice.

The base notes come roaring back. So, there’s a nice back and forth so far as sillage goes in this fragrance. The aldehydes start out pretty intense, they die down into a barely noticeable, but pleasant scent of acqua and pebble, and then (at least with me), when the base notes hit, the aldehydes return. Their return is not as strong as the initial blast, but its definitely noticeable. And it’s a nice conclusion to this fragrance.

AB is definitely unique. I thought that I would feel that AB was too weird for my tastes, and was thinking of the oddness of A before I tried this. However, I think it may have unduly influenced me, because I liked it more with each wear of the sample. A bit expensive, but definitely unique…As far as buying goes, I’d try a sample and not blind buy. I would imagine it’s either love or hate with this one and therefore there’s a good chance someone may feel they’ve been choused out of 155$ if they don’t like it.
17th January, 2012
When I first knew about this line I thought about something targeted to teenagers obsessed with Twilight and the whole vampire thing but then, after I got an informative brochure from my retailer I realized that this line has a more "artistic" concept.

The Blood Concept line has nothing to do with blood itself (or Secretions Magnifique kind of stuff), they're more based on the concept that evolution happened mainly through blood types. AB should represent the urban life, big cities, technology, modernism (the contemporary era). IMO this is the weirdest of the whole line. It opens with a blast of sparkling and sharp aldehydes with a remarkable metallic note. The overall effect is cold, almost freezing and smells somehow halfway between unripe fruits and synthetic pine (???). Weird. Mineral notes lurks in the back while a watery accord remarks its presence adding even more cleanness. Usually I'm not into "clean" kind of fragrances but this composition push the clean/aldehydic aspect to the very limit becoming somehow intriguing and definitely futuristic (read: never smelled something like this before).

AB projects pretty good and has a remarkable lasting power (more than 8hrs on my skin). Wearable? Not sure yet but while it is definitely a bizarre composition, it resembles anything but blood (which in this case is obviously good). Clean, sparkling, cold and sort of aseptic. Wether you'll like it or not be aware that AB is anything but disgusting. Vampires has to watch somewhere else. Again, more of a piece of conceptual "art" than a body fragrance.
06th October, 2011
I went into this fragrance with a very open mind, having not tried many of these 'ozonic, minimal, photocopier and celestial explosion whatever descriptive' fragrances.
This is bad, it is really just, no, it's not pleasant, whatever way you look at it.
AB is extremely linear and has pretty good longevity. As this smells throroughly synthetic, I will try base this description on comparisons and visual descriptions. Although this does not smell like chlorine, I imagine a swimming pool, drained and scrubbed, this is the left behind scent.
The only scent it reminded me of was the blood and semen accords of Secretions Magnifique. Imagine SM without the milk accords and without the minute traces of iris and coconut. What you are left with is a slightly salty - hit the back of your throat - metallic smell. Add a very minute drop of synthetic 'citrus' a-la cleaning products, and you get this chemical conundrum, which manages to make you feel grubby and uncomfortable despite it being a hyper clean synthetic.
It doesnt work with my skin to become any better, it sits on top of it in a light fuzz and which luckily, scrubbed off after a few hours better than SM.
06th October, 2011

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